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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weird Little Dream: Aliens and Bigfoot

I've had a bad upper respiratory cold/crud/flu thing going on for a couple of weeks. My energy has been very low, and I've been feeling like crap. I don't like taking stuff, but at night, just so I can sleep, I've been taking Coricidin cough capsules. They help a bit, but also make me feel goofy; and cause me to drag throughout the day. When I got home from work today, I was so exhausted I fell asleep in the afternoon, and had this weird dream about Bigfoot.

I probably had this dream because for the past couple of weeks I've been working on a presentation about "high strangeness Bigfoot," especially in terms of how to present this topic to an audience of "flesh and blood" researchers, without completely alienating them. (that was a pun, wasn't it? grin)
The Dream

I'm in the woods, by a river. I'm standing behind some trees, and can see several aliens (not grays but somehow, I know they're ETs.) They're short, maybe, at the tallest, five feet, but the majority of them are under five feet tall. They're all dressed in the same uniform of some kind of dark coppery armor, complete with helmets. These uniforms, in style, remind me a bit of the Samurai warriors from a Kurosawa

These aliens are patrolling the banks of the river. It's obvious they are not nice beings at all; they are very intelligent, and very cold; quick to kill if they have to. What the aliens are patrolling are a few Bigfoot, who are doing some kind of work, like picking up rocks and taking samples and things like that, putting them into little containers, for the aliens.

The Bigfoot are under the control of these aliens. The control is a sort of combination mind control and remote control -- like the electronic collars used by some dog owners -- and this is the only thing keeping the Bigfoot in subjugation.

The Bigfoot are highly intelligent and wise; more so than the aliens. The aliens however, are more "intelligent" as far as technology is concerned. It's not fair to say the aliens are more intelligent because of technology; it's just a difference in culture. The Bigfoot are perfectly capable and intelligent enough to create the same technology if they wanted to. They simply chose, a very long time ago, not to. The Bigfoot are also far more evolved emotionally -- even, spiritually -- but they can't (at least for now) escape the physical control of this remote control device.

The Bigfoot are very sad, and so am I. Scared and sad for them. We both belong here; the Bigfoot and I, the aliens don't. They're intruders, dangerous intruders, but nothing I can do.

And yet, as awful as this is, the Bigfoot understand that in time, this will end, and they will be free. I don't how this will happen, but they seem to be more compassionate and understanding than I'm capable of being.

Well, that's it. I woke up around 6:00 pm and at first, was disoriented, I thought it was 6:00 am, the time I usually wake up during the week. I thought "I just laid down for my nap! It can't be time for work again!" when Jim told me it was the evening, same day.

I don't take the dream seriously in the sense I think aliens are controlling Bigfoot, even though that's a storyline that exists in the lore. But it was interesting!

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dbd said...

This is some kind of synchronicity here. I was just working myself up to post about this very topic on Blogsquatcher. I don't think you should discount the possibility of this kind of UFO/bigfoot connection a priori. You have to follow the evidence where it leads. Your subconscious might be giving you a hint in constructing a narrative that is very much like what is shown in some encounters I've collected.