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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good Night, and Thanks for Dropping By! You All Don't Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

The Bigfoot -Hoax -Team -RickMatt - Biscardi -Carnival is over, pretty much. I suppose we'll hear some news in weeks to come about their whereabouts; found shooting at rusted cans in a swamp in Florida or something, what's left of the money they hustled (allegedly) out of Biscardi stuffed in the floorboards of their RV.

And I have a feeling we haven't heard the last from Biscardi. It may be six months, it may be a year, it could even be next month when he gets his money back -- if he gets it back -- but there'll be more from Biscardi.

As we all know everyone's been commenting on this, including me. For a slightly off kilter (that's a good thing) take on all this are the posts Adam Gorightly's been putting up on his Untamed Dimensions. Adam's deranged,(in the best of ways) and his blog is enjoyable no matter what's going on over there, but the Bigfoot hoax posts have also been enjoyable.

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