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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

James Randi Forum: Bigfoot threads still going strong

I haven't been updating the Bigfoot Thread Watch over on the JREF; last time I think it was close to forty something seperate threads about Bigfoot. Just randomly, I counted twelve different threads on Bigfoot, -- some new, and some older that have been included in the previous counts here.

As I've remarked many times, for a being they don't believe exists, they spend a lot of time discussing it, from a wide variety of angles.

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On a later post, I'll discuss my favorite BF threads over there.


tigers2424 said...

here is more proof they exist, than they don't exist. A pure and simple fact !! Period !!!! Prove they don't compared to they do exist. !! LOL All comments approved by blogger? Really ? you don't approve this... proves my point idiot !!

Regan Lee said...

Thanks for stopping by tigers2424 and leaving a comment. But I am curious: did you actually _read_ my post?