There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Is Sasquatch a Tulpa?

 Are some Bigfoot sightings sightings of a Tulpa? Kind of a moot point, because, if witnesses see a Bigfoot, then, well, you have a Bigfoot. But the reason, in some cases, for the creature's existence is what's interesting.

In an article on Tulpas by Joshua P. Warren, he has this to say in context of Bigfoot:

This phenomenon of living, conscious humans creating apparitions through mental focus is what the Tibetans have long called tulpas. The extent to which these tulpas are actually alive and free, versus trapped in the initial mold which created them, is a blurry and complex subject. No one knows for sure. However, their existence might explain why strange creatures like bigfoot are clearly observed, but are fleeting visions, obviously not part of the normal, biological chain of creatures on this planet. In other words, if I buy a piece of property and say there is a bigfoot living there, after enough years, people will actually begin to see him. But GOOD LUCK capturing him! He would be a psychic impression, an extension and projection of the mental picture, somehow externalized and burned into the conscious-sensitive medium of the environment.  (Warren, 

Warren's article is about Tulpas and how to create them. Interesting read. I would suggest that if you are going to try to do this, you protect yourself, spiritually, and be very clear on your intent.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

House Fairy Strikes Again, Maybe . . .

 The other day, came in from grocery shopping. Hands full, purse slipping down, jacket in a tangle, bags of groceries. I didn't want to put everything down to move the exercise bike out of the way so I could put my glasses in the basket where I keep them. Basket was on other side of the bike. So I set the glasses down somewhere -- and said to myself "Hmm, better not, you'll forget." Then I said to myself "Oh you won't forget. Just get this stuff put away."

Of course, later that day, I couldn't find my glasses. I looked everywhere. And of course, Jim said to me every few minutes "Where did you put them last?" Yes dear, that helps. 

Three days go by, can't find my glasses. Jim looked, I looked. Nowhere. We both even checked the basket where I keep them, not there. 

I finally had it. I said to my guides, the angels, the house fairy/elf: "Please! This is your job! Help me find my glasses! Give me a clue, send me a nudge, come on!"

I don't know why, but today I looked once again in the basket, and yes. There they were. Just right there, on top. I swear they were laughing at me.

Friday, October 9, 2020

The "X Thought Experiment"

 Last night I was turning the radio dial and happened upon an interview with a scientist about "X." I don't remember the station, or know what program it was. Turned out the scientist was Michael Shermer. I only listened for about two minutes, but it went like the following, and of course, I am paraphrasing:

Shermer: (remember, I'm paraphrasing) For example, Bigfoot. If you hear a claim that Bigfoot exists, okay, you then have X. If there's Bigfoot, there has to be more than just one or two. If there's more than or two, X says there are thousands. If there are thousands, X then says there'd be bodies: road kill, etc. 

The problem with this X idea or process is that it is based on a lot of assumptions about a being that is allegedly non-existent. If we don't know Bigfoot exists how can we assume things about it? We don't know what Bigfoot is. So we can't assume Bigfoot is like other animals.

Shermer -- as well as many Bigfoot researchers -- assume that Bigfoot is just a flesh and blood animal. Nothing paranormal or supernatural about it. Simply a really big kind of bear or ape. Probably intelligent, but, not as smart as humans. Just a big old animal lumbering around out there. So of course the X game follows these assumptions as a given. Big animal, have to be a lot of them, needs a lot of food, we'd find their bodies as road kill or maybe bones off in the woods. Surely hunters would have found something by now. 

Another problem is that, while assuming all those things about Bigfoot (number, bodies, etc.) Shermer, etc. ignores the data that is there. Witness narratives about their Bigfoot encounters are entirely valid. Anecdotal evidence is not proof, but it is evidence. And if a scientist cannot sift through a very large data pile of reports and cannot discern a pattern to those witness accounts, then that scientist is being dishonest and disingenuous. 

When it comes to the paranormal and/or cryptids, going through the X process won't get you very far.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Sasquatch | Oregon Wild

Why we should protect Sasquatch. Found at Sasquatch | Oregon Wild.

Owl Symbolism, Gifting and Sasquatch

In the excellent Where theFootprints End (Cutchin, Renner) the authors write about Bigfoot gift giving. Which is strange enough, of course. Stranger still is the symbol of the owl drawn on rocks said to be left by Bigfoot as a gift to humans.

Gifting, by humans to Sasquatch, and from Sasquatch to humans. Sasquatch is not the only entity to leave gifts for humans. Fairies are known to leave gifts for humans. Some suggest that Sasquatch is a type of fairy. 

In the book, Cutchin and Renner tell the story of Samantha, who found rocks left  on her property from Bigfoot. Describing the rocks, Samantha says that “There’s stuff etched into them, especially owls.” (page 140) Why owls? It’s said that Sasquatch imitates owl calls. Owls are known to be an iconic symbol in high strangeness encounters. Giant owls, owls morphing into aliens, etc. appear in abduction, UFO and other supernatural tales. If Bigfoot is a supernatural entity the connection with owls seems fitting. Books about owls as messengers from other realms discuss the relationship of owls and strange experiences in detail. (see Mike Clelland); The Messengers; Owls, Synchronicity  and the UFO Abductee and  Hidden Experience: a Memoir of Owls, Synchronicity, and UFO Contact.) Where the Footprints End is the first mention that I recall of a relationship between owl imagery and Bigfoot.

As the Colonel said in Twin Peaks: “The owls are not what they seem.” 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Satanic Cult Goings On at Big Bear Lake, Calif.

On today's Boing Boing:

Signs posted around Southern California's Big Bear Lake read: ATTENTION CAMPERS: Due to increased Satanic Cult activity in this area, camping is not advised until further notice. SEVERAL PETS HAVE BEEN REPORTEDLY SACRIFICED IN SATANIC RITUALS.” (source: Boing Boing)

You guess it! The signs are fake. Well, they're real signs but they weren't posted by the US Forest Service.

I like this for the overall weirdness, of course, but also, I have spent time at Big Bear, being from Southern Cali. So, always interested in the latest devil in the woods stuff.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Phantoms and Monsters - Real Eyewitness Cryptid Encounter Reports: Small Hairy Hominids Observed by Fossil Hunters in...

From Lon Strickler's Phantos and Monsters, this report of small hairy hominids:

Phantoms and Monsters - Real Eyewitness Cryptid Encounter Reports: Small Hairy Hominids Observed by Fossil Hunters in...: A man and his daughter were fossil hunting in the flatlands east of the Davis Mountains in west Texas, when they encountered 4 small hairy ...

By the way, reading the excellent Where the Footprints End, vol. 1 (Joshua Cutchin, Terry Renner) and small hairy beings are mentioned as well as the tall, Bigfoot type beings. And while some might think Texas is an odd place for Bigfoot type creatures (if they were young Bigfoot) Texas does have a lot of BF sightings.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

On Lon Strickler's Investigation Team

I am honored to be a new member of Lon Strickler’s paranormal investigation team,representing Western Oregon/Willamette Valley, and the central coast.
Very exciting!
If you’re not familiar with Lon, check out his books on, and his blog. Oh, and his podcast! 

Monday, July 6, 2020

Silly Bigfoot Retirement Dream

I retired this past spring. Feels odd, particularly during these times. There was closure, but it was different, and very strange. I've been having a lot of dreams about retirement. After thirty-five years in education, no wonder. Last night I dreamt:

My husband and I have a small RV camper, and our car. One of my sisters and her husband have the same. We're traveling around together. We come to a little touristy town with cute shops. My husband tells me I can go into one of the boutiques and buy myself whatever I want to celebrate my retirement. Money is no object. He doesn't go in with me though, he'll wait in the car. My sister and I go in.
We look at all kinds of things. My sister finds a rack full of Bigfoot themed clothing! I am surprised to see Bigfoot anything in an upscale place like this. The clothing is not your usual t-shirt kind of thing, but very fancy. I fall in love with a well made black t-shirt, tailored for women. Very nice and stylish, with an Art Nouveau style drawing of a Sasquatch. And, rhinestones. Tasteful, not tacky. Oh I want this shirt! It's also 30% off! Which then makes the price only ninety something dollars. I realize the shirt is way too much money. I know my husband said it's okay but I don't feel right spending so much on a piece of clothing. But, I must have it! I deserve it. I want to celebrate my retirement! So I buy it. I love my shirt, get lots of compliments. 

Book: Where the Footprints End

My copy of Where the Footprints End; High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon Volume 1 (Joshua Cutchin, Timothy Renner) arrived yesterday.

As you can see, I already very into it!

I am loving this book and am excited for Volume 2.

Among other things, the book is very well written, which I appreciate.

A bit of synchronicity: the introduction contains a report from 1973 about an orange orb and Bigfoot type encounter.  Interesting for many reasons one being, the orange orb is described as being very large and close to the witnesses, and, it occurred in 1973! It's unusual to find reports of large sized orange orbs from that time. My sighting in Oregon of a large orange orb was in the early 1980s.

Haven't finished the book yet but just had to give this book a plug. I really think that anyone serious about Bigfoot research -- honest research -- should read this book, as well as others, like Them Powell's books.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Not Much Happening But I'm Still Here

Well, there's always something happening in Bigfoot land! I just haven't been too active here lately. Been down with a very bad case of pneumonia, and busy with other projects.

Just a blog blurb to say I'm still here, and don't give up on my Bigfoot blog.