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Friday, January 13, 2012

Pools and Bigfoot

I had another Bigfoot dream this morning. I just realized that I've had several dreams about Bigfoot and water. (I searched for one "dream" I could have sworn I had posted here some time ago, but I can't find it. That dream involved an OOBE and an unexpected run in with a Sasquatch on the beach.) I also realized, after writing this, that once again, concrete is involved. What the symbolism means I have no idea yet.
I'm on the Oregon coast, I think we just moved there. My husband is with me. It's very  hot. There's only one public outdoor swimming pool in the whole area. It's huge, the size of four or five regular sized pools. So many people want to use the pool when it's hot that there's a lottery. Thousands of people are here, waiting to use the pool. The pool is outdoors, lots of concrete and in fact, the pool is surrounded by parking structures (not something you'd see on the Oregon coast) that are three, four stories high. I'm excited to hear I'm one of the winners. I have to quickly change into my bathing suit and jump in. But the bathrooms are a ways away and I don't want to waste all this precious time going all the way to the bathroom to change. But I can't change out in the open either. I notice a couple of people who are used to this duck under one of the parking structure pillars or posts to change. I call up to my husband, who's standing in one of the parking structure levels that surround the pool (lots of people hanging out on  the levels) to toss my suit down to me. He does, and I run into the parking structure closet to me, and change behind a pole. I'm a little nervous about this -- I certainly don't want to be seen! But it seems to be all right. I worry a little bit about my clothes but oh well. I jump in, oh, feels so good! 
We all have a good time. Later, it occurs to us and some friends, as we're talking about the day, the coast, the future of the area, etc. that what this town needs is an indoor, year round pool. Why hasn't anyone thought of this?! A few days later, my husband and I are walking around the town, and notice a huge sign that reads "Newport Pool" or something like that. We go inside, and find a man has just opened up the first indoor year round pool in the area. Fantastic! He's really done it right too: a small pool just for kids, a lap pool, an exercise pool, and three pools for recreational swims. I notice this man -- who seems to be in his sixties, gray haired, glasses, nice enough looking man and pleasant -- is wearing a black fleece vest with an emblem on it that has the initials of a Bigfoot research group -- an Oregon one, that investigates Sasquatch on the coast. I feel a thrill but don't say anything. The man says to us, sort of randomly, after explaining the pool hours and rules, "Bigfoot is around here, he's here in the woods." And I say "Oh, I know!" He says "My dog smells them all the time, and they know we know they're here." He asks us if we want to see his film of Bigfoot. Of course we do! We follow him upstairs to his room. It's very dim in there and he starts the camera rolling. An old camera with reels and film, and a screen he pulls down hanging on his wall. He tells us he hasn't seen Bigfoot but has "felt, heard, and smelled him," many times, and is sure he's caught fleeting images of movement on the film that can only be Bigfoot. He describes the chuffing kind of sound he's heard many times, so close, that can be no other kind of animal. Only Bigfoot. He's in telepathic communication with Sasquatch, this is clear and yet, he doesn't really come out and say this. We all know this but it's unsaid. It's too "crazy" to come out and say so, but it's understood.

We watch the film, it's in murky color but the images are clear, and sure enough, we see movement behind the trees. It can only be Bigfoot. Of that we're sure.
Then, damnit, the alarm went off!

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