There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ian Punnett is host tonight at C2C, and the show is: Bigfoot and Folklore. I am so wanting to listen to this! I'll do my best, but unfortunately, the day job is still a reality, and I have to get up at 6:00 a.m. (For some reason, my attempts at getting in sync with C2C's "Streamlink" have been negative.) Tonight's guests include Kathy Strain, who will discuss Bigfoot in terms of Native American mythology.

Friday, February 26, 2010

UFO Mystic on Blogsquatcher (and a personal weird BF related event)

UFO Mystic's Greg Bishop has a good post on Blogsquatcher's weird bigfoot piece: Bigfoot and UFOs and the Electromagnetic Spectrum As with the comments on Blogsquatcher, UFO Mystic's comments left by researcher Chris O'Brien, red pill junkie, etc. add to the discussion with considered input. Here's what I commented on Greg's post:
I can't add anything to the previous thoughtful and articulate comments (and posts) except to say, that Blogsquatcher has done an excellent job of presenting these ideas for thought, and discussion. As some of the comments on his blog show, the very act of talking about these weirder aspects of Bigfoot encounters causes some people to go crazy ... so it's always good to see when researchers brave the inevitable criticism and put their ideas out there.

On a personal level, I always wonder: "well, something weird happened, what the hell was it?" And since I refuse to think I'm just nuts (which is possible) something is going on! I'm intrigued by the contrast between the fact of individuals having high strangeness experiences, and the rejection by some researchers of those experiences.
Speaking of "the fact of individuals having high strangeness" I was thinking of not only those I've come across who insist they've had odd things happen in relation to Bigfoot (Stan Johnson, the Conser Lake "monster") but my own little bit of weirdness, that I recently talked a bit about with Mike Clelland. I don't know if the answer lies in a "unified theory" that Chris O'Brien mentions in his comment on UFO Mystic, or what. . . but I do think that, because of the volume of data we have on high strangeness BF encounters (and Yowie, and Yeti, and . . .) it's simply ignorant to ignore that data.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comments on Blogsquatcher 'When Bigfoot Gets In Your Head. . ."

The comments left by readers on The Blosquatcher's postWhen Bigoot Gets In Your Head . . ." are, mostly, thoughtful and interesting; people sharing their own experiences, and so on. If you haven't read the article yet do so; the issue of so-called paranormal Bigfoot is still a controversy in BF research, as the comments left on Blogsquatcher demonstrate.

And I'll steal this old Sherpa quote left by "Anonymous": There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it I like that.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Blogsquatcher: When Bigfoot Gets in Your Head. . .

Another excellent post by Blogsquatcher. Blogsquatcher isn't afraid to write about his interest in, and experiences with, the esoteric side of Bigfoot encounters. Call it paranormal, whatever, he combines field researcher with "armchair" research that delves into the paranormal, Fortean side of Bigfoot encounters, as well as his own personal, self-reflexive take on things.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Coroporations Sponsor Wolf Kill Contests

  Stop Corporate Sponsored Wolf Killing 'Contests'

Regan Lee Oregon

Texas Goats Killed By Chupacabra?

Daniel Hernadez, of Midland, Texas, believes it was chupacabra that killed his goats.
Hernandez says the way that his animals died is a mystery.

He says each of the goats had bite marks on their necks and it looked like something was sucking the blood out of them.
With video clip.

Fisher-Price Bigfoot

Fisher-Price has a remote controlled Bigfoot: BIGFOOT Captured! Fisher-Price(R) Imaginext(R) BIGFOOT The Monster: A Discovery of Legendary Proportions on Display in Mattel Showroom at New York Toy Fair

Unlike the legendary BIGFOOT, the Imaginext(R) BIGFOOT The Monster from Fisher-Price is a life-like remote controlled monster friend for kids three to eight, with lots of personality, fun facial expressions and interactive phrases like "Wanna Play?" and much more. Featuring over 80 actions and phrases, BIGFOOT comes to life with a kid-friendly foot shaped remote control that has easy-to-use, icon-driven buttons. With the simple touch of the remote, preschoolers can make BIGFOOT walk forward and backwards, elicit happy or angry emotions, fall asleep, throw a ball, exercise and even do a forward somersault and a backwards roll! BIGFOOT also features interactive touch points on his belly and mouth that will make him laugh or eat a leaf that evokes fun chomping and burping sound effects. Although the legendary BIGFOOT has mainly been spotted in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, the Imaginext(R) BIGFOOT 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monster Quest on Mothman

 A post on my blog Mothman Flutterings on the recent Monster Quest episode on Mothman, with link to Loren Coleman's review of same.

Something About the Blood; A Dream About Chupacabra

I had a great dream the other night, where all kinds of UFO, esoteric and cryptid researchers were gathered at a massive, world wide round table mega media event. Mainstream media had picked this up; CNN, etc. The marathon interview was organized by Nancy and Bill Birnes of UFO Magazine, and Amy from Paranormal Women's League. It took a long time to get this thing organized, but finally, the moment arrived. People like Greg Bishop, Nick Redfern Lesley Gunter (The Debris Field) , Alfred Lehmberg and dozens of others. In the dream I am so happy to finally meet these people in person; we had a great time being together.

So we get down to the interview/discussion. All ears in America, lol, and beyond, have tuned in. Prime time. Coast to Coast has nothing on us! This is huge. The interviewer is someone not particularly knowledgeable about this stuff, which is both good and bad; but it works out all right.

The interviewer asks me about my thoughts on the two versions of chupacabra, as I commented recently in this post. As I'm talking, in the dream, it turns out I've been to Puerto Rico and did some research. (I wish that were true! However, in real life, strictly an "arm chair" commentator at this point.)

Then, as I'm describing the deep puncture wounds the creature has been known to leave behind, and the complete lack of blood within, and around, the victim, I have the distinct and powerful awareness that the clue to this mystery is in the blood. Something about the way the blood is drained, and the blood itself; the need for the blood, and what is done with the blood, -- the reasons why the creature needs the blood -- the answer is there. And I'm given the answer, or at least solid clues leading to the solution.

This revelation is so important in the dream that I have a lucid moment: I tell myself I have to remember this when I wake up and make sure I write it down.

Then of course, I wake up, and forget what the answer was!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jonathan Maberry, 'The Wolfman Author', on C2C Tonight

On Coast to Coast tonight, werewolves! Guest Jonathan Maberry, author of The Wolfman, and open lines.

"Tall, tall tales equal Bigfoot"

Tall, tall tales equal Bigfoot,
a column by a local (Eugene area writer) from 2002. Writer's name is Bob Welch, and he writes human interest and sports type columns once or twice a week. I don't keep up, I'm not a particular fan, as I commented here (Lemon Pepper Cougar and Feral Hawaiian Cats, on his recent piece on wild game fests as part of a church going thing. Something I found pretty surreal. The 2002 piece is all about how Bigfoot "belief" is a nice dream, but really silly, since BF doesn't exist, and the Skeptical Inquirier's Benjamin Radford says so.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Miami UFO Center: What Is The Chupacabras? - Ten Year Study Results

What Is The Chupacabras? - Ten Year Study Results

An overview of a  ten year study of the Chupacabras by Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, of the Miami UFO Center has just come out. Notice in this article there is no mention of dog like creatures with mange. (See my previous post: A Contrast in Chupies)

The distinctive puncture wounds are mentioned:
These attacks have left a toll of thousands of dead domestic animals such as chickens, ducks, doves, dogs, cats, goats pigs, and even cows were attacked by the Chupacabras, living them all without blood...all removed through a small puncture, usually around the neck of its victims.
It's hard to imagine foxes, raccoons, or coyotes with mange doing the above.
The report is not afraid to aknowledge the high strangeness aura surrouding much of chupacabras activity:
Moreover, we received UFO sightings reports before, during and after the attacks. Also, we registered paranormal phenomena in most of the attack area.
The "second wave" of what's being called Chupacabras (hairless dog type creatures, particularly in the United States) don't include reports of UFOs or other oddness; not to my knowledge.

The study sent a tooth for analysis; inconclusive. While that's frusrating, it's typical of cryptid findings; not human, not any known creature, but as to what it is. . . no answers:
As a result of a DNA process,  it was determined that the tooth does not belong to any human being, making it compatible with an animal that could not be genetically defined.  
The Chupacabras is an "unknown animal" -- what it isn't, is a dog, coyote, raccoon, fox, etc.

Hopefully studies like this will bring the chupacabras mystery back around to its original Fortean/esosteric nature, and away from the mange afflicted, known (mundane) animals currenlty being referred to as chupacabras.

Regan Lee Oregon

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blogsquatcher on Bigfoot and UFOs

Thoughtful post on the Blogsquatcher: The Explanatory Power of the Bigfoot/UFO Hypothesis. The following resonated with me; in describing first coming across a Bigfoot-UFO story, Blogsquatcher's reaction was similar to mine when I first came across a similar story:
Perhaps this is best explained by reference to how strange such a thing seemed not very long ago. Indeed, it still seems strange today, but perhaps not as weird as it once was. I well remember reading Ann Slate and Al Berry’s book Bigfoot when I was a teenager. The book shares the details of the infamous Uniontown UFO/bigfoot incident of 1973. That incident seemed so weird to me that I recall I couldn’t finish reading the book. I actually threw the book away! I denied that any such thing could ever happen. But my reaction was not based on reason, for I did not actually know whether such a thing could happen or not, and I did not seek more information about it. Instead, I shut it out of my mind. This was simply a fear reflex, much like seeing a snake and involuntarily recoiling. That such a thing as was recounted in that book could happen seems to have been too dangerous to my world view, so I put it away where I wouldn’t have to think about it.
I've said many times that the first time I came across a Bigfoot-UFO story, I almost threw the article in the trash. I was downright angry at such a thing! The question is, not if there's a Bigfoot-UFO-high weirdness phenomena, but why some react this strongly against any such idea.

But the article continues with great information on specific cases; this is not to be missed!