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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bigfoot Goes Diving

 I found a great site on Facebook for 50s sci-fi movies: 1950s sci-fi and B-Movie fans. Clips from old movies, news on DVD releases, stills, -- great stuff. Like this one, where Bigfoot apparently goes diving. Who knew Sasquatch liked to scuba dive? :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sharon Lee: "the Ghost of Bigfoot and Mr. Mike"

Sharon Lee, from Bigfoot Field Reporter, brings us a thoughtful and odd item: The Ghost and Mr. Mike. This story isn't over yet.  Mr. Mike (not to be confused with the "Mike" in Autumn Wililams book Enoch) seems sane, rational. As some of us have commented earlier, if he is senile, or has dementia, how is it he's taking care of an invalid ninety year old sibling? Yes, it's very odd several Bigfoot would be hanging around someone's backyard, near a freeway, and yet, as Sharon writes:
A couple of weeks ago, a story was reported that a man was seeing bigfoots in his back yard.  Next to the freeway.  In the middle of town.  Well, it wouldn't be the first story about a bigfoot in someone's backyard.  Or by the freeway.  Or running through town.   
In some ways, Mr. Mike's story reminds me a little of Stan Johnson's (who is deceased) experiences. Stan lived near I-5 in Sutherlin, Oregon, and he met a family of Bigfoot on his property. Johnson wrote about his experiences with this family of Sasquatch in a couple of self-published books.

Mr. Mike's story does seem very strange, and yet, Sharon reports:

The History channel film crew has been on location for a little over 2 weeks now, and they are baffled as to what is occurring. The evidence they are capturing is extraordinarily mind blowing and unexplainable.  They are having spikes of activity on their FLIR thermal imagers.  They see nothing with their naked eye.  But at the same time the heat images appear on the FLIR, Mr. Mike sees them. 
Not the first time high strangeness experiences with Sasquatch have been reported. The afore mentioned Stan Johnson, for example, not only met a group of Sasquatch on his property, but had many interactions with them, including telepathic communications, verbal communications, and being taken aboard a UFO.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

From Phantoms and Monsters: "A Challenge to You: Interdimensional Sasquatch"

Lon at Phantoms and Monsters has a challenge for you: A Challenge to You: Interdimensional Sasquatch
I've maintained for the past year or so that Sasquatch may be something other than just a flesh and blood terrestrial being. There have been countless sightings (including myself) of this creature as compared to the amount of physical evidence retrieved. This fact has forced me question the true nature of the beast, Sasquatch an interdimensional entity? Is it possible that Sasquatch has the ability to move in and out of this plane of existence into an alternative universe? Perhaps you may think this creature is simply not an earth bound entity because it is actually extraterrestrial or of alien origin.
Lon invites readers to e-mail him with their theories. You know where I am on this! I'm looking forward to what Lon has to say as people send in their ideas and experiences.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Stop Killing the Blue Dogs" -- the murder of quasi-chupie

I was just thinking about the sad aspect to the news items of so-called chupacabras canines being shot and killed by stupid "hunters" and the like, when I came across this post on Phantoms and Monsters"> Stop Killing 'Blue' Dogs!

I've written before, as have others, that these so-called "chupacabras" seen in the Southwest  are not the crypto-creature from Fortean or paranormal realms. These hairless 'blue dogs' are simply mundane animals. Either mange or some other disease, or, as Lon Strickland of Phantoms and Monsters writes:
a hybrid species of Mexican wolf and another canine species. Ken Gerhard and Jon Downes have done extensive study and have written about this cryptid canine. I just wish people would stop killing the 'blue dog' just because it's been given the 'chupacabras' moniker. Below are previous posts on this cryptid...Lon
I don't how the meme got started that these unusual looking canines were chupacabras, or why people are killing them.

Here's a quote from crypto researcher Jon Downes from Lon's posting of the article Searching for Blue Dog Facts:
It is a very weird and very interesting member of the dog family; it has nothing to do with this weird folklore," said Jonathan Downes, a former zoological journalist and self-taught amateur "cryptozoologist" from West Devon, England.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Mr. Mike"

According to a post on Cryptomundo, "Mr. Mike" was seeing things. An investigator went out there to "Mr. Mike's" home, and site of the BF sightings, and determined that the witness was "seeing things." This 70 year old witness had detailed reports to give; which means, . . . what, I'm not sure, other than proving this is one more bizarre episode in the World of Forteana.

Friday, July 9, 2010

"Bigfoot Believers"">Bigfoot believers 
C’iatqo (pronounced SEA-at-co) is one of the many words Native Americans throughout the country use to describe the ape-like creature — commonly referred to as Bigfoot — that allegedly inhabits the wilderness. Martin, along with several Quinault Indians and members of various other Olympic Peninsula tribes, were interviewed this spring about the creature and its influence on Native culture for an upcoming show on the A&E network.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On Cryptomundo: Bigfoot to kill or not?

Once again the "kill or no kill" question concerning Bigfoot has been raised, this time on Cryptomundo. Lots of interesting comments. I feel very strongly about this, and so of course, had to comment myself.

I don't quite believe those who say they are operating under altruistic motives in maintaining their position of "we have to kill a BF in order to protect it." That sounds very presumptuous on my part, but I think it's a highly disingenuous thing to say. And for those that really do believe they believe that, I beg them to reconsider.

If protection isn't the reason, and killing a BF is simply the goal to prove it to science, well, no debate. I'm judgemental, adamant and stubborn on this -- no reason justifies killing (or capturing) a Sasquatch.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bigfoot Found in Backyard!!!!! News At Whatever. . .

I get the most interesting things in my email. Here's a combo press release spam item:

Overnight AM producers have been contacted by a man claiming to have found Bigfoot living in his backyard somewhere in North America ( Location: Confidential ). The evidence is substantial and based on eyewitness testimony of a man whose life has been turned upside down by the creatures, a family of four.  
This is no joke...  Tune in live tonight starting at 10:00 pm EDT / 9:00 pm CDT to Overnight AM.  Now on Apple TV / Apple iTunes Radio, ( News Talk Station DCIX.FM ) Droid, Radio Time, Roku, Netflix, AOL Radio, Shoutcast, Mobile Talk Stream Live, TalkStreamLive.Com, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Recieva and at DCIX.FM Live!
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Autumn Williams (YouTube clip) Part 2: Video Blog

See Part 1 -- post below.

Autumn Williams (YouTube clip)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

JREF Bigfoot Threads: Easy Handy Dandy Link

Here's a link that takes you right to the JREF's list of threads about Bigfoot. There are pages of threads; I stopped counting after 70. Yep, over, waaaaaaay over, 70 threads about Bigfoot, about a creature they don't believe exists.