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Monday, September 30, 2013

My Reminder Why I don't cotton to Bigfoot Evidence blog

Told myself some time ago I wouldn't take Bigfoot Evidence seriously, due to their gratuitous and gleeful animals eating animals porn. So I go over there just to see what I can see, not having been there for awhile. Sure enough, third post down or so, is a link and clip of a snake regurgitating a dog. Nice.

This has nothing to do with Sasquatch, and everything to do with jollies to get the yee haw crowd to join.

No, I'm not linking to the blog, but if you're excitable and want to see that crap for yourself, there's Google.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

On Cryptomundo: Justin Smeja Gives His Thoughts on Bigfoot

On Cryptomundo: Justin Smeja Gives His Thoughts on Bigfoot.

Another Bigfoot investigator who justifies the killing of a Sasquatch. Reasons really don't matter, because there is no reason. (Possilby self-defense, but that's another issue, and not one that concerns Mr. Smeja.)

Aside from my not unsurprising disagreement with Justin Smeja's quest to kill, is my response to the tone of his post. It's a bit unnerving, and borders, to my mind, on the uhinged. For one brief moment, forget about personal views on kill/no kill --- Smeja's seems truly off the rails.For example, Smeja's following comments concerning the "stupid argument to kill or not to kill."

This is a stupid arguement to kill or not to kill, if your that worked up about it you have too much time on your hands. Its like arguing its wrong for someone to spend all their money on drugs if they win the lottery (in my case twice). DNA is no longer good enough. Specially in this field. For the sake of time lets just assume that I know more about DNA results findings and protocols then 98 percent of you. Ive worked first hand with countless labs and doctors on this subject over the last 3 years. If a bodies drug in by a researcher tomorrow the blood of that individual is partly on melbas hands, because of her we need a body. We need a body not a sequence.

Being "worked up" about killing a Sasquatch is hardly the pointless hobby of bored individuals. That thinking is certainly disingenuous. As to the analogy of spending lottery winnings on drugs, I say: WTF?!

The truth is I waver back and forth some days Im 100% no kill. I’ve lost more sleep on the subject because of my actions then any of you. I’ve made peace with my actions besides the occasional nightmare.

Always difficult to say things about the things others say, because no one knows what goes on in someone's head. But, I'll say it anyway: no, Justin Smeja, you do not "waver back and forth some days I'm 1005 no kill." Because if you were 100% no kill, there'd be no wavering.