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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Somewhere in the South . . .

Another e-mail, with photos, of orbs and Bigfoot, comes my way . . .

I received an e-mail yesterday from someone who shared their photos with me, and gave me permission to post them on my blog. (This is not the same person as here.)

This person wants his/her identity and location kept private.
As far as the location goes, it’s somewhere in the south eastern United States. (Which by the way, is the same part of the country the previous person who contacted me is from, though a different state.)

I’ll call this person “Pat” -- this is what “Pat” wrote about the land he/she lives on:
I "found out" this year, that I don't have a "haunted farm" as I had thought.. it is merely Bigfoot living here.... and a lot of orbs, day and night ones.

The orbs often accompany what Pat believes to be a Bigfoot, or even a "family" of Bigfoot:
These come complete with "Bigfoot sounds" as accompaniment, when they are around.
Bigfoot researchers have been out to the property.

Some of the things witnessed by Pat: tree knocking, responding back and forth with knocking, the orbs, footprints, and some telepathic communication, but Pat didn’t share specific details.


Like a few others that I’ve known who’ve encountered Sasquatch or Bigfoot or “Big Hairy Monsters,” Pat doesn’t like to call Bigfoot “Bigfoot,” preferring to call them family.


Not surprisingly, many Bigfoot researchers gave Pat a hard time when it came to the orbs and telepathy, etc., though not all have. A few have told Pat they believe there is “something paranormal” happening.

There’s some interesting and disturbing things about Bigfoot research among some investigators that pat has experienced, but unless I get permission from this person I can’t post it. I will say though that it is too bad there are some (like a few well known so-called UFO researchers, that are actually embraced by many in the field) Bigfoot investigators who think not only ignoring, bu mocking, the weirder elements of encounters, throwing their weight around, and tromping through the woods and private property creating nothing but noise -- and sometimes with the intent to shoot -- is not Bigfoot research.

This first photo looks suspicious to me. Almost fake. I’m not suggesting “Pat” is hoaxing or lying, I’m just sharing my initial response to this photo.

The other photos seem typical of orbs, and the orange orb is particularly interesting. “Pat” asked me if the orange orb is like the one I saw, and I have to say, yes and no. Yes as to color, but no as to size and “structure.” The orb I saw appeared to be a solid craft or machine of some kind, lit from within. And there was no Bigfoot phenomena associated with it. A different “animal” altogether.

Sali Sheppard-Wolford, who wrote of her encounters with a Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest in Valley of the Skookum, mentions orange orbs that appear to have a connection with Bigfoot.

Author Lisa Shiel of course is all about orbs and Bigfoot. (Read her Backyard Bigfoot, and see her blog Backyard Phenomena


So thank you “Pat,” for your comments and photos, and for previous people who’ve contacted me with their stories and images.

I’ve gone from complete disbelieve in an orb/UFO/telepathic/Bigfoot relationship, to acceptance that these things happen. The witnesses are not to be mocked, and the data needs to included, not discarded.

Beyond that, I can’t say why it is, but my own research proves that there is a relationship with these anomalous events.


Bob said...

Pat should check out the The AARF show with Robert W. Morgan on and We know that paranormal events often occur at the same time as Bigfoot encounters. You won't get laughed at, Deal with ego's, or gun toting morons. Bob H.

Regan Lee said...

Thank you Bob. I'll be sure to check it out, and pass the info along to "Pat."

AmPat said...

Pass along a link to our group (United Bigfoot Research Group) as well to 'pat'. We have members all over the SE US, and most of us have had (are having) similar esperiences. As Bob H. says, NO laughing and no gun-toting morons here either!

Thanks -