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Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Blogsquatcher: Back Story . . .

The Backstory You May Or May Not Have Heard, from Blogsquatcher.

Blogsquatcher puts it all out there much better than I ever could.

Only question to this stupid time wasting mess is why? Why why why. Then there's the thing about Biscardi and any future credibility. Anyone remember Santilli's alien? Brings back memories.

The YouTube video clip on Blogsquatcher is good too; I love it, "It's a Bigfoot man!" Oy.

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1 comment:

dbd said...

Thanks for the link! I wish I could answer your question of "why."

Maybe it's like the snake who asks the alligator to take him across the river - alligator says, "no, you'll bite me with your poisonous fangs." Snake says, "no I won't!" So alligator starts taking him across the river. They get halfway across, and then, chomp, snake bites him. Alligator says, "why'd you do that, now we'll both die?"

Snake sez,"I couldn't help it. It's in my nature."