There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Biggest Animals

Big animals are making the news stream for some reason; we seem to have a giant animal meme going on.

Biggest rabbit.

"Big Jake," tallest horse.

Really big worms.

Big jellfish.

All within the past couple of weeks or so.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another "Chupacabra" Captured

The lore continues, of mange ridden animals such as dogs and other known domestic, feral and wild animals with mange being called "chupacabra." This one was captured in Oklahoma: Bizarre Animal Captured in Oklahoma...Blue Dog? on the Phantoms and Monsters blog, with thanks also to Strange State.

As I've commented here, and on my recent Trickster's Realm column for Binnall of America: A Chupie Meme what's considered a chupacabra has morphed from a truly high strangeness creature (possibly alien, entity from other realms/dimensions, government experiment gone awry, etc.) to any poor animal that is known that has mange.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Glitz and Deer

I saw my first episode of Destination Truth last night. The first half was about the Jersey Devil, the second half about the Chinese Bigfoot type creature.

Lots of money, lots of equipment, and lots of fast paced clips, along with rapid fire, loud voiced narration drove me crazy, and that frenetic tone never let up. Lots of jokes and goofing around, was I watching a comedy show or a program about unexplained mysteries? The first half ended with the conclusion that basically, what witnesses have been seeing in the woods of New Jersey are deer. Well, at least they didn't go the Joe Nickell route and say it was owls.

On to China. A beautiful country; but nothing said about that. You'd have thought they were in their home town local park, they way they responded to their surroundings. More joking, setting off fireworks, general disrespect. I can't tell you any more about their great expedition because I turned off the TV. And that's saying something because I'm a Fortean nerd; I'll watch anything that has to with Bigfoot, monsters, cryptids, weird creatures, --- if it's X-Files-ish, I'll watch it.

It's too bad that with all the money the show has and the opportunity to travel, as they did to China, they wasted that gift on behaving like frat rats. Clearly the show is designed to entertain, any "truth" is not at all in the design. The program is also geared to younger audiences, as demonstrated by that jokey, quick paced tone that never let up.