There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Monday, April 28, 2008

High Strangeness on the Ranch

I have an article up at UFO Digest: High Strangeness on the Ranch, comparing a Colorado ranch and the Skinwalker ranch. Among the strange things seen on the ranches were Bigfoot type creatures.


Man-Monkey, by Nick Redfern, arrived in the mail yesterday, and I got right into it. Enjoying it very much so far, and it's nice to "hear" Nick's voice come through; he writes about himself, a sort of self-reflexive tone, which I like.

I also ordered the third "Mysterious Valley" book by Chris O'Brien, who writes of mysterious events in Colorado.

I'll post more when I finish Redfern's book. (I'm still working on things inspired by Andrew Colvin's Mothman book.)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monkeys on Mars

Greg Bishop on UFO Mystic as a comment and link to more about plans to send primates to Mars, in order to test for such things as effects of radiation on humans, etc. I find this very disturbing. Aside from the moral and ethical issues about using primates in this way, are all the usual theories and conspiracies about Mars: what's really going on up there that they aren't telling us, our Mars legacy, etc.

The Honey Island Swamp Monster

Stories of three toed and clawed "Bigfoot" are a variation in Bigfoot phenomena. The Honey Island Swamp Monster is one such creature.

Here's a recent item about the "monster"
with background and info about tours in the area. Hat tip to The Anomalist.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Richard Dolan on FOX

This isn't a Bigfoot or crypto item, but it's of interest to those keeping track of UFO news:

Here's the link to Richard Dolan's appearance on Fox yesterday morning. Thank you Karyn Dolan for sending the link. Karyn Dolan encourages people to let Fox know what they thought of Richard's segment; would viewers want to see more like this, what's their take on the whole thing, etc.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wonder Woman Vs. The Yeti

(With a hat tip to Lesely at Debris Field) The blog I Love the Yeit has an entry, with image, of Wonder Woman vs. The Yeti.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Micah A. Hawks: Facing Our Deepest Fears: Monsters Below the Earth

Well written and interesting piece about crypto creatures, like Bigfoot, etc. that may dwell beneath us, and we're not talking about earthworms either.

I posted this here because of the ideas that Bigfoot lives within moutntains, like Mt. Shasta, deep in, and under, caves and within the earth, coming up from creekbeds for example, using waterways as ways of traveling.

I tried to leave a comment but you have to register first, and even though I have a WordPress blog, I can't remember what the hell it is. Anyway, good item and nice blog overall!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bigfoot's Glowing Eyes

I finally got around to ordering Nick Redfern's Man-Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot. Should be here in a day or two. Nick has an item up at his blog about the glowing eyes often seen in Bigfoot encounters. Other creatures have these glowing eyes -- often red, or orange, -- as well. As Nick points out, Kithra has a good piece on this phenemona. (Link at his blog.)

Orbs, glowing eyes, and transparent, dematerializing Bigfoot. What to make of it all?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New BF Thread on JREF

This one is about a hoax in Montana. They have fifteen (I believe) threads over there, all discussing how Bigfoot doesn't exist. I think that's pretty funny.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

15 Bigfoot Threads at JREF and Counting . . .

Updated 4/15/08

Every time I think I have all the Bigfoot threads down from the JREF, I find that I've missed one or two. So here they are. Be sure to check for updates, because no doubt there will some!

Bigfoot in West Virginia
3 Toed SC Bigfoot
Bigfoot on video? Memorial Day 1996
Man accuses Bigfoot of sexual assualt
Another Bigfoot Video

Bigfoot - The Patterson Gimlin Film

Creekfreak’s Bigfoot hair samples and other non-photo related claims

Bigfoot is real I have the proof

Bigfoot: The Invisible Variety

Government Bigfoot cover-up

Native American myths/traditions support Bigfoot? A critical look

(actually, in spite of the context of this thread being on a chronic skeptic forum, it's an interesting thread at times.)

Bigfoot - the Skookum Cast

Juvenile bigfoot captured on game cam?

I Saw Bigfoot Kissing Santa Claus

Suppose Bigfoot was real and I had the proof?
As I've commented before, for a subject that invites ridicule from the skeptic crowd, they sure spend a lot of time discussing it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bigfoot in South Carolina?

Bigfoot in S.C.? | Experts: ‘it’s the real deal’
‘It’ attacked a van in Bishopville and attracted a Bigfoot-hunting team to the state
By RANDY BURNS - The (Sumter) Item

BISHOPVILLE — Something apparently attacked Bob and Dixie Rawson’s van in the early morning hours of Feb. 28.

The Rawsons live about two miles southeast of downtown Bishopville. They woke up Feb. 28 to find the front fender of their 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan chewed up, bite marks through the front grill, wheels on both sides bitten and metal crumpled in a wad. There was also blood on the front and sides of the car.

Team Biscardi was quick to move in:
After the Rawsons contacted a Columbia TV station, the story was aired on CNN. In March, filmmaker and self-proclaimed Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi and his five-man team visited Bishopville to discover the truth of the Lee County incident.

Equipped with thermal imagers and high-tech cameras, Biscardi conducted initial forensic tests and sent the evidence to California. The team also planned to use its cameras overnight in search of the creature.

The initial evidence found by Biscardi’s team is compelling, he said. “You’ve got the real deal here.”

While Biscardi hasn’t ruled out it was a bear, he thinks it was more likely a Bigfoot. “They’re called different names in the different communities,” he said.

Hmmm, like "bear?" Okay, that wasn't fair. I acknowledge I pick on Biscardi. Maybe it's something definitive maybe not. We'll have to see.

It is interesting about the three toes; there are Bigfoot type creature sightings with three toes, as well claws.

Why a Bigfoot would chew up a van -- just seems silly. A bear, maybe, trying to get at some food. Who can say.

I do want a Lizard Man tee shirt though.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mothman Blog: Mothman Flutterings

A new blog: Mothman Flutterings. I've been having some interesting things happening around Mothman, and, am fascinated by the para politics surrounding Mothman. Among other things.

I went around and used the Wordpress blog that comes with the Yahoo "small business" feature. As part of the website feature, you get a blog. It's nice using a different system, just because.

So, here's another blog to add to the blog obsession pile. . . .

Mothman Flutterings

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Responses to Beeping Creatures

I never know when an article of mine or blog post will generate comments or emails. There have been times when I've posted something and wondered why no one commented at my scintillating insights. Other times I get a lot of responses, always welcome, but I wasn't necessarily expecting anything. I didn't have any expectations when I posted
Beeping Creatures at UFO Digest. I was just observing and putting out some data on what I think is an interesting phenomena. (Beeping and electronic sounds heard coming from UFOs and Bigfoot, or during encounters.)

Others think it's interesting too, which is fantastic. Many people have contacted me about their own unusual experiences with Bigfoot, and/or beeps, and other sounds associated with Bigfoot or the paranormal. I plan to follow up on one such response in particular from Greg Taylor, The Daily Grail creator and editor of Darklore. (You can read an interview with Greg Taylor at Reality Sandwich here.)

I even had two emails from someone correcting my spelling errors! I found that very funny. At first I had a defensive reaction, well, excuse me Mr. Red Pen, but you know, there were typos in there. I'm a terrible proof reader; even after proofing it many times I just don't see the errors that are there. I can look at it a thousand times and not see it. Spell check doesn't get 'em all; not if they're homophones, for example. So, I'll just try to do better in the future. But I had to laugh at the two emails correcting my spelling. Just seemed funny.

I'll be posting some of what people have written me and following up on this topic in the days to come.

"Beeping Bigfoot," who knew?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Beeping Creatures (Does Bigfoot Beep, and Why?)

I have a new article up at UFO Digest: "Beeping Creatures" about the electronic beeping sound encountered in UFO, alien, and Bigfoot events.