There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Monday, September 29, 2014

An Animal Somewhere

Now it's true that many have seen a Sasquatch, but the sentiment stands. Of course, this doesn't just go for our Bigfoot friends, but for all creatures not seen.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

7 things you should know about the Forest Service's media restrictions in wilderness |

7 things you should know about the Forest Service's media restrictions in wilderness |

At my para-political blog Octopus Confessional (with new blogger Alfred Lehmberg, who's just joined) I've posted the above link as well as another about fines citizens face for taking photos in our forests. Vague reasons are given for these laws, as well as the vague language of the laws themselves. And so, naturally, the mind wanders to implications conceding Bigfoot research. How do these laws affect Bigfoot researchers? What are the real reasons behind these laws -- do they have anything to do with the existence of Sasquatch, and/or the mysterious disappearances of people of all ages in our forests?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bring Out Your Bigfoot: How 'Science' is Failing at Educating the Public | The Daily Grail

Greg Taylor at The Daily Grail discusses "science" in context of paranormal/supernatural realms: Bring Out Your Bigfoot: How 'Science' is Failing at Educating the Public | The Daily Grail.

And I say, to Greg, "Oh my word yes!"

I'll add my own rant here; when is UFO Land going to get over itself and stop whining about the presumed lack of "science" in relation to UFOs? More on that later, when I have time to properly rant in the appropriate manner.

Until then, visit The Daily Grail, which one should be doing on a daily basis anyway, and read Greg Taylor's latest.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bigfoot DNA Update - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Tonight, host George Knapp with guest Melba Ketchum:Bigfoot DNA Update - Shows - Coast to Coast AM. Also, Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm a lover, not a hunter

"If u really want to find Bigfoot u may be sending the wrong message calling yourself Bigfoot Hunter. Bigfoot Lover may be a better approach." ~ Adam Gorightly

(Find Adam here and here, as if you didn't know.)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

From Bigfoot Evidence: This Person Has a Theory Why We'll Never Find Bigfoot

Well, this is different:

Bigfoot Evidence: This Person Has a Theory Why We'll Never Find Bigfoot: Our friend Ro Sahebi said this was sent his inbox a few days ago and said it was probably meant to come to our inbox instead. It's a fascinating email about why this person does not believe we'll ever find Bigfoot: It's because Bigfoot is a Nephilim, an offspring of fallen angels and earth women as recorded in the Bible.
Rest at the Bigfoot Evidence site. Yes, I know I've written that I won't link to or mention that site but I lied. Can't help lurking on anything UFO, Cryptid or overall Fortean tinged. While their insistence on yee-ha vibed, gratuitous images of animals eating each other, etc. caters to the basest  among the knuckle dragging, they do have some interesting things as well.

Anyway. The theory on Nephilim and Bigfoot. As always, the comments are equally interesting.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

All Women Bigfoot Research Team: Bigfoot Seekers

Dina Palazini's organization, along with others on the team, all women Bigfoot research group. And these women are "field" researchers indeed! Bigfoot Seekers

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bigfoot Skeptic Says He Will Kill Bigfoot If It Comes On His Land (Video) | Paranormal

Oh dear. Scary world out there indeed: Bigfoot Skeptic Says He Will Kill Bigfoot If It Comes On His Land (Video) | Paranormal.

Aside from the irrational skeptic loop of "there ain't no such thing as Sasquatch" (you can't prove there isn't…) is the far more irrational statement from this unnamed skeptic who promises to kill anyone in an "ape suit."

Underscoring this paranoid skeptic's statements (he assures us he will not reveal what state he lives in) are the numerous comments he makes about the non-existence of Sasquatch and the humans dressed in Bigfoot costumes trespassing on his property -- that he will kill.

So he admits to killing a human.

Not that this yee-ha is to be taken seriously, but let's suppose he does kill some poor idiot who, for unknown reasons, did dress up in an "ape suit" and trespass. Wouldn't that be premeditated murder?

And let's just suppose that, one night, he finds himself witness to an actual Sasquatch -- will he shoot to kill, or stand there, awed, and unable to pull the trigger? Of course I hope for the latter, but sadly, there are too many let's kill us a Bigfoot clown shoes out there.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Aliens and Bigfoot | The Crypto Crew

Musings on the relationship (if any) between Bigfoot and UFOs. Nice article. Aliens and Bigfoot | The Crypto Crew

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fresh Out!: Tim Beckley's Conspiracy Journal #774

There is nothing like Tim Beckley's (Mr. UFO) Conspiracy Journal. Full of Fortean goodness, including a piece by Micah Hanks, tilted "Wild Men" May Be Lurking in North America's Remote Woodlands. Now that's a must read. Conspiracy Journal #774: - GOING FERAL DEPARTMENT -

Loren Coleman: Bigfoot, Bullets, and Dum Dums

Loren Coleman gives an update and words from Bigfoot Books owner and BF researcher/blogger Steven Streufert, whose Willow Creek, Calif. shop was shot at recently. Bigfoot, Bullets, and Dum Dums

Saturday, May 31, 2014

10 Utterly Bizarre Bigfoot Theories - Listverse

List of what many consider out there theories concerning Sasquatch:10 Utterly Bizarre Bigfoot Theories - Listverse. The article provides us paranormal and Fortean nerds with intriguing ideas, but it is not a pro-Bigfoot piece. Example:

"Bigfoot and the Predator actually have a lot in common. They’re big, bipedal, and don’t exist in real life."
BF a "giant ground sloth" at number 10, don't think so! My favorite theories are listed below. They're my favorite for a few reasons; some because it is quite possible, some because they're just wonderful juicy Fortean goodness no judgement is involved, just simply the joy of pursuing such things for their own sake:

  • #8: Bigfoot Hides Underground 
  • #7: Invisibility
  • #5: Bigfoot the Psychic 
  • #4: Bigfoot is Really a Troll (I would add that others, such as Lisa Shiel, suggest fairy, etc.) 
  • #2: Bigfoot works for E.T.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Bigfoot Field Journal: The Bigfoot - What Is It Really??? Your [sic] not going to like my answer......

The Bigfoot Field Journal: The Bigfoot - What Is It Really??? Your not going to like my answer...…

Very interesting conclusions! I don't agree or disagree -- for one thing, I only have my own intuitions based on personal study of Bigfoot, not even direct experience. Meaning: I've never seen one myself. Yet.

But, a lot of what Joe Black writes makes some sense to me, some I'm not so sure about, and some, not at all sure about! The important thing is that Black offers some thoughts, and is keeping the subject alive and sharing theories that are sure to generate lively and heated discussion.

From Bigfoot Evidence: Someone Shot the Bigfoot Books Store in Willow Creek!

Sad and weird news concerning Stever Streufert's  Bigfoot Books store in Willow Creek, California:

Bigfoot Evidence: Someone Shot the Bigfoot Books Store in Willow Creek!: Steven Streufert, owner/operator of Bigfoot Books in Willow Creek, CA. got an unfortunate surprise today when he opened up for business. Someone had shot the front window of the store. Was this an accident, a random act of vandalism, or was this done in anger due to a recent argument within the Bigfoot "Community"? ~ (Bigfoot Evidence)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bigfoot and Invisibility - Part 2

Witness account and theories on "invisible" Bigfoot, how they "pop up in front of you." As is pointed out in the article, there is nothing mysterious about this, although many have interpreted this and other weird Bigfoot behaviors as supernatural or paranormal. Like much of UFO and alien encounters, what we interpret as "paranormal" is technology beyond our understanding, or physical abilities, as with Sasquatch, that are truly beyond what we expect from the norm. Possible, certainly. Then again, Bigfoot like other crypt ids, can truly be from that Keelian "super spectrum." Who knows. Bigfoot and Invisibility - Part 2

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cryptomundo:Bigfoot In Los Angeles? and Topanga Canyon Tales

From Cryptomundo: Bigfoot In Los Angeles?

This story reminds me of some childhood rumors of Bigfoot in California:

I've heard this off and on for years, very interesting -- of Bigfoot in California deserts and other areas. I remember some stories I heard about Bigfoot in the area from my teens, when I lived in Topanga Canyon, California. There was a story going around -- rumors, lore, etc. -- that a family of Bigfoot lived not far from us. Being about 15 or so I don't remember details, just that a handful of adults, sitting around, telling this as a true story. I don't recall anyone saying they'd seen Bigfoot themselves, but that they "knew" people who had seen not just one Bigfoot, but a whole family of Bigfoot, living in one of the canyons. At the time, I didn't know much about Bigfoot just a general sense of a BF creature living in the woods, and I didn't know what to think of the stories, except I do remember wondering at one man's insistence that the story was true and he struck me as being truly upset -- that he believed the stories. I remember looking at him and wondering if he was not telling all there was to tell. Oddly enough, I also remember thinking that his odd vibe didn't have so much to do with Bigfoot, but some other more mundane weirdness (and unwholesome) in that same area. Compare my comments here with ones I wrote in 2007 about these stories and my perception of them. In 2007 I wrote a piece for Tim Binnall's Binnall of America: L.A. UFOs, Looking Back, where I commented on Topanga Canyon Bigfoot tales:
For a while during my teen years I lived in Topanga Canyon with family. I heard a few stories of UFO sightings, nothing too exciting. Nothing about aliens, but stories of craft. Actually, I remember hearing more about “Bigfoot families,” living in the canyons in the area. (The Bigfoot stories came complete with warnings to not go wandering around alone, especially at night. All the ingredients of a good Urban Legend. Which doesn’t mean there couldn’t be “Bigfoot families” living in Topanga Canyon. While I am of the opinion Bigfoot exists, as readers know, including so called “paranormal” Bigfoot and a UFO connection, the stories I heard back then seemed like put ons. I never got the impression the people telling me these stories really believed them, or had any direct experience, which was unlike the UFO stories I heard.) ~ Trickster's Realm, Binnall of America, 2007.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Did Bigfoot Attack? Dead Livestock In Washington State - Who Forted? Magazine

Interesting account of possible Bigfoot activity in Washington state, along with the attempts of author Chris Savia to investigate strange animal deaths. What I find interesting is Savia's point about those wanting to protect Bigfoot in context of BF killing ranch and farm animals.

But, is there any proof (not evidence, but proof) that Sasquatch is responsible for these sad deaths of horses, sheep, etc? Before people go off with the intent of killing a Bigfoot, it should be proven that Bigfoot is responsible. Why would a creature kill animals, lay them side by side, but not eat them or take them away? Are there other cases of this specific type of activity attributed to Bigfoot? (Bigfoot and dogs -- there are stories of dog kills attributed to Bigfoot.)

All very strange and troublesome of course.

I am no naive, putting Bigfoot on some spiritually evolved plane who is above killing farm animals, but I am not quick to slap the Bigfoot did it label on this either. Like the poor mangy dog like creatures shot and killed and accused of being the "monster chupacabra" these recent animal deaths said to be caused by Bigfoot is a disturbing trend in human hysteria and revenge.
Pessimistically, my mind goes to human causes for these animal deaths; possibly shadow factions (military, private-industrial-military sector.) Of course, who knows.

All that aside, efforts at asking local authorities about Bigfoot sightings in the area were met with frustrating stonewalling when Savia tried to ask Washington agencies about these incidents.Did Bigfoot Attack? Dead Livestock In Washington State - Who Forted? Magazine

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It Came From the UFO? The Creature-Lights Connection | Lindagodfrey's Blog

Researcher and author Linda Godfrey on mysterious lights, UFOs,  and creatures, including Bigfoot. Very interesting!

It Came From the UFO? The Creature-Lights Connection | Lindagodfrey's Blog: One question I hear a lot from radio callers, blog readers and conference attendees is whether I think that unknown, upright canine creatures are related to UFOs. It’s actually a concept that’s been around for some time and is also asked in regard to Bigfoot and other cryptids. My usual answer is that while I don’t have any reports from witnesses who’ve seen a dogman hopping directly off a UFO (although I know there are a few cases where people have claimed this about Bigfoot), it just so happens that places where mystery creatures abound are also often UFO hotspots. ~ Linda Godrey