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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sharon Eby Cornet: Vanishing Bigfoot and Anecdotal Accounts

Nice find! Thanks to S.A.R. who left a comment, with the suggestion I look up Sharon Eby Cornet (see post below.) More to come on this.Vanishing Bigfoot and Anecdotal Accounts

Monday, January 28, 2013

Local Bigfoot Sightings

Another story from someone I know who saw a Bigfoot one night while driving on a rural highway in Oregon.

Not much in way of details: it was fall, night, they (her friend) saw it cross the road. Both positive of what they saw.

Both also, as with all the stories I've personally heard from individuals, familiar with Oregon wildlife, and used to the outdoors. Camping, hunting, living in rural areas; they know what things are. And they know when something out of the ordinary looms up in front of their faces.

As always with stories like these, I have to wonder at the knee jerk reaction from debunkers and "skeptics." This woman was not lying. All the other people I've known, who have told me their stories, were not lying. They are also a diverse group of people in terms of age, profession, gender, etc. What they have in common is a familiarity of the local outdoors, and a love of the outdoors, and damn well know an elk from a bear from a coyote from a cougar. (One witness's Bigfoot sighting was such a profound experience this person continues to look for Bigfoot many years later.)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spooky! 'Bigfoot or animals? Strange sounds coming from swamp on Umatilla Indian Reservation'

(thanks to Lesley Gunter for this link!) Bigfoot or animals? Strange sounds coming from swamp on Umatilla Indian Reservation (listen) | Audio of strange -- and even spooky -- sounds. They remind me of EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) in the sense there is that odd not-of-this-realm sensation. Also chuffing type sounds, chatterings, and almost human like sounds. I'd love to explore this; sadly, work schedule does not allow!

Of course the question of comparison comes to mind. Does this sound similar to baby foxes? Here is a site I found with several audio clips of various fox calls. Here's one that's described as having a human sounding voice at the end, and it does sound close to what's on the Umatilla tape.

Who can say. I'm no expert on fox or cougar sounds. It's possible that people in the area know what foxes and other animals of the region sound like, and wouldn't be so quick to jump to the Bigfoot connection.

It could be Bigfoot, it could be shape shifting entities, it could be fox season.

PENDLETON -- Baby foxes or Bigfoot?

The eerie late-night serenades began in November and emanate from a brushy swamp on the Umatilla Indian Reservation east of Pendleton. The cries range from high-pitched screams to basso profundo roars.

"It's causing an uproar around here," said Sylvia Minthorn, who lives in a tribal housing unit near the swamp, where she used to play as a child.

She's seen grown men's hair stand on end when the shrieks commence.

Colleen Chance, a tribal housing authority employee, keeps a recording of the howls on her iPhone.

"It's kind of spooky," she said. "Some say it's foxes, some say it's a female coyote and some say it's Sasquatch. I don't know what it is."

No Kill Philosophy: Bigfoot Reference Guide

image source:Bigfoot Reference Guide

Found this site; they promote a No Kill view. However, I'm not sure how active they are at this time. Their forum messages don't appear to be current. The most recent thread I found was from 2010.Bigfoot Reference Guide:
We are a NO KILL organization. We firmly believe such an action is totally unnecessary, immoral, unwise, and disregards the rights of the Bigfoot by scheming to murder one, The Bigfoot peoples, while ordinarily very respectful of humans, will without hesitation use every means to protect one of their own from harm and will do whatever is necessary, including kill, in their own defense. We urge other researchers in this field to please not attempt to shoot or corner a Bigfoot, as this places people in harms way and frustrates the efforts of those who, like us, have been so successful in establishing friendly relations with these incredible people. Please respect these hidden Peoples as they respect us. Please joins us in our firm NO KILL convictions.

Mail Online: 'New Yeti resort to be opened in Siberia to encourage tourists to catch the Abominable Snowman'

Depending on one's point of view, this is either very cool, or it's another scheme to bring in tourism and the money that comes with it. Regardless of motivations, it is pretty cool. As to the money; can't blame them for that. But I'm wary of the push for "...tourists to find the elusive creature," along with a monetary reward. That will potentionally attract gun happy fools who think killing a Bigfoot/Yeti is justified. And the idea of containing a Yeti within a park designed for its captivity seems extremely unrealistic.

New Yeti resort to be opened in Siberia to encourage tourists to catch the Abominable Snowman | Mail Online: A new Yeti resort is to be opened in Russia to encourage tourists to find the elusive creature.

The planned Yeti Park in Sheregesh, Siberia will include a hotel and a museum, and is intended to attract those keen to be the first to prove the existence of the yeti.

The region's governor Aman Tuleyev has offered a 20,500 reward - one million roubles - to anyone who can catch a yeti and prove its existence. 'I'll sit down with him, chat and have a cup of tea,' he promised.

But the best part are the opinions of Igor Idimeshev,  "...deputy head of Sheregesh's local council in Siberia, and the man behind the new park" who says this about the Yeti's origins and characteristics:
And when I saw the yeti's eyes my only thought was that they are not from Earth - they are clearly of an extraterrestrial nature.

'To me, the yeti is an extraterrestrial creature. I believe that it is like a controller to look over things here on Earth.'

Mr Idimeshev added that the creature - known as Big Men by locals - could 'suddenly disappear and re-materialise'

He added: 'Another extraordinary thing is that yeti's hair is luminous at night, and also that the Yeti can walk on water.

'Every man round here sees him when he hunts. It's all right to mention the fact of meeting - but we don't go into the details of it, like where exactly it was, what he did do, or your luck will be gone

Friday, January 18, 2013

JREF Bigfoot Thread Eleveny-Million: "Bigfoot hunter is upset at being excluded from show"

Who knows how many Bigfoot threads there are at the JREF, I stopped counting a long time ago. But there are always new ones popping up, and here's one of them:Bigfoot hunter is upset at being excluded from show - JREF Forum

As usual, I will point out that it just makes me laugh to see so many separate threads about a creature the majority of members insist doesn't exist.

The thread linked to here is about Spike TV's planned program 10 Million Bigfoot Bounty, the show that offers prize money for finding Bigfoot. Thoroughly disgusting concept of course, since, in order to win the prize, one must show that they have a dead Bigfoot body.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Conser Lake Photos Uncreditied at Paranormal Albany, Oregon

Found this place on HUB looking for Conser Lake "monster" information:Paranormal Albany, Oregon. And saw that Mike Miner, who is an experienced writer/researcher in the field and therefore should know better, used two of my snapshots of Conser Lake without my permission, citation of source, or links back to relevant blogs.

So there you go.
Conser Lake, Millersburg Oregon. photo: Regan Lee

Path leading to Conser Lake, Millersburg OR. photo: Regan Lee

I actually don't mind people using my stuff without asking first BUT. And that's a huge BUT. I expect credit given, at the very least, and links back to appropriate blogs.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Today in Bigfoot History!: 1963, Conser Lake Oregon, White Hair Muscle Giant

From Today in Bigfoot History! this little summary of the Conser Lake Creature:1963, Conser Lake Oregon, White Hair Muscle Giant TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! What's really interesting to me however is the very long comment from someone claiming to be from the area and encountering the creature. Here's an excerpt (I left grammar, spelling as is):
Im just gonna say this about the Conser lake monster or Flix as you might hear it called…. It truly was fast and would SHINE after MOON or light hit it or would come to its white fur. Or was it truly WHITE n LIGHTNING fast when we came around its Lake hideout where MOON n SHINE its fur could be seen so it had to scare us away…? Those are BOLD words for me to say its the truth if you catch my drift. Or was it the truth is my BOLD words were the drift of what it was caught for? It was so long ago its hard to remember it STILL…haha. Or was it STILL I remember so long ago about the Conser lake monster being caught? Guess if your a certain type you see what I mean and knuckle heads and school kids are in awe of my strange and confusing ramblings unknown by them but known to some since we seen what’s being read not read what’s been seen… Too deep for you? So is the story of the Conser lake monster!!

Parallels in West Virginia Story to Creature of Conser Lake

This is from, 2005: Creature at Secluded Cabin,by Neal Everett. This encounter took place in southwest Virginia. The following description of the Bigfoot like creature parallels "Flix," the "Ghost in Conser Lake, Oregon sightings in the early 1960s. From Everett's article, this description of the creature:
Your True Tales - November 2005 - Story of the Month - Creature at Secluded Cabin: What I saw next still baffles me. At my truck there was a creature standing upright, about 7 feet tall with huge claws on its "hands." It had white hair that was almost gray, but I couldn't really see its eyes. It seemed to be searching around the bed of my truck and was paying no attention to the now-frantic dog. When the lights first came on, it did nothing but continue its search, but it then looked up at the deck.

By now I was frozen in horror and it turned around and made eye contact with me. It then made a horrible screeching sound, almost as if it was in terror from the sight of me. At first it seemed as if it was going to charge at me and climb the steps onto the deck. But then in a terrorized rage it made another screech and "sprinted" away. It ran upright and its claws almost went past its knees.

I've been studying the Conser Lake story for some time. Here's a description of the creature from an article I wrote for Oregon L.O.W.F.I.:
Path leading to Conser Lake photo: Regan Lee
Mrs. Penning in Devers-Conner, about 30 miles south of Millersburg, told Betty Westby she heard “dripping sounds,” even though it was August. It is interesting that Mrs. Penning described the “dripping” sound; remember that Flix’s footsteps were also described as “squishy.” Looking out her living room window she saw a “large, light form,” hurrying away, and heard a “low pitched cry that seems to start from its toes, tapering off to a squeal like a pig’s.” Penning also fond fingerprints on her bedroom window, and Westby spectacled that they were web shaped, due to the four fingered, spread-out shape of the prints.

Three years later, the story of the Creature of Conser Lake was still news. In an article by Martin Clark, Albany Journal staff writer, he comments on writer Keith Sosebe’s upcoming talk on the “monster.”
Leaping from the shadow of a deep gully, the thing stood fully 7 feet tall in the ghostly moonlight. Petrified with mingled horror and curiosity, the young people sat motionless in their car. Suddenly, the apparition took at enormous leap over the gully and slipped away trough a tangle of boughs.”

Cryptozoologist and biologist Ivan T. Sanderson discussed the Conser Lake monster briefly in his book Abominable Snowmen:Legend Come to Life, citing a small item that appeared in the January, 1961 edition of FATE magazine, reporting that the “monster” was “still on the loose.” Sanderson also writes in Abominable Snowmen that a source wrote Sanderson in October of 1960, insisting that there was not only the one Flix, but several “Flixes” in the area. According to Sanderson’s unnamed friend, there were more than one BHM, several in fact, and fingerprint as well as footprint casts were taken. Referring to Flix, the letter writer described the creature:

he makes extremely high pitched sounds. his hair or fur had slight glow in the dark . . .feet make a squishy sound. Has been seen at day and night and seen to disappear into the lake.”

From another post of mine on the creature at Oregon L.O.W.F.I.:
Conser Lake, OR photo: Regan Lee
The creature was called the “Creature of Conser Lake,” also the “Ghost of Conser Lake” (because of its white color) . . . Reported as a bigfoot type creature; about seven feet tall, bipedal, white shaggy fur, . . . a Millersburg truck driver was understandably startled to find a white, shaggy furred bigfoot type creature trotting along beside his truck as he was driving down the road. The driver, a mint farmer, was going about 35 miles an hour; the creature was easily keeping pace with the moving vehicle. . . Flix was Bigfoot like in many ways, yet there were other characteristics described by witnesses that are strange. Flix was said to have claws and or webbed feet and hands and cat like ears.