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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stan Gordon at McMinnville, Oregon UFO Fest

Just got back from the 12th annual UFO Fest in McMinnville. Stan Gordon was this morning's presenter. It was a fascinating presentation!

Gordon is a great speaker and his material was chock full of Fortean and UFO goodies. We were in for a treat, since Gordon really gave us two presentations in one. He began with the Kecksburg case, and even if you were familiar with this case and thought you knew a lot about it Gordon's information was refreshing. It's almost always nice to hear material presented in person, there were details I hadn't heard before, and overall, excellent presentation.

When Gordon was finished with Kecksburg, he moved on to Bigfoot-UFO high strangeness. Be still my beating heart! Truly fascinating stories of witness encounters with BHMs (Big Hairy Monsters) or Bigfoot. Aside from the Bigfoot sightings, UFO and other unexplained phenomena accompanied these Bigfoot events. While the height of these encounters occurred in 1973, they are still occurring.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stan and talking with him for a short bit; he was very nice and open.

I appreciated what he said about all of this: Kecksburg, UFOs, high strangeness Bigfoot, etc. and that is, he doesn't know what they are or where they came from. He just knows that "it" (UFOs, BF, etc.) are. Gordon doesn't have answers, and he doesn't pretend to have any. That might drive some people crazy, but I like that willingness to acknowledge bafflement in the midst of exploring and investigating the weird.


Lon said...

Stan sure is a treasure trove of information! Thanks Regan....

Regan Lee said...

Thank you Lon. It was a great presentation; as I said, really two for the price of one. Very interesting high strangeness accounts of red, orange, and green glowing eyed BF, dematerializing BF and craft, and so much more.