There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dream: Bigfoot in Australia, Kind Of . . .

Bigfoot on a Bicycle
A funny and beautiful dream last night. I'm with a team of Bigfoot researchers somewhere near Australia, or New Zealand, sort of in between the two. A large island maybe.. wherever this is, it is simply the most beautiful, and very unusual, place I've been. Astoundingly lush. We're in a large park like area near water; the ocean, but it is calm and quiet, more like a large lake. Highly unusual earth mounds, or cliffs, that lead down to the water. These go on for miles. Velvet green grass everywhere. Glistening white concrete paths, wide and curved, with black iron rails, or fences, also curved.

Regan Lee, Alice's Wall, acrylic on canvas
The concrete and iron sound harsh, cold, but in the dream, it was all very beautiful. So, we're looking for Bigfoot. We know we won't see Bigfoot here, in a populated area. Across this promenade are houses, and further down, a small town. No way would Bigfoot walk out in the open like this in what amounts to a boardwalk.

But, suddenly! Yes! I see Bigfoot! I cannot believe this! Adding to the amazement of seeing Bigfoot is that this one is unusually colored; silver crested head, darker silver chest and back, black legs. I see him down below, on the opposite side of the ocean/lake, where the water is extremely shallow.  He's almost flying. Walking very fast, gliding over the water. I call to the others and we all run down to catch up with the Bigfoot, me leading the way.

I have a slight lucid moment where I think "Shouldn't this be called a Yowie, isn't that what he's called here?" and "This is the second dream I've had of a fast moving Bigfoot on the water's edge."

We catch up to the Bigfoot. And it's not Bigfoot at all, but a man on a bicycle. Wearing a sliver hooded windbreaker, with a darker bottom, and dark pants, happily "sailing" along on his bike, which was hidden from our view by the water and other things. That, and the way the sun was hitting the man on the bicycle, gave the appearance of a Bigfoot.

To the slight embarrassment of the others on the team, I run up to this man and tell him how excited we were, what we thought he was, and what we're doing; looking for Bigfoot. It's only after I tell him this I realize he'll probably think I'm a lunatic, but he thinks the whole thing is fascinating, and apologizes good naturedly for not being Bigfoot. As I'm talking to him, and enjoying his company (he's cute for one thing :) I have a nagging feeling he's lying, or something strange going on here. I wonder, feeling a bit silly, if he knows more than he's telling, or if he's a shape shifter, because, as far fetched as it would have been to see a Bigfoot out there, it was a Bigfoot that I saw! I even have a fleeting moment where I remember seeing the Bigfoot morph into the man as we got closer to it/him.

Shape-shifting Silvers
 It seems my dreaming mind has a thing about shape shifting, "fake," not-what-they-seem, gray or silver Bigfoot. I had forgotten about this dream, that I wrote about here.

And Water
Those two dreams, and this one, all have Bigfoot near, or on, water. In a dream -- and OOBE -- Bigfoot is by the ocean's edge, moving very rapidly over wet rocks. I remember thinking how agile this creature is, to be moving so easily and lightly over slippery rocks in the misty, dim atmosphere. The Bigfoot in this dream wasn't silver or gray; he was a dark brown. Nor was he pleasant as in the other two dreams, but highly annoyed I was there.

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