There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Monday, July 16, 2018

My Ego (Oh Come On, We All Feel This Way at Times)

I always give credit to those that inspire me. If I read an article, someone's blog, book, or even a social media comment that motivates me to comment, rant or rave, I give a nod to the source.

I find it both amusing and slightly annoying when I read something on, say, a blog, a day or two after I've written about the very same thing, and no credit is given. No "I saw this on Regan Lee's Orange Orb blog and got to thinking .  . . " just an obvious riff on what I recently wrote about. There are a specific few blogs that do this consistently. But, since I am disliked by some (aren't we all?) as well as considered uneducated and even mentally unbalanced, no surprise there.

It's my own personal button-that-hates-to-be-pushed, this. It's a cousin to being called a liar. For whatever reason, or reasons, I hate being accused of lying when I most certainly have done no such thing. I've felt this way since I was a child.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Professional Tracker Watches a Sasquatch Carry Away Dead Black Bear | Bigfoot Base

In Washington state, a tracker reports he witnessed a Sasquatch carry off a dead black bear. As the article comments, this story isn't confirmed, but, here goes. Theory: the declining black bear population is due to Sasquatch.

Professional Tracker Watches a Sasquatch Carry Away Dead Black Bear | Bigfoot Base: The creature looked at them and released a “gut-wrenching” scream. It then leaned down and picked up the carcass of a full grown black bear. With the ungodly grace and strength only a giant could wield, the Sasquatch slung the bear over its shoulder. It effortlessly walked up a nearly vertical slope and disappeared into the thick treeline. [Big Foot]

Friday, June 29, 2018

Mysterious Encounters with Bigfoot at Military Bases | Mysterious Universe

Stories of Sasquatch on military exist, and have existed for some time. An aspect of Sasquatch encounters I'm intrigued by. Here's one story from the late 1970s as reported by Brent Swancer at Mysterious Universe. The witness, Edwin Goday, saw a Sasquatch type creature. Goday shot at the creature, which ran off. After reporting the sighting, Godoy was told to keep quiet, and personnel came out:

[Mysterious Encounters with Bigfoot at Military Bases | Mysterious Universe:] According to Godoy, the mechanics made a secretive radio call and not long after a group of men in what appeared to be lab coats and thick rubber gloves descended upon the area taking samples of the blood and making casts of the footprints. The whole time Godoy claims that he was not allowed to speak to anyone at all, and that he was kept to the side away from what was going on. The perplexed Godoy was then whisked away to the base hospital, but rather than be looked at by the usual medical staff he was examined by a doctor who was from the Air Force, which was odd considering it was an Army installation.
More at the site.

What to think of these stories? I have no idea. True, a cover for something else, what? One possibility is the government's awareness of many things of a paranormal/UFO/cryptid nature, used for their own agendas. The question then is, why? That's when the conspiratorial mind starts its journey down the rabbit hole.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal -

Lon Strickler has a report of a strange encounter involving MIB like "people" (?) in the middle of nowhere, flashing weird lights at both the witness and a Sasquatch in Crescent City, California:

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal: it looked like a diving light, essentially, with a pistol grip and I don't even think they make diving lights like that anymore. It was big and bulky like I used to use when I was a kid when I was ship to ship diving, you know, with my dad out in Pugent Sound. So he pulls this thing out of the window and flashes down toward the Sasquatch. The Sasquatch has an immediate reaction when the light goes out over the swamp and this is, like, just around just after dusk. It's pretty... it's getting dark. It's not completely dark yet and the thing bellows and takes off across the swamp. I can hear it running out across the swamp until it gets a fair distance away. [Lon Strickler, Phantoms and Monsters]

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

No News on the Dream Front

Very frustrating! I had quite the dream about Bigfoot -- I even had a lucid moment in the dream where I said to myself that I can't wait to blog about this dream -- and of course, cannot now remember anything about the dream. Except that it involved Sasquatch, with a strong emotional component.

I'm fascinated by the fact we can remember that we had a dream, can remember that it was important, or frightening, or had to do with a specific subject, but we can't remember the actual dream itself.

And yet that dream exists somewhere. It happened. It's a memory. It's lodged somewhere, whether that somewhere is in our minds, or on the astral.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A collection of local animal news

I had saved the following news items from October, not knowing quite what to do with them. I only had the feeling they were important, and, was struck by the juxtaposition of these items; all appeared in the local paper on the same day. October 27, 2017.

Nothing of a supernatural cryptid nature, but still interesting for the number of animal related items on the same day, as well as the content itself.

All are from the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon, Register Guard newspaper.

First item: Cougar Sightings on the rise near Oregon Coast. 
An updated cougar management plan, approved by the Fish and Wildlife Commission in mid-October, found that the coast management zone has reported a rise in cougar sightings, as well as an increase in conflicts with the big cats. 
Now, state biologists based in Newport are beginning the first-ever coastal effort to attach GPS collars to adult cougars and track their movements to see just how far these predators wander, what they eat and where they might be going next. 
The coast management zone is a large area that includes the northern section of the Cascade Mountain Range, the Portland, Salem and Eugene metroplexes and the rural North Coast. For years these areas were written off, not considered good cougar habitat, said Derek Broman, carnivore-furbearer coordinator for the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department.

Next: Clusters of butterflies stuck up North (could not find a link for this item)
An AP news item about Monarch butterflies still in the PNW and Canada, when they should be on their way to Mexico. Overall, Monarch butterflies have been staying in the northern part of the U.S., as well as Canada, long past when they should be staying. The reason: "…unusually warm weather and strong winds" according to biologist Elizabeth Howard. (Register Guard, October 27, 2017.)

Then an item about wolves in Oregon: Reward offered in killing of protected gray wolf.

Ending with Sea Lion Alert: The outbreak killing the marine mammal also is a danger to pets:
A bacteria outbreak is making sea lions sick along the Oregon Coast, so state officials are warning people and their dogs to stay away from the animals.
The outbreak began in September and likely will last into December, said Jim Rice, a researcher at Oregon State University. He studies and helps sick or stuck animals along the entire Oregon Coast as stranding coordinator with the Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network. Calls about distressed or dead sea lions have been coming in regularly.

“I’m getting at least one a day,” he said Thursday. “It’s sometimes four, maybe five.”OSU’s Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has confirmed at least eight cases of leptospirosis in dead sea lions since the outbreak began, Rice said. The most recent such outbreak in Oregon was in 2010

Twenty something years ago, in grad school, I told my mentor/professor that I was collecting news items about animals, and specifically, any strange animal behavior items. (my area was supernatural folklore.) He told me that my project sounded promising, but, he asked, what was the "why?" Why was I doing this? What was I wanting to show, to learn?

I didn't know. I still don't. The above items are not supernatural in any way, but , aside from any unexplained mystery aspect, any news about animals is interesting. We can learn from the signals. The relationships, predictive programing, seeming prophetic signs. Clues to not just the mundane -- which is proving to be anything but, given our global envirnomental context -- but the things that go bump in the night.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Wolf-Coyotes in the Snow

This doesn't have anything to do with Sasquatch directly, but there is a related element. Still reading Thom Powell's Edges of Science (which I am thoroughly enjoying.) In bed last night, reading before sleep; the part where Powell writes about telepathic communications with the Sasquatch, but other spirits and energies in the woods as well. Making you intent known when you're out there . . . he also mentions Jim Brandon's The Rebirth of Pan. A title I was a bit familiar with, so I made a note to order it later. Then I continue reading, and see that Powell noted the book is out of print and goes for at least $200.00 on Amazon! 

This is what I dreamt last night:

My husband and I are on vacation -- not far from Eugene. Up the McKenzie? Just the two of us in a very nice split level cabin with huge windows. It's morning, I open the curtains, and am delighted to see it had snowed during the night. Everything is covered in snow. Just beautiful. I call to Jim to come look.
We're standing there, looking at the landscape. I go out onto the balcony and send out an intent; a telepathic message to the woods, to the animals. I say I want to connect with something out there.

We notice flashes of gray through the trees. Something is out there. More and more of these large gray flashes of something zipping through the woods. Some kind of large animal, or animals. Jim says "Those are coyotes" and I look more closely and say, "I think they're wolves." They are magnificent.
Then we notice about a half dozen men and women walking purposely across the road. Each person has at least two rifles on them. They are clearly out to kill these animals.
I say, loud enough for them to hear me: "Assholes!" They sort of laugh at me. One man calls out to me that I "…don't know anything, these animals are cruel and dangerous."  
I frantically send out messages to the coyote-wolves to get out of there! I round downstairs, press my face against the sliding glass door, and a huge wolf face appears on the other side. It is thanking me, also assuring me that they are not in danger, the humans cannot get them. The creature also acknowledges that they got my message, and agreed to humor me by responding. I then get the feeling that these wolf creatures aren't exactly what they seem -- they're some kind of cover animal, or apparition. A stand-in for something. 
I am in such awe that this beautiful, intelligent creature came to me like that. I simply can't believe this gift. At the same time, while these beings aren't dangerous, exactly, respect and caution are needed. They are not to be disregarded, disrespected, or treated in a frivolous manner.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sasquatch Image and Item Synchronicity

Well, kind of a synchronicity I guess. Reading Thom Powell's Edges of Science (see post below) which arrived yesterday.


Wondering (if not hoping) if my dreams would involve Sasquatch (they didn't) I did wake up this morning to this news item/filler in the local paper:

The item:

DNA analysis solves Yeti mystery: They're bears
     After analyzing the DNA of nine purported Yeti specimens, scientists have found that five were, in fact, Tibetan brown bears, two were Himalayan brown bears and one -- a relics that looked like a fossilized hand -- belonged to an Asian black bear. (Register Guard, November 30, 2017)

No source as to who the scientists are or where the item came from. Just filler in the "Nation" section of the paper.

This is old news, especially the specimen that "looked like a fossilized hand."

The point is, the mystery of the Yeti has not been solved. Only that specimens brought in for analysis were not of a Yeti; not that the "mystery" of Yeti has been put to bed forever because now it's finally been debunked.

What was the point of this little item? Filler, sure. But why?

The little seed has been planted. Those who care at all with a whiff of doubt concerning the existence of Yeti/Sasquatch etc. will now feel vilified because they just read in the paper that the "mystery of the Yeti has been solved."


At school today, noticed a little boy running around in a tee shirt with a large Sasquatch silhouette and "Newport Sasquatch Society" or some such. I don't think that was it exactly, but it did have something to do with the Oregon coast.  (Newport is an Oregon coastal town.)

Thom Powell's Edges of Science

My copy of Thom Powell's Edges of Science arrived yesterday. I started reading right away and reluctantly put it down only because I had to get to sleep in order to be fresh and bright eyed for students the next day. So far, I 'm loving the book. Powell writes about interesting examples of dreams concerning Sasquatch from witnesses. More on that later.

The point is, Powell is of the "paranormal" school regarding Sasquatch, citing other researchers who also fall into this camp. The division is a strong one, bordering on down right vicious at times, but there are those who have experienced the "stranger side of Sasquatch" and aren't shy about sharing their theories.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I Knew I Should Have Brought My Phone!

A little synchronicity; the other day, right after I had posted my posts about Sasquatch, dreams and other Bigfoot related things, I took a walk. As I was putting on my coat I thought to myself: "I should bring my phone, (for the camera) you never know what you'll find."

But I'm not a phone person. I still have a land line. My cell phone is an off the rack, flip cover phone. One I rarely relate to; half the time I don't know where it is, or if it's charged. I'm old school, phone wise. I only carry my cell for emergencies, or, the convenience of its funky camera. When I remember.

So of course, as I'm walking, I walk by a truck parked on the street with a large yellow "Sasquatch Hunter" decal, complete with an image of Sasquatch, on its rear window.

Little synchronicities.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

When Bigfoot Crashed A UFO: A Crypto-Fairy Tale – Rune Soup

Came across this wonderful piece from Gordon White at Runesoup ("Magic. Culture. Paranormal.")  in the UK. The post is five years old. Here's an excerpt:

When Bigfoot Crashed A UFO: A Crypto-Fairy Tale – Rune Soup: Depending on whether you have looked into this before, you may or may not be aware that Bigfoot sightings frequently occur in conjunction with UFO sightings... sometimes they are even seen piloting disc-shaped objects. Now, unless Chewbacca is actually real -which would be eleven kinds of awesome- this further weakens the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) as the source of UFO phenomena.

Bigfoot then, is best understood as another denizen of Magonia. And it is important to emphasize that an extradimensional origin does not automatically mean the being is non-physical. Whilst it is likely, for instance, that flying saucers are more Tardis and less USS Enterprise, they still show up every single day on radar all around the world and almost by definition that means at least some of them have to be physical. (How else do they generate a radar signal? That's the whole point of the technology.) (Rune Soup)
 White is still blogging, he's published books, and has a podcast.

Dream Dictionaries: Bigfoot

I was surprised to find that some dream dictionaries -- which are both interesting as well as "to be read with a large grain of salt" --  include Bigfoot as a dream symbol. Here's one interpretation:

Dream Dictionary Bigfoot, Dreaming of Bigfoot: What it Means to see this Legendary Creature in your Dreams: When you can't get Bigfoot out of your mind when you are dreaming, then what this usually suggests is the idea that you want to be more elusive with your emotions. You feel as if you are too upfront with many aspects of yourself and it has hurt you in the past. Thus, you now strive to hide away your feelings on many subjects and try to keep your emotions from others in the hopes that you will not be made fun of for your beliefs. [More at]
This one is from

BigfootTo dream of bigfoot represents shock or surprise that you are seeing something. You may be in disbelief that someone elusive has appeared in your life. It may also reflect situations or news that takes you by complete surprise. You are metaphorically pinching yourself or having trouble accepting something amazing that has happened. [link]
 I like that one better than the first interpretation.

There's a defunct thread on Bigfoot discussing Bigfoot dreams. Too bad this thread stopped; I think you can learn a lot more from people sharing their dreams and talking about them with each other than a single interpretation from a dream symbol site.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Of Sasquatch and Trains

Yesterday I was thinking about all things Fortean; nothing specific, but thinking about all my blogs, and writing in this realm, and how I've been fairly quiet this past year. A few meager posts here and there but nothing big. My silence isn't due to boredom concerning these topics -- never that! But… not sure why.

I was also thinking about my recurring dreams about trains (getting stuck, time to leave, can't find the ticket, etc.) Suddenly the phrase "Trains and Sasquatch" popped in my head and I thought: "Where did that come from?"

Last night I had the following dream. (No, wait! Come back!)

I'm in a cozy rustic A-frame cabin in the woods. With my spouse and a few friends. They all go off into town for supplies. I stay here, to work on my writing.  
I'm alone. Feels good. I'm sitting at the table, at my laptop, and suddenly, I feel the presence of Sasquatch. Several of them. They are here. I can't see them, but their combined energy is huge. Fills the entire room. I know they are just outside, among the trees, but they communicate telepathically and are here, in this room with me with their massive energy spirit.
I'm awed in the true sense of the word. A bit fearful, though not afraid exactly, and just overwhelmed by this gift, this visit, this experience.
They tell me to listen. Just listen. Don't ask so many questions of them. Don't force things. Don't' expect answers, or answers to some of my questions. In other words, simply because I asked doesn't mean they will address my question. It's not just me asking them -- it's them choosing to respond to me. As well as teach me. 
The first thing is: stop, listen. Allow the silence to speak to me. 
So I do. It is overwhelming, amazing. There is so much. 
They are real. They are here. They have been here a very long time. And they are not human, nor are they alien. They are of this earth, this planet. But they are aware of aliens and have communicated with them; they have an understanding.
They are supernatural. They are physical. They come in and out of dimensions. 
I have never seen a Sasquatch, and they tell me it doesn't matter, for I have communicated with them, and that is a type of seeing.
Later, I tell the others about this experience, and the people in the area. Most believe me. Some pretend they don't, only because they are not sure of my intentions regarding Sasquatch, but later acknowledge they believe they exist.
I haven't seen a Sasquatch, though I have had a couple of interesting experiences about Sasquatch, as well as synchronicities both in waking life and the dream world.

The debate about Sasquatch being a supernatural (cryptid) being, alien, or simply a flesh and blood animal continues. But I'm convinced (fairly) that not only is Sasquatch real, but transcends the mundane flesh and blood explanation.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Coast to Coast Tonight: Killing Sasquatch

Tonight's C2C: 2017 Predictions/ Capturing Bigfoot - Shows -- although, it's not so much "capturing" as killing, if that's what it takes, a Sasquatch. Don't know if I'll listen or not. Part of me wants to, in order to hear what the justification is for killing Sasquatch. Uh oh, that's right, there is none. But another part of me doesn't want to waste my time.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Monkeys Could Speak, If They Were Wired For It | The Daily Grail

Can monkeys speak? Recent news:

Monkeys Could Speak, If They Were Wired For It | The Daily Grail: A new paper submitted to Science Advances shows the pendulum swinging back in the other direction. Researchers at Princeton University and the University of Vienna have proven monkey vocal tracts are speech-ready. Rather than using a cadaver, William Tecumseh Fitch and Asif Ghazanfar taught a macaque to sit in a chair while they took x-ray videos of the monkey's throat. Once they had enough footage showing most configurations of their vocal tract, the data was plugged into a program capable of simulating speech with surprising results. (source: The Daily Grail)
Once at the (fabulous) Daily Grail site, scroll down for the audio of a monkey speaking words.

Never any doubt animals certainly communicate. Of course they do; among themselves. But with us humans as well. That is not the question. The issue is speech that is the same as us humans.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Scientists stunned to discover that one mythological animal is perfectly real, and has now been captured on film - Green - News - Catholic Online

Scientists stunned to discover that one mythological animal is perfectly real, and has now been captured on film (Green  News; Catholic Online). The discovery of the horse deer. Considered a myth until it showed up on camera. Now it's validated -- it does exist. In 2004 a "specimen" was caught and DNA taken. More than a decade ago.

Which had me wondering about photos and video of Sasqutach (famous "Patty" footage at the top of the list) -- no arguments about the horse -deer, image proves it does. No so with Sasquatch. Arguments and controversy swirl around these images, despite witness accounts. True, no physical evidence to support visual images. Still, it seems one would lean more towards the reality of Sasquatch than not.

Thanks to The Anomalist for link.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Keegan Reid and Sasquatch

This is how it begins, for many of us. A strong feeling of a connection, not sure why exactly, a grouping of high strangeness events …

And the intense need to share. Share one's personal experiences, conversations with others, what's been discovered, thoughts, musings, theories. It's a journey and a process.

Keegan Reid has had UFO -- including an orange orb encounter! -- experiences, as well as communications with Sasquatch. The two may be connected. Anyway, listen to what he has to say. And share your experiences as well, with him, with me, with whoever. By yourself. The more of us who share our truths, the better. It's all part of the data, the evidence; despite what some may say about all this -- those yahoo types out there who want to "hunt themselves a Bigfoot." As Keegan told me the other day during a lovely telephone conversation, you can't be an honest researcher if you negate the high strangeness aspects of Sasquatch encounters. Something I've been saying for years!

Keegan's links: