There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Monday, August 15, 2022

Alaskan Killer Bigfoot: Spoiler Alert

 Alaskan Killer Bigfoot airs on the Travel Channel. It's about a team of researchers going out to Portlock, Alaska. Portlock was a booming fishing town seventy years ago but several gruesome and mysterious deaths occurred. Finally, humans abandoned the place and no one has lived there. Now, with the approval of indigenous elders, a small group was sent to Portlock in order to find proof of Nantinaq, their name for a Bigfoot type creature believed to be the possible cause of those deaths. Hoping to reclaim Portlock and once again have it inhabited, the tribe wants it safe of course. In order to do that, Nantinaq has to be vanquished.

They brought in Ron Morehead, who certainly knows his stuff. His assessment: Bigfoot is there all right. They brought in a psychic; she was too shaken up by the negative vibes of a malevolent energy and left in a hurry. They brought in a demonologist (eye roll here) and a sensitive. The sensitive was very interesting; she picked up on a lot of things that coincided with the experiences of others on the team. 

Plus, tree knocking, rock throwing, stenches and reeks, strange howls and whistles, "mind speak," feeling disoriented, unexplained lights. 

Assuming of course these were actual happenings and not made up or exaggerated stuff for para-tainment.

I usually watch these shows, and even with a grain of salt, overall accept that something very weird is going on. Assuming that what they say is true, it seems obvious there is a hugely strong presence. Whether or not it's Bigfoot, or a Bigfoot like creature, who can say. Lots of similarities with Bigfoot. Or it could be an elemental. Of course, Bigfoot could be an elemental. 

If that's the case: ticked off elemental, unliveable island, horrific deaths due to "evil" elemental/spirit/Bigfoot, why bother? Leave the thing there. Leave it alone. I know this is probably politically incorrect. The native people want their land; in order to continue survival, to have a home for the generations to come. But it seems that, while yes indeed, the indigenous peoples were there before us, it seems clear that whatever is the energy of Nantinaq has been there much longer.

In that case, let it be. Or, treat it with not just fear (you wouldn't find me looking for it) but respect. Make offerings. Gifts. Talk to it. It seems evil to you, well of course. It does to me too, if that is the cause for the murders. But from its perspective, it wants humans out of there. It's defending its space.

The next to the last episode of Alaskan Killer Bigfoot had the demonologist cleanse the forest, using a giant squirt gun filled with holy water. (I think it was a combination of rose, sage and holy water but not sure.) It reminded me of the Monty Python hunting mosquito episode. After the cleansing, everyone felt better. Only one day, with everyone feeling lighter, they decide Portlock was now safe. 

Hubris? Ignorance? Why would anyone believe that after only day, with something so old and powerful, would be vanished after a quick spray of blessed water? 

Sure enough, as the happy team leaves Portlock, full of good feelings of success, they turn back to look and  . . . Fire! 

The little shack they built as a symbol of hope and future buildings to come, was mysteriously on fire.

I wasn't at all surprised.

Next episode is the final episode. Don't know if it's the season finale, or the show finale.