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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nahu's Psychic Bigfoot Experience and Words About Beckjord

Nahu is author of UFOS: GOD FROM INNER SPACE. Here's Nahu's recent comment he left me on Facebook about an experience he had with Bigfoot and researcher Eric Beckjord (deceased.)
Have you ever heard of Eric Beckjord? He is or was the director of a group who investigated Sasquatch and other anomalous phenomena. I talked with him on the phone once and got into a semi-argument about my contention that I could find a Bigfoot using my psychic abilities. This was back in 1982. He challenged me to meet him at a coffee house in Seattle and sit down, have coffee and talk about it. I was surprised when I saw him--he is a huge Swede, blond bigfoot. Anyway to make a long story short I picked a spot intuitively out in the Weyerhaser forests near Sasquatch Park B.C. We stayed a couple days and decided to give it up due to excessive rain. The upshot of this story is that I got a phone call from Beckjord about a week or so later and a group that monitors Bigfoot activity and reports in Washington reported that someone reported spotting a bigfoot right in the area where I took him to explore . I always felt an empathic aura with this much maligned being.

I told Nahu that Erik and I had corresponded a few times; Eric liked the fact I took the paranormal Bigfoot idea seriously, but he argued with me on the particulars. One time he refused to join a Yahoo group I had going at the time -- I think it was called Maverick Bigfoot Research or something -- because we didn't go far enough!

As most Bigfoot and cryptid/o researchers know, Eric had quite the reputation for being argumentative. But I had no negative interactions with him, even when he'd shoot off an email to me that I was "wrong" -- he never attacked me in public or spread lies. Though I realize he did so in regards to others. Like many other Fortean researchers, whether they're writing about UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, . . . Beckjord was a "troublemaker" and his theories, as well as his style, were not presented in the best way. And yet there is a there there. With so much of this stuff it's easy to throw that messy baby out with the bathwater.

Nahu commented further:
He seemed like such a huge bear of a man. Aries, as I recall, like to challenge. We had a number of outright disagreements. But once out in the woods, he seemed like he was in his element. What his problem was with me, he resented the idea that I had the arrogance to think I could attract a bigfoot the first time out when he had been out on expeditions looking for him for five years and hadn't seem more than a glimpse of him. His interest in me was primarily a challenge and only secondarily curiosity, I think. At that time, I presented my theory to him my that Bigfoot was an intrad-dimensional being recurring at certain cyclic points from the collective unconscious, so to speak, in attunement to an individual's vibration. Like the white buffalo story. Native Americans looked upon bigfoot as a medicine--I agree--he definitely had the ability to scare the sickness right out of someone, almost like the bogey man in caucasian mythology.

Checking back on my Facebook page, I find Nahu has added more:
h, by the way, I believe the year was 1981 during the winter season. I had a couple distinct times I felt I was quite close to contacting this intra-dimensional being, once while in the woods of Sasquatch Park while camping, and another time in a wooded area near Escondido, California. While living in Oakridge, Oregon when is pretty primitve, heavily wooded and quite near an area as I recall named Blue Springs, where Sasquatch was often seen I felt his presence also. I never felt any negative energy, just calm, as though I was close to a very ancient, spiritual fount. I could sense elements of my own subconscious fears holding a face-to-face off from happening. Although to be honest, I was never really afraid of this being.

On another note,I did feel some extremely strange vibrations while out in the West Virginia hills near where the Silver Bridge collapsed that gave me the willies, though.

On to Nahu. Nahu also lives in Eugene, Oregon (so does Bigfoot researcher Autumn Williams, whose mother, Sali Shepherd-Wolford wrote about her experiences with "paranormal Bigfoot" in Valley of the Skookum) and is a healer, psychic and author.I interviewed him a couple of years ago for UFO Magazine, focusing on his book UFOS: GOD FROM INNER SPACE.

Nahu has a blog NAHU'S HOLOVERSE where you discover how to develop your focused intent using the Holoversal Method. (Now, it is New Age stuff, but so what. . . I've been exploring the idea of, and the use of, what Nahu and others call "focused intent" since this past summer, and it works. Whatever labels we use, whatever context we put this into, I will say this, that intent is powerful.) Much to explore on his blog, including the varied services Nahu offers, including on-line, and contact info.

Here's an example of Nahu at work; he very kindly took a look at an experience/"dream" I had several months ago that I wrote about on-line. You can read about it here.

I'll be posting an article here soon that Nahu wrote about his experiences and thoughts on Bigfoot. (And there's talk of my joining others along with Nahu on a search for Bigfoot in the spring.)

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