There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bigfoot and Invisibility - Part 2

Witness account and theories on "invisible" Bigfoot, how they "pop up in front of you." As is pointed out in the article, there is nothing mysterious about this, although many have interpreted this and other weird Bigfoot behaviors as supernatural or paranormal. Like much of UFO and alien encounters, what we interpret as "paranormal" is technology beyond our understanding, or physical abilities, as with Sasquatch, that are truly beyond what we expect from the norm. Possible, certainly. Then again, Bigfoot like other crypt ids, can truly be from that Keelian "super spectrum." Who knows. Bigfoot and Invisibility - Part 2

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cryptomundo:Bigfoot In Los Angeles? and Topanga Canyon Tales

From Cryptomundo: Bigfoot In Los Angeles?

This story reminds me of some childhood rumors of Bigfoot in California:

I've heard this off and on for years, very interesting -- of Bigfoot in California deserts and other areas. I remember some stories I heard about Bigfoot in the area from my teens, when I lived in Topanga Canyon, California. There was a story going around -- rumors, lore, etc. -- that a family of Bigfoot lived not far from us. Being about 15 or so I don't remember details, just that a handful of adults, sitting around, telling this as a true story. I don't recall anyone saying they'd seen Bigfoot themselves, but that they "knew" people who had seen not just one Bigfoot, but a whole family of Bigfoot, living in one of the canyons. At the time, I didn't know much about Bigfoot just a general sense of a BF creature living in the woods, and I didn't know what to think of the stories, except I do remember wondering at one man's insistence that the story was true and he struck me as being truly upset -- that he believed the stories. I remember looking at him and wondering if he was not telling all there was to tell. Oddly enough, I also remember thinking that his odd vibe didn't have so much to do with Bigfoot, but some other more mundane weirdness (and unwholesome) in that same area. Compare my comments here with ones I wrote in 2007 about these stories and my perception of them. In 2007 I wrote a piece for Tim Binnall's Binnall of America: L.A. UFOs, Looking Back, where I commented on Topanga Canyon Bigfoot tales:
For a while during my teen years I lived in Topanga Canyon with family. I heard a few stories of UFO sightings, nothing too exciting. Nothing about aliens, but stories of craft. Actually, I remember hearing more about “Bigfoot families,” living in the canyons in the area. (The Bigfoot stories came complete with warnings to not go wandering around alone, especially at night. All the ingredients of a good Urban Legend. Which doesn’t mean there couldn’t be “Bigfoot families” living in Topanga Canyon. While I am of the opinion Bigfoot exists, as readers know, including so called “paranormal” Bigfoot and a UFO connection, the stories I heard back then seemed like put ons. I never got the impression the people telling me these stories really believed them, or had any direct experience, which was unlike the UFO stories I heard.) ~ Trickster's Realm, Binnall of America, 2007.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Did Bigfoot Attack? Dead Livestock In Washington State - Who Forted? Magazine

Interesting account of possible Bigfoot activity in Washington state, along with the attempts of author Chris Savia to investigate strange animal deaths. What I find interesting is Savia's point about those wanting to protect Bigfoot in context of BF killing ranch and farm animals.

But, is there any proof (not evidence, but proof) that Sasquatch is responsible for these sad deaths of horses, sheep, etc? Before people go off with the intent of killing a Bigfoot, it should be proven that Bigfoot is responsible. Why would a creature kill animals, lay them side by side, but not eat them or take them away? Are there other cases of this specific type of activity attributed to Bigfoot? (Bigfoot and dogs -- there are stories of dog kills attributed to Bigfoot.)

All very strange and troublesome of course.

I am no naive, putting Bigfoot on some spiritually evolved plane who is above killing farm animals, but I am not quick to slap the Bigfoot did it label on this either. Like the poor mangy dog like creatures shot and killed and accused of being the "monster chupacabra" these recent animal deaths said to be caused by Bigfoot is a disturbing trend in human hysteria and revenge.
Pessimistically, my mind goes to human causes for these animal deaths; possibly shadow factions (military, private-industrial-military sector.) Of course, who knows.

All that aside, efforts at asking local authorities about Bigfoot sightings in the area were met with frustrating stonewalling when Savia tried to ask Washington agencies about these incidents.Did Bigfoot Attack? Dead Livestock In Washington State - Who Forted? Magazine

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It Came From the UFO? The Creature-Lights Connection | Lindagodfrey's Blog

Researcher and author Linda Godfrey on mysterious lights, UFOs,  and creatures, including Bigfoot. Very interesting!

It Came From the UFO? The Creature-Lights Connection | Lindagodfrey's Blog: One question I hear a lot from radio callers, blog readers and conference attendees is whether I think that unknown, upright canine creatures are related to UFOs. It’s actually a concept that’s been around for some time and is also asked in regard to Bigfoot and other cryptids. My usual answer is that while I don’t have any reports from witnesses who’ve seen a dogman hopping directly off a UFO (although I know there are a few cases where people have claimed this about Bigfoot), it just so happens that places where mystery creatures abound are also often UFO hotspots. ~ Linda Godrey

Thursday, March 6, 2014

USA: Woman Claims Daughter is Half-Sasquatch

From Colorado, another Sasquatch love story:

USA: Woman Claims Daughter is Half-SasquatchBarbara Smithson, an elementary school teacher from the small town of Wilford, claims that her newborn baby is actually the fruit of a strange sexual intercourse she had with a sasquatch during a trip in the Rockies last summer.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Woman Claims She Raised a Baby Bigfoot - Cryptozoology News

I just love stories like this:

Woman Claims She Raised a Baby Bigfoot - Cryptozoology News: AVONDALE, La.–A woman claims she helped raise a Bigfoot between the years 1964 and 1972. L. Melacetti, 70, says she found the animal when he was a baby, abandoned in the swamps of Louisiana.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Bigfoot News | Bigfoot Lunch Club: Who is Natalia Reagan from Spike TV's Bigfoot Bounty

Bigfoot synchronicity. Even though I don't watch this show, due to the fact it's silly, I know, haven't seen it, how can I say that? Still, the idea of a bounty for Bigfoot does offend. Anyway, the synchronicity part: my mother's name is Natalia, and my name is Regan. Okay, so it's not Reagan, and it's probably pronounced REE-GEN and not REG-AN but still. Bigfoot News | Bigfoot Lunch Club: Who is Natalia Reagan from Spike TV's Bigfoot Bounty

Monday, January 13, 2014

Cryptomundo: Possible Bigfoot Bones Found In Oregon

Link to a clip on Cryptomundo about BF in Oregon, my current home state:Cryptomundo  Possible Bigfoot Bones Found In Oregon. I don't believe it, and don't believe it will ever happen. Seems like the hoax season is in high gear.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Craigslist: 'Looking for a bigfoot story'

From about ten days ago, on the Eugene area Craigslist:Looking for a bigfoot story (McKenzie RIver (sic):
Greetings, new adventure TV series based out of Eugene-Springfield area is looking for a recent story to cover in a TV episode.

Do you know of a recent event with a sighting of Bigfoot or Orbs or Ghosts?

Like with real evidence, prints or good photos or video? Please let us know. If you story is selected, you can be in the episode if you like.

Thank you, Jack

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Uncomfortable Truth about Telepathy and Bigfoot | Lisa A. Shiel

Interesting look into the more anomalous aspects of Bigfoot from Lisa Shiel:
The Uncomfortable Truth about Telepathy and Bigfoot | Lisa A. Shiel: For awhile now a certain theory concerning Bigfoot has been gaining steam. The theory attempts to explain why Bigfoot seem to have psychological and/or physiological effects on witnesses, such as intense fear or the inability to move. What causes this, the theory goes, is a type of sound outside the human range of hearing called infrasound (some known animals do this). But how can we explain the reports of Bigfoot sending telepathic messages to witnesses?
If we skip the old “they’re crazy” idea, then perhaps we can look to science for an answer…strange-but-true science. A 2009 article on the New Scientist website discussed declassified data released by the U.S. Army under the Freedom of Information Act. The data describes technologies which can induce similar effects to those reported by some Bigfoot witnesses (and some UFO witnesses). What is the technology in question?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Forbidden Bigfoot: Sasquatch Strangeness | Mysterious Universe

Forbidden Bigfoot: Sasquatch Strangeness | Mysterious Universe: Well, it’s time for me to get on my Bigfoot soapbox again. Or, in other words, get the collective blood-pressure of the “flesh and blood” brigade soaring through the roof. On several occasions here at Mysterious Universe, I have noted the undeniable fact that many people within the Bigfoot research arena will simply not address the theory that the creature is far more than a mere unknown animal. That is, aside from predictably attacking the theory. ~ Nick Redfern
Nick has a review of Lisa Shiel's Forbidden Bigfoot, and it's a good one! Excellent points. Redfern sticks to his opinions on Bigfoot being more than "flesh and blood" -- it's not a popular view to take.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lisa Shiel's Forbidden Bigfoot, (and the Haters Who Hate It)

Speaking of Bigfoot, researcher Lisa Shiel's new book, Forbidden Bigfoot, is now available in print. (She had a version on Kindle earlier this year.) It's a completely interesting book, I like the way the material is presented, and I think it'll be a classic. Now I'm not just saying that because I'm one of the many who were interviewed for this book! Really!  I also have to say, and it's not at all expected (sigh) that so far, all the comments on Cryptomundo are sneering; they hate this kind of stuff. How DARE Bigfoot and cryptid research discuss, seriously, UFOs, or paranormal events??!!! Wow, the comments would really hurt, if it weren't for the fact I expected as much. But, there are many who are not so closed, thankfully. Anyway, here's the link , and Nick Redfern, also featured in the book, promises us a review soon!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Loren Coleman Comments on No Kill

I like what Loren Coleman wrote in the comments section at Cryptomundo concerning the killing of Bigfoot. Coleman responded to comments on his post Taking a Stand Against Killing Bigfoot about this subject back in April of 2012:

The kill-it-to-prove-it stance is a simple Victorian view of the world that is quite out-of-date. At the end of the 19th century, hundreds of animals were killed to “prove” they exist. James Audubon killed thousands of birds to identify, draw, and paint them.
Those days are in the past. 
There is no reason that Bigfootery, Sasquatch studies, and hominology should grasp the antiquated forms of species verification. DNA studies, live captures, capture and release, and species studied while in captivity allow for many modern scientific and humane methods of species confirmation. As soon as Bigfoot organizations realize that, they will be taken more seriously by funding and scholarly bodies. ~ Loren Coleman

If you haven't read Coleman's piece be sure to do so.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Sasquatch Must Die" From Who Forted?

Another piece supporting a Kill, from Who Forted?: Sasquatch Must Die: Why Cryptozoology Needs a Body - Who Forted? Magazine  by Kwin the Eskimo. A lot of assumptions -- cynical too -- like this:

 It needs to be made clear that the “no-kill crowd” has an agenda. It may come as a shock to some, but many people support a no-kill philosophy only to preserve their own standing. They know that if a body is found that they will be out of business. All their paid “Bigfoot excursions” will come to a halt. No more “membership dues” to bogus organizations. They will be relegated to the background as academia and grant-funded scientists take over. The hobbyists will need to find a new cryptid (or mythical creation) of which to declare themselves experts.
He continues on this point for another paragraph before moving on to another attack of no-kill supporters. His argument is that the idea Bigfoot is close to human, and therefore should not be killed,  is ridiculous. Bigfoot is only an animal after all.  What he misses, either intentionally or out of ignorance, is that many no-kill activists don't believe Bigfoot should be killed regardless of a human-like link. Animal -- and us humans are animals as well -- or human, we don't get to kill one simply because we think we get to. We don't get to.

To justify his point that killing Bigfoot is okay, since Bigfoot is just a big animal,   Kwin the Eskimo has a quote from Finding Bigfoot's Bobo Fay:
"Not every Squatch is a rocket scientist. I'm sure there are some dumber ones, and that one might just have been one of the dumb ones."
No kill proponents are doing major damage to science (which is "...cold and heartless. It's science!" There is a lot wrong with that statement but that's another issue for another day) and are to be exiled to the fringes:
Those with the “no-kill” philosophy should be relegated to the “Sasquatch is a shape-shifter, trans-dimensional, UFO pilot” camp.  Their position does nothing to further professional research or bring any legitimacy to the field.
Now, as a "Sasquatch is a shape-shifter, trans-dimensional, UFO pilot" adherent myself (not sure about the UFO pilot part, but anyhow) I do understand, perfectly well, not every Bigfoot researcher out there agrees with this view. Some put this in their gray baskets, some laugh, some get angry, and so on. But to suggest that anyone who is no-kill belongs in the same boat with us Bigfoot is a faery/paranormal entity/ realm is trivializing the somber and serious kill/no kill issue.

In patronizing detail, the article starts out with an explanation of why a Bigfoot must be killed. Without a body, science and the world won't have proof it exists. That's a big "duh" there, kill boy. This obvious point is understood; I think we all get that a dead body will prove to the world Bigfoot exists. That's not the point.

The point is, for those witnesses fortunate enough to have seen Bigfoot, they know it exists. For many others, like myself, we choose to believe our friends and family when they tell us they've seen a Sasquatch, and to believe such a creature exists. No, I can't say it does exist,  since I haven't seen one myself. I can't say it exists because I don't know beyond a doubt. When I see one (because one can hope) then I can say it does.

What kill proponents don't understand is that Bigfoot isn't our property, our thing that we own. We don't get to kill it. We don't get to harass it. When out in the field looking for it, we don't even get to do the stupid things many field researchers do; hooting and clanging about and generally acting stupid while annoying all kinds of wildlife, not to mention whatever other humans might be afoot out there.

Science won't believe Sasquatch exists until they get a dead body. Many of us get that, but we don't care.

As to any agendas, being of the no-kill "crowd" the only agenda I have is to keep blood lusting clown shoes from going out into the wilds to kill a creature simply to prove to science it exists.

And then what? Science acknowledges Bigfoot is real; the world now knows. So what? It's a question that isn't asked often enough; the discussion stops at the kill/no kill dividing line. Let's look at the aftermath of a kill. What next? What do we do with this information? How would the reality of Bigfoot affect laws, communities, land, ... it's a long list and affects many levels, from the pragmatic to the metaphysical.

As long as there are those out there being vocal about supporting a Kill agenda, I'll be as vocal speaking against such a view.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ghost Hunting Theories: Bigfoot: Biggest Covert Operation Or Biggest Hoax?

Like what Ghost Hunting Theories has to say here! Ghost Hunting Theories: Bigfoot: Biggest Covert Operation Or Biggest Hoax? For myself, I am not a witness to Sasquatch, and yet do believe they exist. So, yeah, I'm a Believer without proof,though I have always said, I have to acknowledge I don't know Sasquatch exists, because I don't know, not having seen one. Yet.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bizarre Bigfoot blog

Thought I'd promote a good Bigfoot blog that I like: Bizarre Bigfoot

Bigfoot Hunter Shoots Friend

Thankfully, the victim is in stable condition, and so I don't feel bad saying: what a couple of goddamned idiots. Armed, hunting themselves a Sasquatch, something, according to the officer, "spooked" the shooter, who went off and shot his friend. No drugs or alcohol involved. Which means, devoid of being under the influence of anything, except obvious stupidity, these morons truly got what they deserved.

Monday, September 30, 2013

My Reminder Why I don't cotton to Bigfoot Evidence blog

Told myself some time ago I wouldn't take Bigfoot Evidence seriously, due to their gratuitous and gleeful animals eating animals porn. So I go over there just to see what I can see, not having been there for awhile. Sure enough, third post down or so, is a link and clip of a snake regurgitating a dog. Nice.

This has nothing to do with Sasquatch, and everything to do with jollies to get the yee haw crowd to join.

No, I'm not linking to the blog, but if you're excitable and want to see that crap for yourself, there's Google.