There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Monday, September 5, 2016

Keegan Reid and Sasquatch

This is how it begins, for many of us. A strong feeling of a connection, not sure why exactly, a grouping of high strangeness events …

And the intense need to share. Share one's personal experiences, conversations with others, what's been discovered, thoughts, musings, theories. It's a journey and a process.

Keegan Reid has had UFO -- including an orange orb encounter! -- experiences, as well as communications with Sasquatch. The two may be connected. Anyway, listen to what he has to say. And share your experiences as well, with him, with me, with whoever. By yourself. The more of us who share our truths, the better. It's all part of the data, the evidence; despite what some may say about all this -- those yahoo types out there who want to "hunt themselves a Bigfoot." As Keegan told me the other day during a lovely telephone conversation, you can't be an honest researcher if you negate the high strangeness aspects of Sasquatch encounters. Something I've been saying for years!

Keegan's links:

Friday, July 29, 2016

More Strangeness . . .

Regarding the post below --  which is cross-posted at my Orange Orb blog -- more strangeness.

My friend "Diane" told me the other day that whenever "they" come, she finds that her tablet is turned on in the morning. She insists she has turned it off. Her husband verifies this. (Wakes up with strange marks, etc.)

After she read my blog post, she called me to tell me her computer was on again this morning. Also, she had entered my phone number into the tablet, but this morning, it was gone. She couldn't find my name or number anywhere.

I also notice that this Sunday, Coast to Coast has the  "The Dark Side of Bigfoot" with guests Tim Baker, Jim King and Brenda Harvey. And the next night, the guest will be David Paulides, author of the Missing 411 books, to talk about his new book Missing Hunters.

Missing 411, The See-through Rock People, and Sasquatch. . .

(posted at my Orange Orb ufo blog)

I’m deeply intrigued with David Paulides work in his Missing 411 series. While I’ve read one of his books (so far, plan on reading them all) and follow his work on-line, I haven’t recently been giving any particular attention to any of the missing 411 cases, or the phenomena. So I am curious about this very vivid and slightly disturbing dream I had last night:

I live in a semi-rural area, on the edges of the suburbs. The location has a southern California feel to it, or southwest. Desert like, but not completely. Surrounding the dozen or so houses out here are soft, rolling hills, probably sandstone. Layers and layers among the hills, and large gray boulders.

manipulated sepia version

My friends and I go out for a small hike. We can see our house from where we are. We aren’t far, less than a half mile from the house.  I’m climbing up the side of a hill, my friends are maybe fifty feet away. 
Out of nowhere, I am grabbed by invisible hands. I sense their presence, I know that they are here, but I can’t see who -- or what -- they are. I get a glimpse of these things. They shimmer in and out, sort of like the Predator. These things look human like in some ways. They have two arms and legs like humans, etc. But they are about seven feet tall and muscle bound, like The Hulk. They grab me by the arms and feet and drag me up the hill. My friends are completely unaware of what’s going on. I scream with everything I have but they can’t hear me. 
I know, without a doubt, that this has something to do with what Paulides researches. I beg these beings, plead, cry, to let me go. I tell them I don’t want to end up dead and found in the middle of a lake or the top of a mountain.  I get the feeling that the more I beg and talk to them instead of giving up they might agree to keep me alive.  They tell me that they’ll me go when they’re ready.
A few days later, I find myself near the same spot where I was taken. Two men have brought me down here. They are also very tall, around seven or eight feet, but stocky. The men have long shiny black hair, like a Native person, but their features are not Native Amercian at all. They have flattened, pushed in faces. They are human, but more than that -- or, less than that. They are not quite all human, in other words. At the same time, I don’t get the sense they are ETs. I do get the sense some of this is related to Sasquatch, but how, I don’t know. It’s all very confusing and muddled. While I feel there is a Sasquatch aspect to this, the Sasquatch have nothing to do with any of this, not directly anyway, if at all. 

Another Southwest, Regan Lee
manipulated sepia version

 They communicate with me telepathically; that I am never to tell anyone anything about any of this. While I have no memory of what happened while I was missing, I do remember being taken by the weird near invisible beings, and these guys. They tell me over and over that they are now in my head, at all times, and will know if I’m even thinking of telling someone. If I say anything, they tell me, not only will I be killed, but many in my family.
I go back to the house, naturally everyone is happy to see me and are full of questions. I just keep saying over and over that I don’t remember anything. I tell everyone I must have fallen and that caused amnesia of some kind. 

I wake up, feeling very strange. Then I hear a loud clattering, scrambling sound that goes on for about five seconds. Things falling, like dishes or pots, among other things. My first thought is the cat tried to climb on the bookshelves beneath the window where I have some plants. The cats start meowing and running around, wanting to go out. At five-thirty in the morning! Unusual for them.  I get up to check, I don’t see anything out of place. I check the whole house -- nothing. I look out the window in our bedroom, thinking maybe an animal knocked over plants and rocks by the little garden pond, but nothing is out of place. All very strange.

As I’m in bed, thinking about all this strangeness, I get a sense this dream, the clattering, the cat’s odd behavior, has something to with my visit yesterday with friends who have had several UFO experiences, as well as paranormal experiences in general. Lately we’ve been involved in doing exercises to activate psychic skills. Energy play, “sending and receiving” imagery, oracle and tarot work, etc. And, of course, intense discussions about our experiences, including questions about those experiences. One more thing: I mention large gray rocks in the dream. A week or so ago, I was "receiving" from one of the people in our discussion group. One of the images that came to me was a gray boulder, about twelve feet tall, in a desert like spot. The rest of the area was semi-rural with green and trees, but the rock was off by itself in barren land.

I think it's one thing to talk about these experiences, but the questioning, as well as the agreement to participate in actively finding out, seems to have triggered something.

Note: Here the originals of the images shown above:

Another Southwest, Regan Lee

Friday, July 15, 2016

Bigfoot Topic on C2C:" Small Town Monsters"

Should be interesting; sounds like the discussion will be about localized Bigfoot type, or BHMs (Big Hairy Monsters):

Coast to Coast AM: The Best Paranormal News Show:Film director and radio host Seth Breedlove talks about his investigations into strange, Bigfoot-like creatures seen in small towns, such as the Minerva Monster, the Beast of Whitehall, and the Boggy Creek monster. Followed by Open Lines in the latter half. (C2C)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

From Micah Hanks: Did Ape Canyon Inspire Modern “Paranormal” Theories About Bigfoot? | Mysterious Universe

The Ape Canyon incident is familiar to us. Usually the tale is retold with a big scary monster hurling huge boulders through the walls vibe. But Micah Hanks clears some points up and focuses on a "paranormal" element that witness Fred Beck revealed in his published story in the 1960s. Hanks writes:

Did Ape Canyon Inspire Modern “Paranormal” Theories About Bigfoot? | Mysterious Universe: Not only did Beck maintain that the events detailed in the popular legend were true, but he also maintained that he had managed to glean evidence that the “creatures” they encountered were not of this world; they were, if anything, inter-dimensional beings of some sort, whose presence had been revealed to Beck and his companions through a number of surreal, psychic experiences …(Mysterious Universe, Micah Hanks)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sasquatch Art

I love this Sasquatch artwork. I don't have a source for this -- I would like to give the artist credit. This was found on tumblr without a citation.

Monday, May 23, 2016

From Melissa Hovey: The Search For Bigfoot: Women in Bigfoot Research ~ Adrianne Brashear Arney

Milissa Hovey has a new post at her Search for Bigfoot blog about female Bigfoot researchers. In her current post she interviews researcher Adrianne Brashear Arney. I like the following:

The Search For Bigfoot: Women in Bigfoot Research ~ Adrianne Brashear Arney: Follow up: There are people, like myself, who are not "believers" simply because they haven't had a sighting. While I think your thoughts on this are well thought out and you obviously know how to make a well informed decision, others will not agree. They will say, "how can you believe Bigfoot is out there when you haven't seen it."
What would you say to those people?
Adrianne: I have hiked all over the hills in Kentucky ever since I was a child and I have never seen a bear or bobcat while hiking. But because I have never seen one doesn't mean they are not there, because they are! I have seen a Black Panther but according to KY forest rangers they do not exist there! (The Search For Bigfoot, Melissa Hovey)
I relate to this -- I haven't seen a Sasquatch myself, but I believe those many individuals who have shared with me their sightings and encounters.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ghost Hunting Theories: Bigfoot and Spooklights

Sharon Day at Ghost Hunting Theories has   post about spook lights and Sasquatch. What is the connection (of course, assuming there is a connection.) Sharon suggests something different and counter intuitive for those out in the field searching for the answer.

Ghost Hunting Theories: Bigfoot and Spooklights: Those in the woods looking for Bigfoot or investigating cases, are running into small orbs of light that appear as if a distant porch light or lantern/flashlight in the woods. They are in areas that have no buildings or habitation. (Sharon Day, Ghost Hunting Theories)a

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ron Morehead's Bigfoot Calls

Ron Morehead was on Coast to Coast last night, with host Connie Willis, (one of my favorite hosts.) Morehead had a lot to say about "paranormal" Bigfoot, though, as he said, he doesn't like the word "paranormal" in general. But the stranger side of Sasquatch certainly exists, and Morehead has experienced many interesting encounters. He's also collected vocalizations, which can be heard at the Coast to Coast site.

Speaking of Morehead's collection of calls, they sound very much like other Bigfoot calls I've heard recorded from other places in the U.S. Seems the specificity of these sounds would be hard to hoax.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Just in Time for Your Summer Garden Decorating Projects: Bigfoot Chia!

Too good to be true, but it is true! A Bigfoot Chia Pet. You know I have to get one. Could Mothman, Nessie and Lizard Man Chias be next? One can hope.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nick Redfern on "Bigfoot, “Government Agents,” And “Giants”

Nick Redfern has an item at Mysterious Universe on hairy giants in British Columbia. This story goes back to the 1930s. Not just Sasquatch (the hairy giants) but government knowledge of the creatures:

Bigfoot, “Government Agents,” And “Giants” | Mysterious Universe: Back in the mid-1950s, a highly unusual and brief account of a cryptozoological nature surfaced. It came from one C.S. Lambert. The subject matter? The world’s most famous man-beast. We’re talking about Bigfoot, of course. In 1954, Lambert commented on his knowledge of very strange activity not too far from the Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia. It was activity which reportedly occurred almost two decades earlier, in 1935. ~ Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe

Sunday, April 17, 2016

From Nick Redfern: "Bigfoot, UFOs And The Bionic Man "|

Prolific Nick Redfern (really, we all should say hard working, because many of us are as prolific in our ideas, we aren't just as diligent and hard working as Nick) shares a bit of TV history regarding Bigfoot and UFOs.

Bigfoot, UFOs And The Bionic Man | Mysterious Universe: The 1970s was the one period, more than any other, in which the monster-hunting community focused on the controversial Bigfoot/UFO connection. Or, depending on your perspective, the lack of connection. Indeed, today, the vast majority of Bigfoot investigators are highly intolerant of the idea that there might be a link between cryptid apes and aliens. Although, I definitely recommend Stan Gordon’s 2010 book, Silent Invasion, which is an excellent study of Bigfoot and Fortean high-strangeness in 1970s-era Pennsylvania. And, it was also in the seventies that the fascination for the UFO-Bigfoot link spilled over into the domain of fiction. ~ (Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cemetery Removes 'Offensive' Bigfoot Memorial - Coast to Coast AM

The Coast to Coast  site has a report on an Ohio cemetery that removed a statue of Bigfoot because it was "offensive."

Cemetery Removes 'Offensive' Bigfoot Memorial - Coast to Coast AM: An Ohio family is coping with another round of heartbreak after the cemetery where their son is buried removed a Bigfoot statue at his grave because it was deemed offensive.

Trevor Zuniga passed away from muscular dystrophy this past January and, as a tribute to his love of Bigfoot, his family placed a large statue of the creature at his grave.

"It was just like so perfect, you couldn't have found anything more perfect for Trevor," his mother told WFMJ Ohio. (more at Coast to

Monday, March 14, 2016

Thom Powell on Coast to Coast

Thom Powell was the guest last night on Coast to Coast. A great interview with host Connie Willis. What I really appreciate about Powell is what he said regarding researching the Sasquatch. At some point, he felt he had to come to a decision. Is his interest about collecting evidence, or going through the experience? I will say here that the same goes for UFO research. I've certainly come to that conclusion a long time ago, that my "research" regarding ufology concerns my experience. Whether it's Sasquatch or UFOs, my investigations begin with me, and others, and then, comparing and contrasting cases. But as far as "evidence" and certainly any evidence within a hard core scientific paradigm -- that's not what it's about for me. This is not to say physical evidence in either field is unwanted or unappreciated. It takes all varieties of individuals coming together to share their data -- truly share, and truly be inclusive.

There are still hold outs out there, in UFO Land and the Sasquatch field, who are strictly "nuts and bolts." None of this telepathic communications ("mindspeak") with the Sasquatch stuff for them. Fortunately, after a long time, this seems to be changing.

It was heartening to hear level headed words about a seemingly non-leveled headed topic (telepathic Sasquatch.) I was also very happy to hear Thom Powell mention Lisa Shiel, who to this day, seems to be somewhat ignored regarding Sasquatch research.

Monday, February 15, 2016

"Mind Speak" Dialogue

Bigfoot researcher Sharon Lee doesn't believe much in the stranger side of Sasquatch stuff, but she does share the following with her readers at her Bigfoot Field Reporter blog:

From Category Archives: Paranormal:
The following conversation really happened this afternoon. I am omitting the name of the person for confidentiality, I am leaving the typos in as to maintain the conversation in it’s entirety.
I would love to hear your thoughts about what this person is telling me.
Conversation started today
Going squatching tonight. Am told I am expected to show up tonight….this was a message from “them”
as told thru a known trusted 3rd person 

Sharon Lee you believe that stuff?
(*****) yes because it happened before and it will again tonight

Sharon Lee i don’t believe the mindspeak stuff, but hey have fun!
(*****) I didn’t either till I started having it happen to me……have been having more and more gradualy happening to me. so you dont pick up on anytihng when you see them? not pictures of words or anything?
(From Sharon Lee, Bigfoot Field Reporter)

More at Bigfoot Field Reporter...

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bigfoot Dropped off by UFO?

Tales of Bigfoot sightings and ufos and aliens, from Lon Strickler at Phantoms and Monsters:

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal: then the red eye appeared again looking at me and the dogs heading south thru the small wood between me and my neighbors house. It stood there for about 30 seconds and when I started to raise my light, the eye disappeared. to me it looked like a lizard's eye. It didn't seem in wanting to harm us so I didn't chase it. My question is I've been hearing reports about Bigfoot being dropped off or taken up in their space craft, suppose that's what the alien was looking for? (Phantoms and Monsters)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dr. Johnson's Supernatural Sasquatch

The War
I don't know any of the participants personally, though I have corresponded via blog comments with Steven Streufert in the past.  Nor am I a participant in this "war" between various Bigfooters. That qualifier done with, I am interested in this story concerning Dr. Johnson's paranormal-Sasquatch experiences, and those Bigfoot researchers who scream "No blasted damn WAY!!!!!!" So, the controversy. Bigfoot researcher team The Bluff Creek Project explored the area where Dr. Johnson says is the place where these paranormal events take place:
Bigfoot Evidence: Debate Rages On Between Warring Bigfoot Factions: “So for a while now we have been looking for Dr J’s Southern Oregon Habituation Area so we could visit it and debunk his supernatural claims. (Italics mine.)
The assumption on their part is that Matthew Johnson's claims are nonsense.

To be fair to the anti-paranormalers, they make the point that the area Johnson says is the supernatural Sasquatch hot spot is too close to the highway and houses for any Bigfoot to hang around. And the vortex Johnsons speaks of is probably caused by floodlights:
 We investigated Adam Davies portal as well and we are sure we have that figured out. There is a house 3/4 mile away with flood lights on it that point up the ridge. You can see it when you look low through the trees. (Bigfoot Evidence.)

Dr. Johnson has responded, and Streufert promises to present more soon on this on his blog. According to Johnson, the Sasquatch have told him it's "Time to move on."

Bigfoot Evidence links to the entire article at Bigfoot Junction: Dr. Johnson's Feud with the Bluff Creek Project.  That blog entry makes it clear they think the paranormal-Bigfoot connection is ludicrous crap.

As I wrote at the beginning of this post, I don't know any of the people involved in this. I don't know if Johnson is full of it or not. As with UFO experiences of the odder kind -- telepathic communications, alien visitations, visits to other planets, giant owls, floating through walls, and oh yes, sex with reptilians -- there is that realm where the weird gets decidedly weirder. Those of us living in this realm frequently feel we have to take sides. Not just sides but firm and solid stances that avow YES! or, NO! Then there are those of us who've had our own weird experiences, (yep, like me) who don't know what to make of it, really, and maybe aren't ready to fully embrace the YES! side, but will not stand with the NO! side. And in no way be quick to snort and laugh and set out to debunk the weirder weird. (Because remember: there are those that think the most level headed salt of the earth no nonsense Bigfoot researcher-camper-hunter-outdoorsperson who spits on anything remotely suggesting a UFO/paranormal Bigfoot connection, is nothing more than complete loony tunes by many.  It's a loop of relativeness.)

Psychic-UFO-Paranormal Bigfoot: Oregon and Beyond
Tales of psychic Bigfoot, of Bigfoot as alien, or UFOnaut, or supernatural creature, are not new. Oregon alone has its share of strange Bigfoot lore. Stan Johsnon (deceased) self-published his encounters with Sasquatch on his Sutherlin ranch that included travels with Bigfoot in UFOs and telepathic communications. The story of "Flix", the white Bigfoot in Albany, Oregon in the early 1960s, included UFOs and psychic conversations between the creature and humans. (That's how we know his name was "Flix"; he conveyed that to the psychic who interviewed him.) Ida Kannenberg, author and UFO witness and channeler, co-wrote with Lee Trippet My Brother Is a Hairy Man and discusses telepathic communications with Bigfoot in the Oregon coastal range.

These tales of strange Bigfoot encounters exist, and exist well beyond just Oregon. As with UFO research, Bigfoot research cannot dismiss these encounters simply because they're too fantastic.

There is one more thing. Matthew Johnson, a psychologist, saw a Bigfoot in 2000 while hiking with his family. This sighting was a profound experience for Johnson, and "haunted" him for years. (I relate to this feeling; with me, my sighting of an orange orb UFO is something that has stayed with me all these decades, and is what brought me into this field.) Then something even deeper, more profound, and certainly weird, happened to Matthew Johnson. And that is the whole supernatural-vortex-paranormal thing happening now.

Rather than dismiss Johnson as a nut, or a liar, or the whole topic as worthless (even harmful to Bigfoot research, some will say) let's look at the pattern.

Transformations: Changes in the Pattern
Witness Johnson sees a Sasquatch, something that very deeply affected him. Years later, his experiences continue, and transform. They transform from a simple sighting -- if you can call seeing a Bigfoot "simple" -- to the other wordily. The question is, of course, a big huge screaming Why? 

Is Johnson's long term relationship the catalyst for the weirder events he's reported? Is there a symbiotic dance that has to occur between human witness and Sasquatch in order to experience the highly anomalous?

Yes, the other obvious questions should be addressed as well. For example, is Johnson off his psychologically trained rocker? Is he a liar, a hoaxer?

But who's to judge if he's "crazy?" The liar/hoaxer element should be clear enough to prove. The rest is much harder to get at it, and much easier to ignore.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

When Was Your First Time?

When was your first time hearing about Bigfoot? Not seeing a Sasquatch, but the first time you heard that such a creature existed.

My first time was when I was in my early teens -- roughly 1968. I think it was an episode of You Asked For It, where the program aired some of the Patterson footage. But I can't find a source for that, and it's possible I'm hazy on that memory.  (The dates for that program were: 1950 to 1959, with later incarnations in 1972, 1981, and 2000.) I do have a memory of watching a newsreel of the Patterson footage in the early 1970s when I worked in a movie theater. (Bigfoot on the big screen!)  So, in my teens if not earlier, was when I first became aware of the existence of Bigfoot.

I remember two stories from my teens about Bigfoot. One, from my brother, who insisted close friends of his who were camping in Northern California, were awakened at night and heard a large creature throwing oil drums at them. My brother was convinced, as were his friends, this was not being done by a bear. Both my brother and I were in our teens, so who knows if he was teasing me or not.

The other story I heard, again in my teens, was about Bigfoot living in the Topanga Canyon (California)  area, as I wrote for Tim Binnall's site, also here. As I wrote in those articles, I'm not that sure the people telling the stories actually believed them. They were just passing along a good story; more of a FOAF (folklore term: "friend of a friend")  tale, regardless of belief factor.

For myself, however, I believed back then that Bigfoot exists. And I still believe it.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

"Trickster's Go ashore"

Something most definitely lost in translation here:

Regan Lee On The Paranormal Bigfoot by Marlaina Lucas: Regan Lee On The Paranormal Bigfoot:
At her "Trickster's Go ashore" border at "Binall of America", Regan Lee says: "The statement of charm Bigfoot' and creepy or paranormal phenomena amid other unknown creatures is synchronize for some to encompass mischievously. (It was for me, at first, heaps duration ago.) But go deeper, and you'll drop something fixed stranger: some classify of uncommon connection along with hazy military, paramilitary, scrutinize control and psy-op factions and outlandish creatures, such as Mothman, Bigfoot, and others." (UFO Brief 
My column at Tim Binnall's site is Trickster's Realm, but I do like the jaunty idea of trickster's going ashore.

Frame 352 Cited by Skeptic Joe Nickell

Found this, from October of 2014 :Bigfoot at Mount Rainier? - CSI, by debunker Joe Nickell. Thought it funny he's cited this blog in his notes on the article, which, of course, pulls about Bigfoot, "proving" it to be a fantasy. Still.