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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yachats, Oregon: Woman Faces Jail Time for Feeding the Bears

In the beautiful, peaceful coastal town of Yachats, a woman is facing jail time for feeding the bears.
Karen Noyes has been feeding bears for years, ever since one showed up as she was providing food to the birds outside her Yachats home.

“It scared me,” she said. “Then I thought ‘why should I feed them and not him?’ ”

Her neighbors and a Lincoln County prosecutor have an answer to the question. They say Noyes’ actions put herself and the community in danger.

“She created a situation where bears weren’t afraid of people anymore,” Deputy District Attorney Elijah Michalowski said. “People were telling her she needed to stop, yet she refused. She not only put herself at risk, she put all her neighbors at risk.”

Noyes, 61, is being tried this week on charges of harassing wildlife and recklessly endangering another person. If convicted, she could be ordered to pay fines and spend time in prison. Before the trial, she told The Oregonian newspaper that she once fed as many as 25 bears on a regular basis, but is now down to six. “They are perfectly safe,” she said. “They are timid and really sweet.”

Bears are a big problem in the coastal area; but it's we who have created that problem. Our actions have set in motion the situations that have forced bears to come closer to humans, our habitats, invade our space. We've been invading theirs, along with destruction of their habitats.

Bears are magnificant, but they're no house pet.

I'm all for the bears, but I'm also for common sense, and like to live a while longer; at any rate, don't want to leave this plane because I was mauled to death by a bear. I'm fearful when I walk about in a lot of areas out there because of the bear population having come closer; literally in everyone's backyards.

It's sad to think that probably, this can only get ugly, but I'll still hold out some hope humans will use both compassion and common sense.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Keep UFO Hunters on the Air

Lesley posted this on Women Of Esoterica, and I'm passing it along. Please sign the petition and keep UFO Hunters on the air!

Bill has just finished filming for Season 3 and I don't know if there will be a Season 4. Maybe you -- plus some pals -- can write to the network and let them know you would like to see more episodes:

or you can sign a petition:

Either way, it can't hurt, and it just might help!

Keeping hope alive!



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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Groovy Book Find from Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks at The Gralien posts about his book find:The Long Walk, by Slavomir Rawicz and a chapter on the Yeti:
I recognized the book instantly, having heard about it before in various cryptozoological circles. Interestingly, one of the final chapters of the book is called “Strange Creatures”, and deals with a sighting of two Yeti during the men’s trek across the Himilayas. Having initially spotted them from a distance, Rawicz and his company had believed these might be bears or some other animals they might use for food. However, upon nearing their potential prey, they began to realize these weren’t any creatures they had ever seen before. Rawicz’s account of the strange sighting reads as follows:

To find out, read Micah's blog!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ray Wallace, Mark Chorvinsky: A Look Back

More than ten years ago or so, when I was in the folklore graduate program at the University of Oregon, I made copies of any references to Bigfoot that I came across in the archives. I just found in my files notes about a field work project done by a student in the 1970s where Ray Wallace (April 21, 1918 − November 26, 2002) is mentioned. I have the original paper somewhere, but can't seem to find it; when I do, I'll post more about this.

Wallace of course was the man who "killed Bigfoot" -- upon Wallace's death,it was revealed he faked giant BF footprints and family members ran around in BF costumes. This, according to much of media and the uber-skeptic, "proved" that there was no such thing as Bigfoot; it was all just Ray Wallace, having a huge joke on the rest of us. But according to some accounts, Wallace had researched Bigfoot quite a bit in his day. He collected tales of Bigfoot from many sources, including many Native American Bigfoot tales. There is a reference in a student folklore field research paper to an informant named Kenny Spencer of Toledo, Oregon, who:

read in his forestry book at Pacific Lutheran University that Tom Slick (oil millionaire and Bigfoot researcher) and Ray Wallace were classed as authorities on Bigfoot as they have done more research on Bigfoot than anyone in the world. (Layton)

According to this report, Wallace:
bought a diary from an old miner’s grandson in Eureka, California (Joe Ellison) that tells about three, giant-sized, hairy people that used to attack Indians and the miners in 1849. (Layton)

Wallace was clearly aware of Bigfoot tales, and was interested enough to collect them. It seems that at that time and in that area, at least, Wallace had a reputation for knowing about Bigfoot, enough to get him mentioned as someone who has done “more research on Bigfoot than anyone in the world.”

Linda Layton’s student report contains several short tales told by Wallace about Bigfoot sightings, encounters and captures.

Wallace's contributions to Bigfoot research were ignored by almost all in the field, according to the late Fortean writer and Strange magazine publisher Mark Chorvinsky, who passed away in 2005. In a 1994 article for Strange, Chorvinsky wonders why this was, and asks if the photo (shown here) was of a real Bigfoot, or a "guy in a suit." Wallace had sent the photo to Strange editor Mark Opsasnick; Wallace would not reveal the name of the person who took the photograph:
Here is a picture of a female Big Foot... I bought it, the negative, from a photographer who was up near Mt. St. Helens in March taking pictures when he saw this giant sized female sitting on a log asleep as she was so heavy with a baby inside of her that she could not move very fast, he said she would have [been] easy to capture while sleeping on this log on an old abandon[ed] loading site where they loaded out logs several years ago. He said she was just sitting out in the warm sun and went to sleep."

As to Wallace's contributions to Bigfoot research, Chorvinsky cites Opsasnick:
Bigfoot expert Mark Opsasnick, author of The Bigfoot Digest, opines that, "If one does objective research into the origin of Bigfoot, it is obvious that the role Wallace played in the creation and development of Bigfoot cannot be ignored. He was there when the term 'Bigfoot' originated in 1958 as an important player in the case surrounding Jerry Crew, and Roger Patterson consulted with him repeatedly. This is a fact ignored by the contemporary Bigfoot investigators." Opsasnick concludes that, "It is quite conceivable that if there had been no Ray Wallace, there would be no Bigfoot as we know it today.

Sources: Layton, Linda: July 18, 1971, Randall Mills Folklore Archives, University of Oregon

Mark Chorvinsky,New Bigfoot Photo Investigation, Strange Magazine, 1994

Oregon "batsquatch" update

A bit of an update on the Oregon "batsquatch" on my blog Mothman Flutterings: Demons, lambs, and batsquatch in Oregon

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Demons in My Neighborhood: Beware the Batsquatch

On the heels of a strange night of UFO related stuff, I woke up to find an interesting e-mail in my account. It was from someone who lives in my area (Lane County, Oregon) and who has a friend about ten miles from my home, out Lorane Highway, who thinks he saw a Batsquatch at 1:00 a.m. on his property. I receive e-mails from people all the time, but this time I just had an odd feeling; suspicious, yes, but admittedly intrigued. For awhile. As you'll see, by the evening, after an exchange of a few e-mails, I decided to have nothing to do with any of this.

Here's the first e-mail, the one that appeared in my mailbox. The only thing changed is the exclusion of the name of the sender:
I trust the person that saw it. It was near Eugene, off of the Lorain Highway, about five miles from town.

Can it be baited with a lamb? I'm thinking of putting shark hooks with 3/32" braided steel leader in the lamb's fur along the back. I want to tether the lamb near the edge of a field near the woods. I am concerned about coyotes getting the lamb first.

Do you know anyone game for this? Do you know anyone with a night vision scope? I know this sounds a bit crazy, but I'm willing to try. I want to work quickly while it may still be in the area.

The "thing" was about 15 ft. from the witness at about 1:15 A.M. behind his house. He accidentally locked himself out of his house while working in his garage late last night. He went around to the back of his house to climb in through a window. He heard something and used the light from his cell phone, pointing it in the direction of the sound. The thing had a human form only quite large over seven feet with red reflecting eyes and very large wings. It jumped into the air flying off with the sound of massive air displacement with each wing stroke.

I tried to tell him it must have been a bear or a really large bird. He is really sure of how he described the creature. This is a very trustworthy 19 year old young man. He usually comes into town every day. He is staying home to protect his home now.

I hope you respond.

Thank you,

I was a bit unnerved at the idea of using a live lamb, or any animal, as bait. And the whole thing just sounded off to me. What was this person doing at 1:00 a.m., working in his garage (possible, but, ... sort of screamed crank freak to me) and how did he manage to lock himself out of the house in the country? Again, possible -- it's not that any of these things are strange in themselves, but overall, I just had a strong intuitive reaction that this all seemed off somehow.

I wrote back:
Certainly interesting if true.

I have to tell you however that your idea of using a lamb --or any other live bait -- repels me. I do not support such an action. I hope you reconsider. While finding proof or strong evidence of anomalous creatures is always the goal, there are other factors to consider when collecting such evidence. Using live bait is not one of them.

I've never heard of Batsquatch in this area, though I know there are reports of the creature in Washington state.

Another reason why I'm suspicious is your spelling of Lorane -- unless you don't live in the area.

I'd like more information; do you have an image from your friend, for example?
I recommend reporting this to MUFON if you're truly interested. They have qualified field investigators.

Night vision scopes have revealed very interesting things, mainly UFOs, that can't be seen with the naked eye. If you have a scope, try it.

R. Lee

And, the response to my e-mail above:

Date: Thursday, May 7, 2009, 8:22 AM

Hello Regan,

Sorry about the misspelled name. I am a long time resident of Eugene. Yes, the town is spelled Lorane, I was in a hurry. I don't know what other bait may draw it. The witness tried to get photos of the footprints but it was raining hard off and on all day (and some that night) so it was really muddy and he was not able to get a good photograph of any prints.

It has been reported these are probably taking small farm animals so I think a lamb would be a good bait. Do you object to this on humane grounds? I don't know how else to prove this creature exists other than to catch it. I doubt anyone has really ever tried so it may not be wary of such an attempt. It was within 20 or so feet from the boy's house so it is not that afraid of human dwellings.

I don't think photographs or eye witness accounts are going to be enough evidence of this things existence. It has probably moved on by now anyway. The Willamette Valley is a likely corridor for the thing moving North and South foraging. The Coast Range is probably the habitat it prefers (in the foothills). There is probably a humane way to capture this using nets, but it would take more time and equipment than for which I have resources.

I will contact MUFON to see what they think. This thing may still be in the woods nearby the boys house so hopefully someone is near Eugene to investigate.

I give it another try; I admit, while feeling squeamish, I am also still curious:

Is it possible to make sketches of the prints, how do they compare to known animals in the area, for example, and is there an estimate as to size?

I object because I do not believe in using animals gratuitously. I don't believe we have the right to "prove" the existence of a creature if it means sacrificing a living creature. I'm absolutely against it, don't approve of it, and will not support such an act.

Frankly, I don't care much for capturing, alive, and certainly not dead, such creatures.

Interesting theory about the range. . . . it's quite possible. Assuming this is a true story.

Well, I admit my curiosity is most certainly aroused here -- I am interested, in at least giving you a call. This might have to wait until the weekend, due to my work schedule...I might be able to get out there Sunday. I'm not sure if MUFON would be interested, there's no Eugene MUFON chapter, -- try Autumn Williams, Bigfoot researcher, she lives in the area.

I realize it's not Bigfoot, still...

As I say, I am interested but I do not know why, am also suspicious. We'll see.

But whatever, I encourage you to not use a live animal, or, kill one to use the body, for "bait" -- my values, my opinion, but there you go.
R. Lee

And I send along this as well right after the above:
One more thing about the lamb; I didn't say this at first because I realize it would sound odd but here goes; the whole symbolism of sacrificing a lamb to an unknown, so-called "monster" -- well, speaks for itself. The obvious religious (and I am NOT religious in any way) symbolism is one thing, but there's also the idea of extending an invitation to this thing. By setting out a living (or even dead) creature with the intent -- the invitation -- of showing itself, and coming into your home, your life, you have no idea what you're asking for, and what might happen.

R. Lee

Things get testy; I receive another e-mail where I'm told he thinks I would have been "all over this" and I'm really tired of hearing about tying up some poor lamb on hooks, bleating into the wilds of the night. Below is the last e-mail I've received (so far) with my reply:

Date: Thursday, May 7, 2009, 6:02 PM
Hi Regan,

I have seen both UFOs and demons / monsters. I am afraid of neither. In fact, I would relish having trapped or captured such as they are no friend to mankind.

I've seen plenty of UFOs as well, to "monsters" no, I haven't. Do you consider the Sasquatch a "monster" or worse, a "demon?" To be killed? I sure hope not.

As to this so-called "Batsquatch" -- whatever it may be, to think it's a "demon" -- well, it scares me there are people such as yourself that think this way.

The lamb was just a suggestion as there is an abundance of them right now it being Spring. I can buy a small one for about $20.00.

So? I hope you do not. For what purpose? To prove to who, the world? that such a creature exists? Then what? Is your ego that important? I'm asking out of a genuine need to understand this urge to want to capture a "monster," and to use a live animal as bait, as if it's your right to do with what you will with other creatures. It isn't your right.

I have shark fishing gear. I would like to have a large net also. There is an old abandoned barn right down the hill that would make a good ambush point.

Groovy, but I don't sanction such thinking or desires, and want no part of it.

I would have thought you would jump at the opportunity to try this.

I've written many times on-line that I don't think capturing a creature is right. Who are we trying to prove it to, and why? Isn't the personal experience of a sighting enough?

Once caught, if alive, such a creature is then a prisoner of science and the authorities, to do with what they will. Is this right? Not in my world view.

Demons feed off of fear. When faced with them, don't be intimidated and yes, I am a believer in Jesus as the Christ, Son of God. Demons are actually cowardly when they are confronted with faith in God. I am concerned for the safety of the young man that told me the story. His faith may not be strong enough to sustain him.

I accept that evil exists, and that negative and "evil" entities exist, but as to the religious interpretation of a Christan or any other religious construct, no, I don't believe these things are "demons," nor do I believe God, Christ, Allah, or whoever has anything to do with it.

But back to the creature, assuming it exists. IF it exists, why the assumption it's a "demon?" This is very backwards, superstitious thinking, and, very dangerous. It's just a creature. Because we don't understand it, or know where it comes from, doesn't make it "the devil." Is a rabid animal Satan? Is any animal, doing what it does, a "demon" because it kills, or scares, or ...?

I hope you reconsider; it all sounds very stupid, arrogant, thuggish, dangerous and irresponsible, both for the humans involved and the creature.

R. Lee

Batsquatch has been reported in Mt. Shasta, and in Washington state. I'm not sure about Oregon but I haven't found anything. Who knows what, if anything, is going on out there on Lorane Highway. Speaking of Lorane Highway, that is the location of where I saw my "orange orb" sighting (and the hovering silver orb that emitted a beam of light) and experienced missing time.

Maybe there's something mysterious out there after all.