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Saturday, March 1, 2008

"This is what happens. . ."

Oh for the love of the great flippin' goddess!!! When it comes to UFO and Bigfoot research, the biggest problem is not the (perceived) lack of science, or (perceived) lack of acceptability, etc. it's people. Big idiots acting like the idiots they are. Christ almighty, what a bunch of grudge holding, smug, self important, petty, and vindictive individuals that roam the UFO and Bigfoot landscape!

Bigfoot researcher Meliss Hovey writes
about the pinheaded reactions of some in the field who seem to care about "morals" and her personal life, including her personal sex life. It's a very nasty tangled web out there in the world of the weird, and it isn't because of aliens, UFOs, Bigfoot, or other unexplained things. The only thing unexplained is why some people are such huge flapping clown shoes.


Siani said...

WTF? I've not come across this lady or her blog before, but I've never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life. So she had sex with a man? What a wicked, sinful wench. How dare she!

In all seriousness, how dare they? Are female bigfoot researchers meant to live like nuns? Does the fact that she has a libido [don't we all?] make her incapable of carrying out her research? The way this bunch are carrying on, they make her sound like a child molester or other nasty deviant, not a normal, healthy woman engaging in normal, healthy behaviour. Have these people just stepped off the Mayflower or something? This just sounds like a heap of hypocritical, pseudo-puritanical BS, the kind of bullying most of us left behind in the school yard.

Regan Lee said...

Hi Siani,

Yep, ridiculous. Why is that the one thing that's sure to get people angry and riled up is sex? Which is a good thing. :) (sex that is, not getting riled up.)

Bigfoot said...

Bigfoot research FINALLY gets someone laid and look what happens. This is so sad and ironic, it's beyond words. Methinks people are jealous.

Lesley said...

I always think sex while being riled up is fine though. :-)

Seriously, I don't hang on the bigfoot groups and I am sad to find out that the people there sound like they belong in kindergarten.

Sorry that Melissa has to put up with this crap, but kudos to her for hooking up! Me thinks the others are just jealous.

Melissa said...

I just happened along this blog, and article - and I could not simply pass without a reply.

Thank you all very much for your words of support, not only are you all right on the money - but you all really made me laugh hard for the first time in days.

Jealousy is a b*tch for some, and the only way to deal with that is to make the person your jealous of look bad - so "Bigfoot" I completely agree with you.

I will not be bullied, or told how I must live my life to please others. I will continue to look for and have healthy relationships, and sex will be apart of that. Women are allowed these days to vote, work and have healthy, enjoyable sex lives. And to h*ll with anyone who thinks differently.

I wont be changing my view, and I wont be leaving this field of Research - I plan to stay, and fight. :)

Lesley, thank you for your kind words. And to all - thank you for your support. :)

"Siani" - I know, what a wicked, wicked woman I am :) LOL.

Melissa Hovey

P.S. You all may like my new article :)

Regan Lee said...

Lesley said:
I always think sex while being riled up is fine though. :-)

Melissa said...

Well, I didn't want to say this - but I think your right..