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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lesley on the Bigfoot Hoax

Lesley (Debris Field, Beyond the Dial, Machine Elf, Land of Enchantment, just to name a few of her many blogs -- oh, and contributor to Women Of Esoterica) has her say on the Georgia Bigfoot hoax in Biscardi Gate: Bigfoot in the Freezer Hoax. I like what she says here:

Unlike some I do not believe such hoaxes harm true Bigfoot research in anyway. Just as I don’t believe ufo hoaxes harm true ufology research. The media was looking for exactly what it got. They love crap like that. Had it been a real researcher with some real evidence of Bigfoot (short of an actual body) it is unlikely he or she would have got any attention at all. I think it is likely that the media knew just as much about Biscardi as I do (they have access to google too) and they knew exactly what to expect. They played along because it was something to attract more viewers or readers, no matter that it was a hoax.

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