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Friday, June 29, 2018

Mysterious Encounters with Bigfoot at Military Bases | Mysterious Universe

Stories of Sasquatch on military exist, and have existed for some time. An aspect of Sasquatch encounters I'm intrigued by. Here's one story from the late 1970s as reported by Brent Swancer at Mysterious Universe. The witness, Edwin Goday, saw a Sasquatch type creature. Goday shot at the creature, which ran off. After reporting the sighting, Godoy was told to keep quiet, and personnel came out:

[Mysterious Encounters with Bigfoot at Military Bases | Mysterious Universe:] According to Godoy, the mechanics made a secretive radio call and not long after a group of men in what appeared to be lab coats and thick rubber gloves descended upon the area taking samples of the blood and making casts of the footprints. The whole time Godoy claims that he was not allowed to speak to anyone at all, and that he was kept to the side away from what was going on. The perplexed Godoy was then whisked away to the base hospital, but rather than be looked at by the usual medical staff he was examined by a doctor who was from the Air Force, which was odd considering it was an Army installation.
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What to think of these stories? I have no idea. True, a cover for something else, what? One possibility is the government's awareness of many things of a paranormal/UFO/cryptid nature, used for their own agendas. The question then is, why? That's when the conspiratorial mind starts its journey down the rabbit hole.