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Monday, February 8, 2010

Miami UFO Center: What Is The Chupacabras? - Ten Year Study Results

What Is The Chupacabras? - Ten Year Study Results

An overview of a  ten year study of the Chupacabras by Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, of the Miami UFO Center has just come out. Notice in this article there is no mention of dog like creatures with mange. (See my previous post: A Contrast in Chupies)

The distinctive puncture wounds are mentioned:
These attacks have left a toll of thousands of dead domestic animals such as chickens, ducks, doves, dogs, cats, goats pigs, and even cows were attacked by the Chupacabras, living them all without blood...all removed through a small puncture, usually around the neck of its victims.
It's hard to imagine foxes, raccoons, or coyotes with mange doing the above.
The report is not afraid to aknowledge the high strangeness aura surrouding much of chupacabras activity:
Moreover, we received UFO sightings reports before, during and after the attacks. Also, we registered paranormal phenomena in most of the attack area.
The "second wave" of what's being called Chupacabras (hairless dog type creatures, particularly in the United States) don't include reports of UFOs or other oddness; not to my knowledge.

The study sent a tooth for analysis; inconclusive. While that's frusrating, it's typical of cryptid findings; not human, not any known creature, but as to what it is. . . no answers:
As a result of a DNA process,  it was determined that the tooth does not belong to any human being, making it compatible with an animal that could not be genetically defined.  
The Chupacabras is an "unknown animal" -- what it isn't, is a dog, coyote, raccoon, fox, etc.

Hopefully studies like this will bring the chupacabras mystery back around to its original Fortean/esosteric nature, and away from the mange afflicted, known (mundane) animals currenlty being referred to as chupacabras.

Regan Lee Oregon

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