There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Birds and Snake Synchronicity:Update


When we first lived here in our house, about thirty years ago, there were a lot of robins. Every day bought joy at seeing the flocks of robins in the front yard. We also had cedar waxwings and grosbeaks. The ring necked doves we were seeing for a few seasons have gone. Haven’t noticed them for a couple of years. Where did these birds go?

Other parts of town, and certainly outside of town, I still see robins. Haven’t seen grosbeaks or waxwings however.

Cedar Waxwing

Now, no robins, no waxwings, no grosbeaks. Lots of -- tons of -- crows. A family of jays have been living in our apple tree for many years. Some starlings, thankfully, not too bad. Hummingbirds; they visit our feeders on the front porch.

The bird landscape has changed.

The Other Day in the Neighborhood ...

Driving back from the store, a few blocks from our house and I see three wild turkeys hanging out on a front lawn. Lots of turkeys up in the hills but I’ve only seen turkeys down here in the “flats” one time before, years ago. There were two or three turkeys sitting on top of our neighbors roof. A bit eerie, being watched by silent turkeys from the second floor. 


And a block or two down from the turkey sighting, I saw a woman standing on the sidewalk with a huge boa constrictor (or python? I don’t know, a big thick giant snake!) wrapped around her neck. Just standing there, still, with a very large snake hanging from her neck. (I Googled the image above; this is what the pattern on the woman's snake looked like, so I assume it was a python.)

An odd day.

UPDATE: In today's paper in the pet adoption section: a python named Heneritta needs a home.

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Bigfoot Seen From Train Wasn't. Or, Was It?

 Footage of a Bigfoot seen from a train in Colorado seemed, to me, fairly legit. I posted about that in the post below. But now it turns out that, supposedly, it wasn't a true Bigfoot at all but someone in a costume. Matt Moneymaker tweeted about it; and here's a link to a Colorado company that uses Bigfoot as an advertising mascot. I'm not upset; sure, would have liked that footage to be of a real Sasquatch, but the Fortean realm is full of contradictions and hoaxes and mistaken things. All the mistaken things we mistake for the things. Darn. 

I don't feel foolish, either. Just shows us that it's often difficult to discern what's real, what isn't. This doesn't prove to me that Bigfoot doesn't exist. Only that humans like to have fun, sometimes innocently, sometimes with more malicious intent.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Bigfoot Seen From Train

 Boing Boing has video showing a Sasquatch in Colorado. Video taken from a passenger on a train. This video of a Bigfoot looks legitimate. I'd say one of the better images filmed. Similarities to the Patterson footage. Pointed or crested head, the way the creature walks, turns back to look over its shoulder. If it's a hoax then it's a very good one.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Puck's Passing and The Golden Funnel

 Years ago I had a beautiful and quirky long haired Siamese cat. I named him Puck. He came to us as a stray; he had been neutered, still had the stitches. No collar, no one reported him missing. He hung around our place, did not leave. So, he was ours.

He was very much attached to me, but aloof to others, including my husband. Puck would ride on my shoulders, just calmly remain perched there as I went about the day. Funny old cat. Puck preferred to be outside. He only stayed on the porch, often on a railing, Didn't stray at all. He was inside at night however.

When we moved to another house in town, Puck came with us of course. After a good long life (we figured he was about eighteen) he was clearly getting close to crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Poor Puck. 

I held Puck for hours, sitting outside on the porch. He did not want to move, and absolutely did not want to go inside. Finally, at night, I left him on the porch and I went to bed.

I was fast asleep. And had an abrupt vision/dream of a golden funnel shaped light, that was swirling upwards. I heard a tremendous yowl and saw Puck spin upwards inside the funnel of golden light. That morning, I found Puck dead on our porch. He had passed on. He wasn't ill; just old and time for him to pass on. 

About the Golden Funnel: at the time I was doing a lot of crystal and stone work. I was having a lot of psychic episodes. One night I had a dream where a child in my class, who had moved out of state, appeared to me in a tie-dyed dress, swirling around and around in the Golden Funnel. She said "Ms. Regan, I'm going to see you tomorrow!" 

The next day, there she was in her tie-dyed dress. Her and her mother had come down from Washington for a visit.

The Golden Funnel seems to be a psychic cord or opening; a doorway or portal. Not necessarily death, as with Puck, but a strong psychic connection.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Kitty Visitors


This happened several years ago. I had to put my cat Chelsea down. It was devastating. I cried all the way to the vet, at the vets, all the way home. I was an emotional mess.

As I was walking up the path to our porch (it was night, around 8pm) two little kittens appeared. I don't know where they came from. They were just there, on the path, sort of dancing around my ankles. One was completely black, the other completely white. They appeared to be very clean and well cared for. No collars. They didn't make a sound..

They followed me up to the steps of the porch, and then suddenly, they were gone. I didn't see them leave; I looked and didn't see them anywhere. Not in the yard, or path, or sidewalk. Just gone.

At the time, our block was a real cat street. We all knew each other's pets, who had what cat, what dog, etc. I had never seen those kittens before. Or after. The next day I asked neighbors about the kittens. No one knew anything about them. 

I always felt that those two kittens were spirits of some kind, related to Chelsea. 

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Lon Strickler Interviews Ronny Le Blanc

Lon Strickler interviews Bigfoot researcher Ronny Le Blanc, of Expedition Bigfoot. Season four, episode one aired the other night.  Le Blanc believes, (as I do) that there is more to Bigfoot than just flesh and blood. Interdimensional, etc. 

Le Blanc also mentioned all the footage of interesting and weird stuff that somehow got edited out. Would love to see what has been cut from the show.

Ronny Le Blanc has had a lot of paranormal experiences, which are a treat to hear about.

Friday, September 1, 2023

Expedition Bigfoot: Season 4

 I've been watching this show since season one. I think the team has found some interesting evidence on camera. One thing that I always wonder at with research teams; why not stay for a long time in one area? (although Ron Morehead and his fellow researchers to go back to the same area in Northern California, and have gained a lot of experiences there.)  The team thinks of Bigfoot as just an animal, though Ron Le Blanc does seem to accept paranormal explanations. 

Season 4, episode 1 brought the team to Prince Wales island in Alaska. It's said the Bigfoot creatures there are more aggressive, more violent.  

Stumbling around in the dark in unfamiliar places seems dangerous, which is something the team does a lot, especially Russel Acord, who goes off on his own. (along with at least one camera man of course.) And why didn't he pick up the skin and fur sample right away instead of chasing a creature that surely was aware of him and, if it were Bigfoot, was aware of him long before Acord was cognizant of Bigfoot. Sure enough, when he returned to the spot, the fur was gone. 

Overall though Expedition Bigfoot is a good program.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Bigfoot Mapping Project

 A Facebook friend alerted me to this link: Bigfoot Mapping Project.   Fall Creek area in Lane County has a lot of Bigfoot activity. A very nice resource! Oregon, including the Eugene area, lots of sightings!

Paul Sincair's 'Wolf Lands'

 Just watched paranormal researcher Paul Sinclair's new documentary Wolf Lands on Amazon Prime.  The documentary is about the unexplained encounters with a werewolf/dog man/sasquatch (?) type being in the forests of Yorkshire.  Excellent documentary. Sinclair interviews witnesses but he also goes into the history of Yorkshire. Place names, for example. Many translate to words like wolf, or hound. It seems hundreds of years ago shamanic activity took place in the woods. Does a place hold energy? Of course it does. Whatever it is these people are seeing it's something. Something weird and huge and at a loss for a reasonable explanation. 

Other paranormal activity as well: UFOs, orbs, etc.

One thing that resonated with me: one witness described the sudden fear he felt while in the woods. He felt he was being watched, and like a switch had been turned on, as he explained it, a deep fear arose within him. Terror. Had to get out of there! As soon as he left, the fear left. Again, like someone threw a switch.

I had a similar experience, which I blogged about here in the past. A beautiful sunny day. I was taking a drive in the country, just because. I stopped at the top of a hill, pulled over to look at the view. I got out of my car. Below me, on my right, was the valley. Gorgeous view! Behind me, steep embankment, thickly wooded. Suddenly, a terrible fear entered me. It came from behind, came roiling down the hills, through the trees. It was horrible. More horrible because it was so damn weird. I was really very very scared. The message was clear: GET OUT! LEAVE! So I did. The whole thing only lasted about ten, fifteen seconds, but it was enough. For a split second I thought of staying; I'm not crazy after all, I'm not listening to some imagined thing, I'm being silly. Then I realized it was foolish to stay. This wasn't coming from me at all. It was definitely an energy, an intelligent energy, sent my way. So I got out of there fast. The fear left me completely after about a quarter mile. Everything back to normal as if nothing strange had happened at all.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Friday, February 17, 2023

Mad Scientists: Bird Drones

 Real birds. Dead birds. Now repurposed as drones.   Not clear where they're getting the dead birds from; road kill, taxidermists, or what.

Friday, February 10, 2023

Magical Mermaid Eyeball

Two men arrested for selling a mermaid's magical eyeball | Boing Boing

Have to appreciate the specifics of the scam. A "magical eyeball" from a mermaid. Naturally a mermaid's eyeball would be magical.