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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Crazy Bear" and UFOs

My Fortean heart skipped a beat this morning when I saw Crazy Bears and Bigfoot, by Steiger, on the Alien Seeker News site. I have a deep interest in tales of Bigfoot-UFO encounters.

In this piece, Steiger references a journal he received years ago, dating back to 1888. In that journal are entries concerning Native Americans, tribal sacred myths about “crazy bears from the stars,” and feeding a Bigfoot in a cave.

The grandson of the journal author had sent this journal to Steiger, and he shares his theories on Bigfoot and the star people with Steiger.

Several months ago, I posted an entry here about "crazy bear" and UFOs in connection to material in Preston Dennett's book UFO's Over California.

Whatever one may think of the specific theories offered in the Steiger piece or in the book UFOs Over California,one thing is for certain, as Brad points out: among virtually all native tribes, there are stories about a Bigfoot type creature, as well as star people, and our relationship to them.

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