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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Poll Results: American Indians And The Paranormal

I’ve had a poll up for awhile now, asking: Anomalous Researchers: Are You of Native Descent? I did this because the meme is that those with American Indian blood are more prone to UFO, psychic and paranormal experiences, and/or are drawn to them. The poll isn’t to be taken all that seriously, it isn’t scientific in any way, just a casual question.

69 people responded (thank you!) and here are the results:

  • Yes, enrolled in tribe: (9%)

  • Yes: (38%)

  • No: (46%)

  • Don't know: (7%)

  • Total Votes: 69

  • I’m not sure what to make of the “don’t know” and come to think of it, I don’t know why I included that. So by a teeny margin, it seems there is a majority who are Native that are involved in this field.

    I’ve been working on an idea for some time, but haven’t figured out yet what to do with it exactly; what direction to take. And that’s the area of Native American myths, issues and the overall culture in the UFO and paranormal field. There’s a combination of appropriation, exploitation, sensationalism, marginalization, trivialization, and respect by those who “use” Native American traditions in their work. There are many who claim to be Indian who aren’t. Well, we can’t make that assumption, but one often wonders for obvious reasons. there are a lot of self styled medicine men, shamans and guides out there who have questionable backgrounds in this regard.

    There’s the cliché of the haunted house or building or area being on “old Native burial grounds” and yet, this is the case many times. During the spiritualist seance days, it was common for the medium to have a deceased American Indian as their guide.

    Treated with a sort of spiritual awe and envy, even while being trivialized and exploited, the Native American culture continues to be a theme in paranormal matters.

    So, where I’m going with this I’m not sure yet. (Yes, I consider myself Native, of Lenape and Cherokee descent.)

    Thanks for voting, and now here’s the next poll.


    Tpis_John said...

    hey there regan you know me and my wife Koni.. I am Lakota Souix and I am the founder of trinity paranormal's Western Oregon chapter. I am one of many Lakota that are fighting the new age craze of people stealing native traditions and warping them into what they want I think it is awsome that your looking at some of this with a critical eye there are alot of people out there claiming to be shamans and some of there practices have caused deaths.. First off for the everyday person reading this shamanism is a Eastern consipte there is no such thing as a native american shaman we have medicine men yes. So be aware of anyone who aproaches you saying they are a shaman. Are traditions are not for sale and also they are ours we do not share with outsiders.

    Regan Lee said...

    tpis john,
    Thank you very much for your comments, it's appreciated. Any more insight you'd like to share about this is always welcome.