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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blogsquatcher Interviews Henry Franzoni

So, have you read the interview yet? No? Do it!

As far as the question of "paranormal" Bigfoot vs. "flesh and blood" it's an exciting -- and typical bit of synchronicity -- that this is discussed in the way it is, since I've been thinking about this lately. And I came to the conclusion (as much as one can in these areas) that the manipulation of sound and energy are abilities of Sasquatch, which would cause us to think of Sasquatch as "paranormal." And in a way, it is paranormal, but, like UFOs and "aliens" their almost magic like characteristics are either technology, as in the case of UFOs, or the edge of preternatural abilities to use energy, including sound, in seemingly magical or "paranormal" ways. And is paranormal is really just a word to describe normal, just the part of normal we don't yet completely understood, or can explain, then . . . as some researchers say of the paranormal vs. flesh and blood Bigfoot question, "it's both."

I don't intend to give the impression Franzoni is in any New Age "bigfoot are our psychic brothers" stuff; there's solid ideas, research and science here, as well as data that's been around for some time but somehow lost or forgotten.

All right, I know I'm rambling. Point is, Blogsquatcher has brought us a fantastic interview, and everyone needs to read it.

I would love to buy Henry Franzoni's book, but it is spendy $59.00 plus s/h. Well worth it I'm sure, given there are maps, etc. but it's something I need to save for and wait until I can afford it. But in the meantime, there is the interview, and his website.

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dbd said...

Thanks for the link!

I agree with your take on the matter. I think bigfoot is going to turn out to be a real creature with abilities that we can actually comprehend, but never expect to find in an animal.

Infrasound/ultrasound can explain almost everything strange about bigfoot.

The only thing it doesn't explain is the terminating footprints..