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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nauseous at the Carnival

UPDATE: Friday August 15th: I removed the picture of Bigfoot in the Freezer. I took it down because I don't want to give these bozos any more attention, I don't want to get sued (even though there was something about that one photo on, I think the Cryptomundo site, where it said that photo could be used for news purposes) and I wouldn't put it past them to sue. And I just don't like the idea of having that image out there -- for what, the 400th and 87th time?

I told myself I’d just leave this thing alone, but can’t help myself.

Breaking big time Bigfoot news about a found (dead) body should send shivers of excitement down any Fortean’s spine. But instead of feeling giddy with anticipation, I find myself experiencing waves of nausea at the overall exploitative, twisted-carny, money grubbing, undignified tone of this whole thing.

Loren Coleman’s Cryptomundo blog has permission from Biscardi to show the photos of the dead body of a Bigfoot, all twisted up in a freezer. There’s something sordid and sad about all this, and like I said before, that’s completely putting aside the real/fake outcome.

Also, as I said before, the only two things that give me slight pause are Micah Hanks personal relationship with Biscardi, and Coleman’s responses. Slight pause, mind you. Very. Slight. Pause. A ghost of a whisper of a pause.

Too many twisted bits of unsavory weirdness that bother me on a deep level, to my surprise. Not sure what that means yet.

This, from the press release, really bothers me:
Currently, Tom Biscardi and his Searching for Bigfoot Team, in conjunction with Bigfoot Global LLC., are preparing to capture another of these creatures alive

Good god, isn't a dead body enough?

As I said in my previous post, as strange as it may seem, I am fervently hoping this is nothing more than one huge hoax.

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wind said...

These guys got balls to do this. It's obviously all a publicity stunt. And I agree with you on the whole selfish-greedy-carnie atmosphere. This whole thing STINKS! Rickmat?! Are you kidding me?!