There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Friday, October 5, 2018

Local Sasquatch Synchronicity: Answering My Call?

(Not a literal call; more on that good old metaphysical side of things)

More on the incredible Sasquatch-work-synchronicity. (see post below)

Met briefly with the person related to the co-worker who had a Bigfoot encounter in the Cottage Grove area. Which is a local hot bed of not only Sasquatch activity, but UFO and general all over weirdness vibes. Turns out the researcher he was with was Ron Morehead! He asked me if I knew Morehead; I said no, not personally, but I was familiar with Morehead. But at the time, I couldn't place the name of the researcher with the theory. When I got home I looked him up and of course! Moorhead was on Coast to Coast not long ago, and he discussed the more anomalous, paranormal aspects of Sasquatch.

While I go on about Sasquatch in my area (Oregon; Willamette Vally) as well as everywhere -- terrestrial and none terrestrial -- I miss the obvious. As in, a gathering of local researchers and interested parties in the Cottage Grove area. Which I will be sure to attend this month!!!!

What seems odd in the past two days is the location. There are several schools in our district... many elementary schools. (I am an EA in an elementary school.) What are the odds staff members -- not only close in terms of area of sightings such as the Cottage Grove area roughly 25 miles south of here) but friendship, as well as work location? Not only do I feel an affection for this co-worker (long before I knew of the Bigfoot connection) but our rooms are in the same wing, and only separated by one room.

It's logical to assume that these same people, or, myself, could be at another school in another part of town, and never know each other.

Adding to this Fortean type connection: just this week, I was putting out "the call" concerning Bigfoot.  Show me a connection, a message, something, a dream visit, I asked, and, a few days later, this.

Sasquatch Synchronicity at Work

Oh my! But the delightful weirdness! Today at work, a staff member told me that a person who is related to another staff person was with a Bigfoot researcher — the two of them were hunting in the Cottage Grove area here in Oregon (Cottage Grove: a hot spot of both UFO and Sasquatch activity) and saw a Bigfoot. This person wanted to talk to me, knowing of my interest, but being at work, wasn’t possible to get away and talk Bigfoot. Later today, I was asking the person if they knew so and so  (well known Bigfoot researcher inserted here) and they said “He’s my cousin.” Get OUT! I asked them if they knew so and so, and so and so —  various Oregon Bigfoot researchers.  “Oh, yes…” !

So tomorrow I will talk with the witness, and ask for permission to use names. As in, who is this researcher the witness was with? Details about the sighting, and anything else that might be shared.