There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sasquatch Inside Mt. Shasta

Taking I-5 down to California, I had the joy of passing Mt. Shasta; even just viewing it from the car, it was magnificant. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to stop; it was just a sightseeing event, seeing Mt. Shasta from the interstate, and at rest stops. But that was pretty cool, even that. A trip to Mt. Shasta is definitely in my future.

I picked up some maps and did some surfing on the internet, and one thing that struck me as interesting are the caverns inside Mt. Shasta. Certainly those caverns are home to Bigfoot and all kinds of entities, as a large body of lore suggests.

There are a lot of stories out there about UFOs, Bigfoot, and other anomalous events on Mt. Shasta; too many to repost here. A Goolge, etc. search will give you lots of links to follow on the subject.

However, here is an interesting account by a psychic on Sasquatch within Mt. Shasta from the Hollow Earth Insider website, here’s a snippet:
In April 1974, psychic Joyce Partise of Southern California held a sealed envelope in her hands. Unknown to her, that envelope contained a photograph of a Sasquatch footprint … [Ms Partise gave her feeling] “These things are coming from outer space – it’s an outer space war! The first area will be Portland, Oregon. There’s a mountain with a hole in it. Someone should investigate this mountain because they’re down in there already. You know those hairy things that run around, the ape-man? He’s not an ape. They’re underground in contact with outer space and their intentions toward mankind is total destruction!” . . .
“This gorilla man … their eyes are extremely light sensitive from being underground. These tunnels I’m seeing is part of their habitation. They’ve dug them. I think it may even go into California…” ~
Big Foot, the Abominable Sandman, Nessie and The People who live Under Mt. Shasta”; Hollow Earth Insider website)

And of course, Oregon resident Stan Johnson (deceased) one of the subjects in my book Two Oregon Tales: Bigfoot and UFOs in Oregon, (not yet released) visisted the inner world of Mt. Shasta with the Sasquatch:
My Star friends came for me last night. I was teleported to Mt. Shasta. I was taken to a big rock. Behind that big rock was a door. There was an arch over the door that was rainbow-colored. The door was an etheric door, opening the way into the inside of the mountain to those of higher consciousness. I believe the star people close that door after they enter, and to our third dimensional iyes, it becomes just another side of a cliff of the mountain.

Above the arch was a large eye. This eye was "looking" at me. It was approximately two feet long and it ws a beautiful blue color. I don't know what that eye was, but it seemed like it was alive. As we passed under it, I fel the eye following me. I wondered if this beautiful, blue eye might be symbolic of the third eye, the one eye of the unified vision of the soul, the seat of the inner vision of the higher consciousness. ~
Sasquatch and the Star People, on the White Wolf Gallery website)

On the Argonaut-Greywolf website, is a drawing of a Bigfoot and UFO, as seen by a witness who lived in the area, although the site makes clear the UFO and Bigfoot sighting did not occur at the same time. Scroll down a bit and it’s on the right.


Linda said...

My partner and I were on Mt.Shasta only a few weeks ago. We saw no evidence of Bigfoot but I couldn't help but feel watched as we hiked near the snow line. There's a road that goes from Mt.Shasta City up past the highschool to where we were hiking, so it is easy to get close to the top of the mountain.

The view is incredible - and the air is amazing, but the best thing of all was the little spring up there on the mountainside - we filled our water bottles and were excited about drinking such fresh living water. I believe Shasta water is among the finest in the world. We filled our large water jugs at the spring at the foot of the mountain in Shasta City Park, but the water from the top tasted much purer with no aftertaste whatsoever.

I know there have been Sasquatch sightings there on Shasta, but I've never received any data on exactly where on the mountain to look. Whether you contact Sasquatch or not, it is a great way to spend an afternoon.

R. Lee said...

Hi Linda,
Your hike sounds wonderful. I'm looking forward to visiting.
Somewhere in my files I have an account written by an explorer from the 1800s, and his experiences on Mt. Shasta with Bigfoot. When I find it I'll post it.

Whether or not UFOs, BF, etc. are up there; it's certainly a beautiful place.

eunoterpsiac said...

Hi Regan,

I woke up this morning remembering something I'd read about BF and it's connection to the planet being irradiated, that BF was capable of withstanding higher levels of radiation, to the point where if humans are killed off, they can provide the necessary genetic material to repopulate the planet.

Might have been the Law of One material, but in searching for it, I found another site about the overall alien agenda that I had never seen. It's riveting and particularly well written, so as to be quite believable.


The 'Oregon/Sasquatch in the mountain' story is listed there, along with Partise' name.

Amazing stuff.

Lastly, I know this is an old post (2007) but what of your book, 'Two Tales'...I'd love to read it!