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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Something About the Blood; A Dream About Chupacabra

I had a great dream the other night, where all kinds of UFO, esoteric and cryptid researchers were gathered at a massive, world wide round table mega media event. Mainstream media had picked this up; CNN, etc. The marathon interview was organized by Nancy and Bill Birnes of UFO Magazine, and Amy from Paranormal Women's League. It took a long time to get this thing organized, but finally, the moment arrived. People like Greg Bishop, Nick Redfern Lesley Gunter (The Debris Field) , Alfred Lehmberg and dozens of others. In the dream I am so happy to finally meet these people in person; we had a great time being together.

So we get down to the interview/discussion. All ears in America, lol, and beyond, have tuned in. Prime time. Coast to Coast has nothing on us! This is huge. The interviewer is someone not particularly knowledgeable about this stuff, which is both good and bad; but it works out all right.

The interviewer asks me about my thoughts on the two versions of chupacabra, as I commented recently in this post. As I'm talking, in the dream, it turns out I've been to Puerto Rico and did some research. (I wish that were true! However, in real life, strictly an "arm chair" commentator at this point.)

Then, as I'm describing the deep puncture wounds the creature has been known to leave behind, and the complete lack of blood within, and around, the victim, I have the distinct and powerful awareness that the clue to this mystery is in the blood. Something about the way the blood is drained, and the blood itself; the need for the blood, and what is done with the blood, -- the reasons why the creature needs the blood -- the answer is there. And I'm given the answer, or at least solid clues leading to the solution.

This revelation is so important in the dream that I have a lucid moment: I tell myself I have to remember this when I wake up and make sure I write it down.

Then of course, I wake up, and forget what the answer was!

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Duke Mantee said...

I just dreamed a chupacabra was in my house and it grabbed on my arm and left a large circular red wound and all sorts of needle puncture-wounds from it's claws. I felt pain in the dream and it went away shortly after I woke up.

I wish we understood dreams :( we've clues but its all guessing and thus sorta silly where we're at