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Friday, August 28, 2009

A great quote from Lesley Gunter (The Debris Field, Gray Matters, etc.):
Owls always get blamed for fortean/alien stuff, they are the weather balloons of the paranormal creature world.

Owls; the weather balloons of the paranormal!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New BF Thread on JREF, and It's a Good One!

Now this is the stuff we're talking about here at Frame 352. Bigfoot roaming around military bases, and so much more.

New thread on the James Randi message boards, (making this, oh hell, I've given up counting long ago, 40 different threads maybe, on the same topic: Bigfoot.)

OORAH! Bigfoot and Marine Corps Base Qauntico in Virginia.

So very cool.

Chris Holly: "Creatures!"

Chris Holly very kindly gave me persmission to repost her article here. You can also read her article on my blog Women Of Esoterica, and >UFO Digest.


I can remember when I was a child listening to stories about sightings of Big Foot being seen all over the world. I read reports almost daily about people seeing large unknown biped creatures. Many fit in with the hairy human type creature we all now think of as Sasquatch, or Big Foot. I think with the long-standing history of reports concerning this creature that there is without question some truth to all of these sightings.

I have read many articles about huge cats seen where huge cats do not belong. Many have told me that they have seen animals that do not fit in or are natural to the surroundings they are seen. I wonder at times how this is happening or if these creatures are being transported by some source or time slip to be sighted in places they do not belong?

My interest has been drawn to those who have had encounters with creatures that do not fit in with any living creation we know on this earth. I find some reports to be what I consider another level of visitation that we just now are starting to understand. Could we have doorways from other dimensions or times on this planet that allows for visitors from places other then this universe. Could we also have visiting beings from other layers of time or dimension dropping by and then simply vanishing back to where they have come?

I hear reports from Mexico about flying human shaped beings. I have read many reports from those who tell us that aliens have crossed their path. Look at the recent article about a man and his son in Northport Florida who have reported aliens visiting their home at night. I read the mans experience and watched his video report and wonder if what he witnessed fit in more with unknown creatures rather then aliens from space?

He reported a reptile hoofed flying creature with glowing eyes that made me think of moth man reptile being reports I have heard over the years.

I recently had a friend tell me that he was part of an odd encounter that occurred when he was a child. He told me about an upright two-legged animal with clawed type hoof feet that tried to bang through a door at a cabin in the wilderness of the Midwest where he was staying with family members one winter. He told me that the people inside the cabin kept the door barricaded until the morning light. The thing on the other side of the door spent hours trying to pound its way through the door. When they opened the door the next morning to investigate they found a badly clawed door and strange foot prints in the snow that were made by a two-legged animal. The tracks walked around the cabin, on the roof of the cabin and then off into the woods. The stride was long and deep indicating a heavy tall creature. The men in the cabin were hunters and not one of them ever saw tracks or footprints like those left by their night visitor. The family never knew what it was that tried to entire their cabin that night.

When I was a teenager on Long Island New York I experienced along with my entire family and a group of friends a unknown creature that spent one night tormenting us. This creature had gotten into our home while my family was not home and waited for us to return. When it was discovered something was in the house with us we quickly ran outside. The creature stayed in the house taunting us with turning the lights on and off, pounding on the walls and howling in heart stopping screams of anger. It wanted to trap us in the house and went wild when we would not cooperate.

The police were called to search the area. They found a rope he was hoping to use, clawed walls and a putrid smell left behind. A few weeks later this horrible creature returned to my neighborhood again to try and grab a family. He ripped a large window out of a nearby house wood casing and all trying to grab a 17-year-old girl watching TV in her family room. Her mother chased the creature off with a shotgun. The ordeal was terrifying for all involved. The creature was never found. What this thing was or where it came from remains a mystery to this day.

I had dinner recently with old friends whom I had gone to college with years ago. Both the husband and wife had careers working in agencies that involved security for the United States. Both were well trained to deal with dangerous situations. The woman was retired but the husband was still working. As part of his job this man carried a weapon.

They told me about a experience that they had a few years ago while on vacation. They were spending a week on the end of Long Island near Montauk Point. One afternoon they decided to drive around the less populated wooded areas that cover the end of Long Island. They had packed a lunch and were driving along a deserted road looking for a place to set up lunch in the back of their truck. They found a lovely area along the side of the country road. The wife jumped into the bed of the truck to set up their little chairs and table so they could begin their lunch. The husband decided to look along the side of the wooded road to see if he could locate a secondary dirt road he was told about that was suppose to be the entrance to a civil war building he was hoping to see. The wife was in the back of the truck busy with her cooler while the husband walked close to the side of the road along the woods.

The wife and husband both heard it at the same time. It was a strange clucking animal sound. It was loud, close by and unlike anything they had ever heard before. Both of them immediately froze in response to this odd out of place sound. The woman stood up to view where her husband was standing. He stood motionless. They both stood silently listening. They listened only a few seconds when they heard it. Foot steps adjacent to where her husband was walking. They were heavy breaking sticks and crushing leaves. Both this man and his wife were trained to know the difference between the normal sounds of the forest and its animal life and that of sounds not normal to the area. These steps were of something more human like and structured. Not the fluttering random steps of an animal. They were methodical and keeping pace with the man. She watched as her husband stood perfectly still. He slowly turned around and looked at his wife. She knew at once they were in trouble.

The woman dropped the lunch on the floor of the truck, jumped over the side and quickly got into the truck and started it. She placed her foot to the floor fish tailing down the road as quickly as she could get that truck to travel. She flew up next to her husband who now stood feet planted in a squat position with his gun drawn facing the woods. She slammed on the brakes and screamed at him to get in. The second he jumped into the truck she took off flying down the road wanting as much distance between them and whatever was in those woods.

When her husband opened the door of the truck to jump in she was able to glance towards the side of the road where he had his weapon aimed. There in the woods she saw two red glowing eyes looking towards them from the woods. They were about 7 feet in the air making what ever was looking at them at least 7 to 8 feet high.

As they were racing down the road away from the thing in the woods her husband shaking and still holding his weapon could only stutter “Did you see it? It was not human.”

The husband told his wife he knew something large and intelligent was following him along side the road in the woods. It would stop when he did and back off from sight when the man tried to get a look at it. He told his wife it was huge at least 8 feet tall with an outline that appeared wide and square in form. He told his wife it had red colored eyes that had a glow that would turn on and off in the dark woods. The man was shaken and convinced it was not of this world.

The couple returned to the hotel they were staying and packed up and left the area. They thought about reporting the event to the local police but decided to handle it differently and more effectively by way of connections they had made over their careers. They told me that they were able to have a search of that area done with trained professionals and dogs but came away without anything that could explain what they had seen that day.

I have no reason not to believe my friends. I do know them to be special people who have devoted their lives to the safety of my country and without question not the type to tell a story like this unless it happened. They do not want anything other then to get this story out to others and to tell people to be careful where they go and to make sure they are prepared for the unknown in such settings.

Having encountered a creature I could not explain in my lifetime I can only come to the conclusion that creatures do wander our planet that are unknown and not human. I think that the case in Northport Florida needs to be watched along with other stories that people tell about these creature type beings that seem to visit at their whim and then disappear into the night, or woods or for that matter your back yard!
Chris Holly very kindly gave permission to repost her article here. You can also view it atUFO Digest and my blog Women Of Esoterica.

I am not sure what these creatures are that so many people encounter. They could be aliens however they could also be beings from another dimension or time. I am not sure why we encounter these creatures I just know too many report these unknown beings for them to not be something we need to investigate along with all the other unknowns of the paranormal world. I do know once you do encounter a being that is not from your time dimension or world – you never forget it!

I wonder how many others out there have had encounters with creatures they cannot identify. One day we may have answers to all these strange events. For now I can only warn you all to always pay attention to your surroundings and please – be careful out there!

♥ Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inexplicata: The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Bigfoot, Beyond Our Borders

Great article from Scott Corrales on Bigfoot in other countries: Bigfoot Beyond Our Borders. Very informative and highly interesting. Hat tip to Professor Hex for the link.

Monster Quest and Exotic Pets

This week's MQ was about big cats in the North Eastern part of New York. Sightings of large black cats, attacks . . . and good evidence they're around, from the claw marks in tree bark, prints, etc. Theory is that the cats seen are black leopards, escaped from, or let go, by their owners.

The most disturbing thing about the program is the fact that people insist on keeping tigers, leopard and other big cats as "pets" -- MQ even showed a man who kept cougars and sold baby cougars as pets! Aside from animal rescue places, animal reserves, and a Sigfrid and Roy kind of thing, no one should, no one needs to, have big cats as pets.

Many owners have been attacked by their "pet" tiger, lion, etc. This is a surprise? You try being kept in a cage for years and see what happens. It is literally criminal that it is legal to keep exotic animals as "pets."

I realize MQ isn't in the business of being political; it's entertainment. And it's implied in various MQ episodes that keeping wild animals as pets is dangerous, stupid, and to a lesser degree in their implication, cruel. But I would like to see more of a definitive statement towards support of legislation that outlaws keeping exotic animals as pets.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

UPS Man Brought Me . . .

The Life and Times of a Legend: Bigfoot, by Joshua Blu Buhs. I'm looking forward to reading this one, I've only just skimmed it but looks good, and seems to be from a folklore-sociological perspective than either "belief" or outright debunkery, but we'll see.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"The Beast . . . " : Cheap Thrills on Monster Quest

I enjoy watching Monster Quest, but two things disturb me about the show: the exploitative nature of the program, and the caviler attitude towards animals by producers and many of the guests. Sometimes watching the program I get the feeling I'm at a cheesy carnival or a scene from Freaks, being urged to come inside and see the gruesome chicken woman.

I'm surprised at the lack of compassion and respect towards animals often shown by Monster Quest producers, and by extension, many of the "researchers" who appear on the program.This was very clear in the Hogzilla episode, also the feral dog episode. The other night Monster Quest aired "Killer Chimps" -- another episode that seemed more focused on delighting in horrific attacks on humans by chimps kept as "pets," rather than the insanity and utter idiocy of keeping chimpas as pets in the first place. I realize it's clearly stated that keeping chimps as pets - or any wild, "exotic" animal -- is ridiculously stupid by MQ showing the effects of these attacks, nonetheless, the emphasis seemed to be on the garish and exploitative.

Chimps, who obviously should never be kept as pets, become extremely dangerous when they reach sexual maturity when kept in captivity and not bred with other chimps . One chimp easily has the strength of five men; their attacks are horrific and often fatal. I have nothing but sympathy for the human victims of such violent attacks.

But the chimps who attacked were not "beasts" as referred to in the episode, or even the lurid "Killer Chimps" -- though the program presented cases where, sadly, humans were killed by chimps. However,the anthropomorphization of the chimpanzee as some sort of science-fiction/horror monster, practically giving it supernatural powers of evil intent, is lazy and dishonest and simple cheap exploitation.

Another episode that bothered me was the fish episode wtih the two yee-haws gratuitously handling fish and laughing at their discomfort for no other reason than they could.

I realize it's all entertainment, whether it's Paranormal State, Ghostbusters, UFO Hunters or any show at all. If it airs on television, the bottom line is money. Within that context however Monster Quest has an opportunity to go in a certain direction; they've decided that putting the emphasis on the gross, vulgar and titillating is easier and more appealing than at least a semi-serious quest for so-called monsters. Instead of focusing on the lurid, and putting a "when animals go mad" veneer on things, the program could focus more on the quest and less on the competitive "man vs. beast" angle.It's too bad Monster Quest sometimes chooses to go down this road of sensationalizing animals and making them objects for garish entertainment.

"Hogzilla" Monster Quest clip

Clip from Todd Browning's 1932 film Freaks, with alternate endings. . .

Read about the McMinnville UFO gossip and more!
Check out my published content!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Flying Bigfoot in the Blue Mountains

(Thanks to Lesley at The Debris Fieldfor the link.) On the Bigfoot Sightings blog, Linda has a great post about "Flying Bigfoot" in the beautiful Blue Mountain range in the Pacific Northwest. (the Blue Mountain range is in the north east part of Oregon, extending into the south eastern part of Washington state.) Linda reports that witness "David N." saw a Bigfoot -- flying! Visit Linda's site for more, including a link to the Blue Mountain Trackers Bigfoot Research Update site.

image source here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cool Beans: Links to Moi on the JREF

A Trickster's Realm column I wrote awhile back on the JREF threads on Bigfoot, as well as this blog, got the notice of one of the more snarly skeptics over there.

On Blogsquatcher: "Bigfoot Intelligence in a report from Alabama"

Very interesting report from Blogsquatcher, who discusses information he's received on an encounter with Bigfoot in Alabama. I liked this description of the startled reaction when the witness saw the BF:
I had looked in every dang tree around the place. It spooked the heck out of me when he seemed to appear from nowhere. It was like he had been let down from the sky on a rope.

I don't think he was suggesting BF did come from space, just that it seemed so. . .(although, if not from outer space, another dimension, as some speculate? But I'm digressing...)

It does get a bit weirder however. If you want to know more, visit Blogsquatcher to find out!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"She Speaks Yeti??!!"

Watched The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor on cable tonight; I wasn't disappointed, because I expected it to be what it was. Just a fun silly escapist movie, not as good as the first one, though Michelle Yeoh was, as always, just wonderful to watch. When the characters trekked to the Himalayas I joked that they'd soon run into a Yeti. After our heroes find themselves in a lot of trouble in the Himalayas, the Yeti -- a few of them - come to their aid, having been summoned by the daughter of the Michele Yeoh character. Amazed at the arrival of the super sized, warrior Yeti, one character says of the daughter: "She speaks Yeti???!!!!" In this movie, the Yeti were on the side of good, helping to defeat evil. Yeah for the Yeti!

image source

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lisa Shiel, bigfoot researcher and author of Backyard Bigfoot, has a good post at the UFO Magazine blog: Water Gods: UFOs, Bigfoot, Fairies.
Bigfoot is paranormal, like it or not. So are fairies, UFOs, and the Loch Ness Monster. Does this mean they don't exist, or that they have no physical form? Of course not.

Something connects all these paranormal phenomena. Today I'd like to talk about one particular commonality between those phenomena—an affinity to water.

Read on for more at the UFO Magazine site. Also be sure to read Bruce Duensing's comments. Really, it makes sense!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blog Find: Oregon Bigfoot, Gable Film Update

I don't think I knew there was an Oregon Bigfoot blog, how could I have missed that? Quickly realizing after checking out her site that, duh, it's Autumn Williams, Oregon bigfoot researcher... who runs But here it is, with an update on the Gable film. Hat tip to Blogsquatcher for the link.