There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Photos May Show Bigfoot's Cloaking Ability | Mysterious Universe

New Photos May Show Bigfoot's Cloaking Ability | Mysterious Universe: According to Scott Carpenter, author of “The Bigfoot Field Journal,” Bigfoot goes into a cloaking or predator mode (named after the movie “Predator”) by using infrasound to convert water vapor in the air around it into microscopic prisms that reflect (maybe a better term is “deflect”) light away from their bodies. He claims this leaves a telltale distorted image that doesn’t quite match the background (leading skeptics to suspect editing) and says he has taken video footage of a Bigfoot in this cloaked or predator mode. (Mysterious Universe)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Didn't See Sasquatch, Yet . . .

Updated: I tried, in this little sketch I did today, to capture the looming and overwhelming terror of this experience. The darkness and dark blue coming over the hill is heavy with this … dark energy that was simply huge.  Still working on it.

Overwhelming Hill Energy, colored pencil, Regan Lee

A few years ago I was driving in a rural area not too far from home. (Oregon.) Just out for a drive, nice day. Going further out, up a hill. I pulled over at the top of the hill to enjoy the view. Uphill side, valley below, delightful. Behind me, hills looming, and trees. No homes, no buildings, just out there. And yet, as it is in this area, only about twenty minutes from "civilization." Anyway, standing there for not more than five minutes, when suddenly, I had the most disturbing and, all right, frightening, experience.

One minute I'm happy, enjoying the view, next moment, I'm terrified. I mean, literally, frightened out of my mind. Overwhelming sense of fear, terror, danger. This feeling was mine, yes, being afraid of something, but that "something" was coming at me! It was huge, roiling down the hills behind me.

This was no panic attack. I've had true panic attacks, and this was nothing at all like those. This was something I've never experienced before or since. (Although, quite similar to an experience I had at night in a graveyard.)

I could almost hear a voice within this huge energy wave -- and that's what it was, an unseen but most definitely present wave -- that in very clear terms did not want me there. I had the crystal clear thought put into my head: GET OUT!

So I did.

For some reason, and to my surprise, there's a nagging Bigfoot connection in my mind to this experience. I personally don't immediately associate negative or threatening experiences with Sasquatch, though I'm aware of those stories of course. Why I have this association I don't know. Aside from my personal opinions on negative Sasquatch encounters, this experience had nothing to do with any kind of sighting of a Bigfoot. Or anything else. I didn't see anything, in the physical. No UFOs, no ghosts, no apparitions, and no Bigfoot.

I think this energy was some sort of nature-spirit energy, or force. Maybe something having to do with some of the forces responsible for the disappearances David Paulides researches. (See the "Missing 411" books.) (And I want to make it clear this is my speculation on my personal experience, and nothing Paulides himself has said.)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Frame 352 Cited in "Haunted Oregon"

I discovered today that this blog, Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch, is cited in the book Haunted Oregon, by Andy Weeks.  No mention of moi by name, but the blog is mentioned as "…at least according to the blog Frame 352…"

The book is among the current display of Books are Fun, a school district wide book vendor that is set up each month in school staff rooms. I noticed the book during my lunch break; and naturally went right to Haunted Oregon. Surprised and delighted to discover this blog was mentioned!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Bigfoot, ETs and Us" from Bizarre Bigfoot

Great post at SAR's Bizarre Bigfoot:

Bigfoot, ETs and Us | Bizarre Bigfoot: If we can imagine a world where Sasquatch/Bigfoot has been 'discovered', ie., solid video from multiple sources, along with the acknowledgment of academia, including the addition of the species to the taxonomic record, how will this scenario play out from that point?
So read on...

Friday, October 30, 2015

Lon Stickler on Bigfoot as Government Experiment

At Lon Strickler's Phantoms and Monsters, Lon updates a post he wrote in May, 2014. Questions from his encounter: was the "Bigfoot" like creature a government experiment? Why no police records of his report? And so on. Scary, creepy and full of the fringe of the fringe conspiratorial musings, but that doesn't make it any less intriguing --- or, possible. One aspect of stories like these is that, well, there are stories like these. There isn't just one strange Bigfoot tale like about, there are many. A large body of stories out there of Bigfoot, BHMs, (Big Hairy Monsters), government's awareness (if not complicity), aliens, and UFOs.

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal: Is There A Bigfoot Conspiracy?

Over the past several months and since my appearance on 'Monsters and Mysteries in America' was first aired, I've received many inquiries concerning my encounter on May 9, 1981 near Sykesville, MD. To be honest, I've had a few lingering questions about my sighting as particular, 'what did I actually see?' Was it a Bigfoot...or something else? At the time, I called it a 'Bigfoot' because, frankly, that was the only way I could have described it. It wasn't wasn't an ape. I have tried to comprehend exactly what it was I witnessed.

One of the more consistent questions I have received concerns the quick reaction by officials after my phone call to local police. I feel that this being had been under close surveillance at the time I witnessed it. The only two scenarios that I feel may be plausible are either: 1) there were other witnesses that made reports earlier that day or, 2) this being had escaped from an unknown location. (Lon Strickler)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Yahoos out to Kill Bigfoot on Destination America

Airing October 24th:

Destination America Will Be Killing Bigfoot in October - Dread Central: Hamilton has hunted Bigfoot since one terrorized him as a child. He and Vietnam vet Jim Lansdale lead a team of commandos, named the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO), to find and kill a Bigfoot in order to prove its existence to science and to protect the public from a future attack by a rogue Bigfoot. (Dread
Not surprising that our culture has morphed from interesting programs on the possible reality of strange creatures, to the possibility of killing one of these strange creatures. All in a disingenuous move to prove to science that such a creature really exists.

A team full of "commandos" armed to the teeth and tricked out in ghillie suits will hunt for Bigfoot. The only good thing about this is the almost 100% certainty these clown shoes will never find Bigfoot in the first place.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Bigfoot in Vietnam

This item about a Bigfoot type creature of Vietnam, which was seen by American soldiers. Intriguing!

A bunch of U.S. troops think they saw Bigfoot in Vietnam: Gary Linderer was on a six-man patrol with the 101st Airborne’s Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols. While struggle through the underbrush, he ran into “deep set eyes on a prominent brow… five feet tall, with long muscular arms.” The creature “walked upright with broad shoulders and a heavy torso.” His battle buddies told him he just saw a rock ape, but Linderer had seen Rock Apes before. This was no Rock Ape. (Blake Stilwell)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Patterson-Gimlin Film Analysis/ Open Lines - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Patterson-Gimlin Film Analysis/ Open Lines - Shows - Coast to Coast AM: Veteran film industry special makeup effects designer Bill Munns joins guest host Connie Willis (email) for a discussion on his analysis of the controversial Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film. Dubbing the creature, "Patty," Munns addresses the question of whether she was indeed a genuine cryptid, or just a person in a costume.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Does the Government Know About Bigfoot Synchronicity

By way of Oregon Bigfoot researcher Toby Johnson, this item about a BLM map and Bigfoot.

I've used the word "synchronicity" in the title because I've been thinking about a piece I want to write about the government's knowledge -- if any -- of Bigfoot's existence. Not a new idea of course but one I've been a bit "meh" on, until the other day. For some reason, on my way to and back from the Oregon coast, I was thinking very heavily on this. Woke up this morning thinking about the subject. Then find Toby's link …

▶ Oregon Sasquatch Symposium/ BLM - YouTube:

Newly Released Unedited Complete Footage Of The Patterson Film! | Bigfoot Crossroads

 From Bigfoot Crossroads blog, Steven Streufert's  enhanced Patterson footage:

"Steven Streufert, owner of Bigfoot Books and member of the Bluff Creek Project, just posted this rarely seen unedited footage of the Patterson Film." (Bigfoot Crossroads)Newly Released Unedited Complete Footage Of The Patterson Film! | Bigfoot Crossroads:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

From S.A.R at Bizarre Bigfoot: "Bigfoot and the Gov'mint"

SAR at Bizarre Bigfoot has a piece on the government's knowledge of Bigfoot. If the government knows BF exists, why the secrecy? That's a big question. I commented over there that, being a cynical person when it comes to government, the cover-up  -- and I believe there is one -- isn't to protect the creature, but protect the system.  In part, anyway. Who knows, we sure don't.

If you've read any of the Missing 411 books by David Paulides, one has to entertain the possibility of a Bigfoot type creature responsible in some way for the disappearances. Maybe. Now, I do not want to imply Paulides says this -- he doesn't. Any speculation along those lines is mine. This is all assuming Bigfoot is more than just  a "flesh and blood" creature.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Redfern at Cryptomundo: A Hairy Hand of the Horrific Kind

Nick Redfern on mysterious hairy hands that appear from nowhere...

Cryptomundo: A Hairy Hand of the Horrific Kind: Back in 2011, I wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe titled The Hairy Hands Horror. It begins as follows: “It was around the year 1910 that a weird and horrific saga began – on what is today the B3212 road, which can be found in the vicinity of the Dartmoor, England locales of Postbridge and Two Bridges. It became known as the mystery of the Hairy Hands. Somewhat disturbingly, a hairy, monstrous and unknown force would time and again violently lash out at unwary passing drivers, and which, in one case, reportedly even resulted in a tragic death for an unfortunate road-user.” (Nick Redfern)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Cryptomundo: Man Shoots a Bigfoot Near His Barn in Oregon

Cryptomundo: Man Shoots a Bigfoot Near His Barn in Oregon

A "Bigfoot Campfire Story" -- indeed. Would like to know where in Oregon.

Anywhere, guy shoots Bigfoot. Doesn't kill him, just wounds him, don't ya know. Wants to put the critter out of his misery; cuz it's dangerous ya know.. .

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cryptomundo: Bigfoot is not Paranormal

Cryptomundo links to Bigfoot Crossroads on how Bigfoot is not "paranormal."

Cryptomundo:Bigfoot is not Paranormal: Bigfoot is not paranormal.

But how do you know? Nobody knows anything about bigfoot. It’s all theory and speculation!

I repeat, bigfoot is not paranormal.
One thing to hold that opinion. However, reasons given at Crossroads are … odd. I would take the whole thing seriously if actual high strangeness cases were presented, with analysis on why, according to Bigfoot Crossroads, they weren't really high strangeness at all and don't prove Bigfoot as paranormal.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quote for the day

From A Hitchhiker's Guide to Faerie!:

 Not over or under, but in-between, is where you'll find the blessed and unblessed unseen.

Cool Tee-Shirts from Wm. Michael Mott; Hurry!

They are neat, if you can -- and I think they're very affordable -- get one!

Get your CCCC Cave Creature tee! | Teespring: Here's a long-sleeve tee-shirt for fans of the cult classic book of fortean, folklore and paranormal research--Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures--which is now in its 3rd Expanded Edition!

Featuring artwork and design by the book's author Wm. Michael Mott, this long-sleeve tee, which features dark blue on gold, will let people know that you are a kindred spirit when it comes to studying the unknown mysteries of our world.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Another Blog Stealing Content!!!

Recently at my UFO blog The Orange Orb, I posted links to blogs that blatantly steal from others, myself included. My article with their names, or no name at all, no link back to my blogs, photos of me but with someone else's article that I had nothing to do with… I'm not the only one. For example, one blog stole an illustration by Mike Clelland at his hidden experience blog and put it with an article I wrote. Niether Mike's drawing nor my article were given proper credit.

Now I find the following on my post concerning beeping Bigfoot: my photo but someone else's name! Not only that, they call my Orange Orb blog the "Orangey Orb."

 Frustrating you can't find these people behind these content stealing blogs. The best one can do is just shame them and out them when you find them.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bigfoot News | Bigfoot Lunch Club: Bigfooters! Don't Miss This One-Day Deal!!

Sharing this post from Bigfoot Lunch Club. Thom Powell's book on Kindle for 1.99 -- nice! Limited time though so hurry:

Bigfoot News | Bigfoot Lunch Club: Bigfooters! Don't Miss This One-Day Deal!!: ONE DAY ONLY!!! Sunday June 21st! You can buy the Kindle version of Thom Powell's much-anticipated book for only $1.99!

For less than two bucks you can help Thom get his book on the top of the list for his category! If Thom's book tops the charts. it will pave a way for future authors and more books on the topic of strange phenomena. Support your fellow squatcher! You can buy the book at this link.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Thom Powell Guest Speaker at OREGON MUFON

From MUFON's Keith Rowell, this item on Thom Powell's upcoming May 12th talk at Oregon MUFON in Portland. I won't be able to make it, darn it. I know it will be a very interesting talk!

thomsquatch: Local bigfoot researcher Thom Powell will speak at Oregon MUFON's May 2015 meeting. Come find out why Thom, a middle school teacher of science, found more than he bargained for in his research. Thom backs science all the way and is still a staunch advocate of scientific analysis of bigfoot evidence. However, today Thom acknowledges that some parts of bigfoot evidence are strange indeed. And this evidence, he believes, may require a reassessment of science's underpinnings. (Keith Rowell, via

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Who is Sasquatch/Bigfoot?

From "Dirk" at House of the Sun, on the psychic/supernatural/ET aspects of Sasquatch. Among them, Bigfoot comes in various sizes as well as types (animal faced vs. ancient human face), controls the weather, reads minds, and so on.

Who is Sasquatch/Bigfoot?: They are a people, like us humans, and have families, and feeding grounds, and are thus protective of their own kind. They are very psychic, and they knew well in advance who is coming and what the intentions are of the visitors. “I shouldn't worry so much about someone killing one of the creatures. They are profoundly psychic and difficult to catch off guard. They can easily read your mind and know your every intent.” (House of the Sun)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Native Americans Reveal Secrets Of Bigfoot | Paranormal

Craig Adams at Before It's News has an article on supernatural Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, namely Oregon. Referencing articles from 88 years ago in The Oregonian, which tells of tales concerning the paranormal abilities of Sasquatch, the Native tribes of the area and their knowledge of such.

Native Americans Reveal Secrets Of Bigfoot | Paranormal: Every Indian, especially of the Puget Sound Tribes, is familiar with the history of these strange giant Indians, as they are sometimes referred to by local Indians. Shaker Indians of Northwestern Oregon, who attended the Shakers’ convention on the Skokomish Reservation on Hood Canal last year, related to the writer their experience with the Seeahtik Indians.  Oregon and Washington Indians agree that the Seeahtik Indians are not less than seven feet tall and some have been seen that were fully eight feet in height. They have hairy bodies like a bear. This is to protect them from the cold as they live entirely in the mountains. They kill their game entirely by hypnotism. They have great supernatural powers. They also have the gift of ventriloquism, and have deceived many ordinary Indians by throwing their voices. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Silverton Bigfoot, and Killing It...

Lon Strickler at Phantoms and Monsters has this item about the yahoos -- podcasters at Dark Radio Jeff Gonzalez, Allen Thomas and Danny Valderrama --  who want to kill themselves a Bigfoot.

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal: If California-based paranormal experts do succeed in killing Bigfoot – the possible Silverton resident – local law enforcement promises to throw the book at them. 
Good for the local law. Of course, determinations need to be concerning Sasquatch as human, as "just" an animal, etc. according to authorities. Still, they are not amused and will not look the other way if such a thing were to happen. Assuming there is a Silverton Bigfoot to begin with.

The usual justifications for killing Bigfoot are uttered:

On Friday, Gonzalez said, “We’re not ashamed to say it. We came out a few years ago, saying, ‘We need to shoot Bigfoot.’” To prove the existence of Bigfoot, scientists will require a body. Then they’ll be able to identify Bigfoot DNA and go from there.” (Phantoms and Monsters)
 Oh, and then there's FOX, who will air Paranormal Central . . .

Lastly, there is this:

When I was a judge in Silverton years ago, a waiter used to run by the train in a monkey suit,” he said. Anybody planning an attempt on Bigfoot’s life “better be careful what they’re shooting at.” 
Again, assuming any of that is also true, shooting at what one thinks is a Bigfoot and having the being turn out to be human would be a tragic event.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sasquatch of the Underworld | Mysterious Universe

Nick Redfern has an item at Mysterious Universe on Bigfoot in Oregon and the theory that Sasquatch uses underground tunnels, mines, etc. These stories are from the early 1900s.

Sasquatch of the Underworld | Mysterious Universe: One of the most thought-provoking theories for Bigfoot’s overwhelming elusiveness suggests that the creatures spend a great deal of time living in natural caves and caverns, as well as abandoned, old mines. In the early 1900s, a number of stories surfaced in the Oregon press that, upon careful reflection, just might offer a degree of support for this particularly intriguing theory that Bigfoot is very much a creature of the underground. (Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hunter attacked by naked 'Sasquatch' asks: 'Why are you trying to kill me?' |

This item making Oregon news sources; naked man, attacks hunter, says he's Sasquatch, given prison sentence:

Hunter attacked by naked 'Sasquatch' asks: 'Why are you trying to kill me?' | "Well, I asked him who he was, and he replied very calmly, just as sane as anyone, that his name was Linus Norgren," McDonald recalled. And in the same reasonable voice, that "he was a Sasquatch from a family of Sasquatches."

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Scotland News and Views:Experts using fake monsters to test how people report encounters with mythical creatures - Scotland / News & Views / The Sunday Post

Experts using fake monsters to test how people report encounters with mythical creatures - Scotland / News & Views / The Sunday Post: Experts have been using fake monsters to test how people report encounters with mythical creatures.

One exercise saw one person unleashed in a popular Edinburgh attraction dressed in a gorilla suit, as part of a study to see how people react to so-called Bigfoot sightings.

The experts have also used props and costumes to create other beasts.
Okay. As The Anomalist points out, this study seems heavily "front loaded." And if the photo shown with this article is an example of what the experimenters are using as Bigfoot costumes, oy.

So much that is unhinged about this, as well as amusing. What of the witness who had, once, an actual sighting of a Sasquatch, or some other beastie, such as the Loch Ness creature, etc. How would that factor in? Or is it assumed no such witnesses exist, since no such creatures exist?

They could always try looking at actual reports from Bigfoot witnesses . . .

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal

Lon Strickler has a good post about the high strangeness factor that surrounds Sasquatch. I like the question he muses upon here:

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal: Is it possible that ghostly creatures or cryptids may roam our planet? Could these be residual energies of previous living beasts, that manifest and present the effect of non-terrestrial or interdimensional beings. On the other hand, is there a chance that we are chasing corporeal entities that slip in and out of our plane of existence? (Strickler, Phantoms and Monsters)
Critics of the non-flesh and blood idea ask this how it is that a creature can leave footprints, for example, but not be otherwise present? Well, ghosts do such things; leave behind physical effects (scratches, moving items, sounds, EVPS, etc.) even while not being fully flesh and blood. If ghosts, spirits and other non-human entities can pop in and out of our reality, why can't Sasquatch? I'm not suggesting Bigfoot is a "ghost", rather, that Sasquatch might share some of the same mechanisms ghosts and spirits exhibit.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Texas Woman: 'Bigfoot Family Lives Around us and They Just Had a Baby' - Cryptozoology News

Texas Woman: 'Bigfoot Family Lives Around us and They Just Had a Baby' - Cryptozoology News: Brenda and her husband believe that the “Bigfoot family” is composed by three individuals, one of which was a recent addition to the family.
“We know that last year they had a baby.”