There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Monday, November 26, 2012

thomsquatch: The Best Bigfoot Book of 2012

Thom Powell reviews Lori and Dustin Chandler's Visitors in the Twilight. I have to get this book!
thomsquatch: The Best Bigfoot Book of 2012: Mind you, it's not a book for everyone. If you are a dyed-in-the-wool advocate of the position that Bigfoot is an undiscovered wood ape, you should definitely avoid this book. If, on the other hand, you are open to the idea of sasquatches being habituated to certain humans, this book is a definite case history to support that possibility. If you are troubled by the idea that the sasquatch phenomenon may be somehow related to other 'paranormal' phenomena, especially extraterrestrials, you will hate this book. Frankly, the fact that co-authors Lori and Dustin Chandler courageously took on that issue is one reason why I found Visitors in the Twilight to be so unique and interesting.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Rant About a Rave

Finding Bigfoot. Didn't see it. Really have no right to judge if I haven't seen it. But, having seen several past episodes from both seasons,  I can make the safe assumption that holding a "rave" in the woods is very stupid in general, and even more stupid in particular, if one is hoping Bigfoot will stop by.

Forgetting Bigfoot for the moment, what about the other creatures of the woods? Do you think they want bozos raving in the middle of the night? Jesus flippin' Christ, show some respect!

SkeptiWatch: JREF: BF and Other Cryptid Hoaxes

A Bigfoot thread at the JREF just keeps going . . . SkeptiWatch: JREF: BF and Other Cryptid Hoaxes

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bigfoot Thread at the JREF: 'Does the BFRO (and other BF researchers) talk people into seeing Bigfoot?'

As some readers of this blog and my other blogs -- like SkeptiWatch-- might know, I've been intrigued by the excess of Bigfoot threads on the James Randi forum. I've lost literal count ages ago, but it's something like 400 separate threads discussing Bigfoot. Okay, so it's not 400. But it's a flipping lot. At last count it was around 35. Here's the latest: Does the BFRO (and other BF researchers) talk people into seeing Bigfoot? - JREF Forum

I've never seen a Bigfoot, but if I were to see one, I'd be pretty damn sure that I did, indeed, see one, and that no one "talked me into it." Maybe it's because of my life long experiences with UFOs and other paranormal phenomena that keeps me so damn interested in witness accounts of their Bigfoot encounters. As with UFOs and ghosts, when you see something that is so absolutely there, and so absolutely not "normal", you damn well know it. No one has to talk me into anything.

The OP at the forum makes use of the expected debunker-skeptoid arsenal: accusations of BF witnesses feeling special because they've seen Bigfoot and you haven't. (The same tactic is used to marginalize UFO witnesses.) Leading the witness; as in:
"...say you heard a noise you couldn't ID out in the woods. You mention it to a friend, who says, dude, maybe it was a Bigfoot, you should contact the BFRO (or whatever Bigfoot org. is handiest). So you do, and they ask you all kinds of leading Qs until you start to feel really special, like you're one of the witnesses or whatevr they call them, that's it, the KNOWERS. You are now a KNOWER and think maybe that's really what it was. You now feel very special.

(Er, "...witnesses or whatever they call them" ???)

While it's true there are those that think every unusual sound is a "Squatch" or UFOs by definition mean "aliens from outer space" but really, let's move on from that given and get to the actual phenomena.

And that's the latest from the good ol' JREF.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Stupid Crap, Same Old, Same Old

I realize it was recently Halloween, but an unnamed blog that will also remain un-linked to, recently posted a "spooky" Halloween post about a female scientist being raped by Bigfoot. The obvious do-I-really-need-to-say-it response concerning misogyny, frat boy humor, etc. has been bewilderingly weak.  The one positive: I've deleted the blog from my reader which has cleaned things up a little.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

From UFOs, et al: 'ET and Bigfoot - Are They Related?'

Now you know I love this!
"Para-anthropoids" -- I like it.
UFOs, et al: Recently, it has become clear that the eastern portion of the United States, particularly the area through Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey, has been experiencing an ever increasing number of reported sightings of both UFOs and Big Foot which appear to be related.

It is the opinion of such astute researchers that these Big Foot creatures may be inter-dimensional.

The researchers hold that the para-anthropoids, as they have also been dubbed, may come from some "parallel universe," having the ability to slip in and out of our dimension at will.
If this were true, it might serve as an explanation for the fact that while Mr. C. fired at a 12-foot target at point blank range, saw that target jump in mid-air and immediately rushed to where the wounded creature should have fallen, he found no trace of a body.