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Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Blogsquatcher on Skepticism

Or, as he titled his blog entry: Skepticism and the skeptical skeptics who skeptify us . . .

Like The Blogsquatcher, I'm also intrigued (and baffled) by what makes "skeptics" tick, most particularly the pathological-chronic types, bless their little Pelicanist heads.

Blogsquatcher directs us to Micheal Prescott's blog, who also wonders at the mindset of the "skeptic" and does it very well. I've followed Prescott's blog for awhile now; he writes very well and insightfully about this peculair breed.

Part of what makes skeptics what they are may be the need to be in control, according to Prescott. I agree.

Take a look at the Blogsquatcher's blog, as well as Prescott's; you'll find a lot of good things on both.

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