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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LGF Pages:Texas DNA specialist writes that Sasquatch is a modern human being.

LGF Pages - Texas DNA specialist writes that Sasquatch is a modern human being.

According to a copyright application, rural Texas veterinarian/DNA lab owner, Melba Ketchum, DVM, is coming out with the news that the folklore beast called Sasquatch or Bigfoot is real!!

"Beast?" Sigh. Worse, weirder and more bizarrely, Dr. Ketchum is applying for a patent. Surreal to consider that, if Sasquatch is more human than not, or, even human indeed in some way, that this being can be "patented." Then what? That is a huge question. All this time I thought the NO KILL/NO CAPTURE issue was the only one to be concerned about.

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Terry the Censor said...

I'm not a patent expert, but it seems to me they are asserting their rights to the sole publication and media exploitation of their scientific work. They don't have any language about asserting ownership of Bigfoot, through its DNA or otherwise.

Simply put, they are probably concerned that other people will take their research and use it for books and television before they can do so.

the full patent information is here:,1&Search_Arg=Sasquatch%3A%20The%20Tribe%20Revealed&Search_Code=TALL&CNT=100&PID=iRnVqvGSLTUo2HuaUD3UyoMrW&SEQ=20120202163725&SID=1