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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sad: "Sasquatch Must Die"

"Kwin the Eskimo" writes about why he (or she) thinks it's legitimate to kill a Sasquatch:Sasquatch Must Die.
The "non-kill crowd" uses many tactics to support their position. They like to claim that Sasquatch is "too close to humans" and killing one would be murder. This is nonsense. Sasquatch are not human. If they exist, they are animals. They should not be given the protection of a threatened murder charge. It is not in argument that Sasquatch should be a protected species after it is verified that they exist. Certainly this would make sense. However, threats of criminal charges and laws that preemptively protect Sasquatch are nonsensical tripe unless someone presents a body. While they are at it, why don't they outlaw killing unicorns.

I left a comment:
I disagree. I am militantly NO KILL/NO CAPTURE. You wrote: "It needs to be made clear that the "non-kill crowd" has an agenda." Yes, I have an agenda: it's a NO KILL agenda. You go on to say that we'd be "out of business" if a body is found. I'm not in any business, so that leaves me out of your theory. IF it were to be proved BF exists without bringing in a dead body,there would still be mysteries to explore. This field of strangeness: UFOs, Bigfoot, what have you, has always, and will always, have its share of exploiters. That aside, to put everyone who explores these mysteries as nothing more than gaudy carny types is inaccurate.

Your contention that Sasquatch are "not human" and just an animal, therefore it's okay to kill one, is also inaccurate. We don't know what Sasquatch is. Witnesses who have seen one are often profoundly moved by its human like appearance. So if it is closer to human that not,the reasons against killing it are obvious. But even if Sasquatch is "just an animal" that is still no reason to kill it. We don't have that right. (We are "just animals" as well.) Clearly Sasquatch is an intelligent creature, human like or not. However, killing it or not shouldn't be based on a perceived intelligence level -- the idea that we have the right to kill a creature simply because we want to, which is what it gets down to, is immoral.

You are also inaccurate, and in fact, disingenuous, in saying the following: "Those with the "no-kill" philosophy should be relegated to the "Sasquatch is a shape-shifter, trans-dimentional, UFO pilot" camp. Their position does nothing to further true research and legitimacy than the rest of the woo-woo crowd." Not all who support a NO KILL policy are, as you put it, "woo woo." (There's a lot more I'd like to say about all that and the role of research but that'd be veering off in another direction.)

I always wonder at the aggressive need of those like yourself who believe it's important to kill a being for no other reason than to satisfy personal ego. That is how I see it: prove to science it exists, really, why? What is your "agenda?"

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