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Friday, October 26, 2007

Watched: Get Out!

Blogsquatcher has a good item on that weird “I’m being watched” feeling one gets in the woods in the context of Bigfoot being about: The Sense of Being Stared At . . . in the woods!

One theory for this feeling of being watched, according to Blogsquatcher, is the effect of pheromones. And or infrasound. I think the infrasound makes some sense. This is the first I’ve heard about infrasound in connection with Bigfoot and that urgent feeling of “I gotta get out of here! I’m being watched!”

I love the woods. I enjoy being by myself. There are few things I enjoy more than being by myself, walking through the woods, or just sitting by a lake or river, watching the wildlife, and just “being.” (I enjoy the same on the beach.) I am far more uneasy in town, with traffic and people; not a good time.

But I had one weird experience in the woods a few years ago that I can’t figure. I had that “Something isn’t right here!!! And I better get the hell out now!” feeling -- urge -- that made no sense, but I literally could feel it in my gut. A literal “gut feeling” -- I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. The weird thing about this moment was that there wasn’t anything I could see, or smell, or hear. Nothing at all appeared to give me that feeling. And, as always happens in these moments of high strangeness, the pragmatic side of the self kicks in, and you find yourself scolding yourself “What, are you crazy? What do you mean, you “have to get out of here, NOW?! It’s a beautiful day and a beautiful view. You’re not even out in the woods proper yet, you’re on the road. It’s daylight. What’s wrong with you?”

I love to take drives out in the country, and that’s what I was doing that day. Just a nice long drive, out of town, quickly into the rural areas with fewer homes and more woods, until I was out on the road and hadn’t seen any homes or building for a few miles. Up a pretty good hill, fantastic view. Woods behind me. Below, a valley view. Crisp, nice day. All alone, and the air smelled great. Out of nowhere, like a blast, I just felt this huge feeling of fear from something watching me. From behind, and around me, but stronger further up the road, and to my left (the woods.) There was the very strong knowledge that if I went just a few yards further . . . this "thing" was going to be very unhappy. Unhappy with me. As foolish as I felt -- what could be “watching” me, to instill such fear? -- I had to get out of there, and fast.

I am sensitive, and if I had felt there was some animal around, a bear, a cougar, etc. I would have been wary, cautious, and still maybe would have left, but I wouldn't have had that huge, scared, all encompassing feeling. I don’t know how else to explain it, but the feeling was that there was a thing out there, and it was a big thing. In a way, literally, yes, but more than that. I truly got the feeling it was bigger than anything in the woods; it was an entity of some kind. Whether it was Sasquatch, or something else it was not happy with me being there, it did not want me there, and it was going to get ugly about me being there if I didn’t leave.

So I left.

I have never felt that before, and don’t want to again.

Anyway, read Blogsquatcher’s piece on sounds in relation to Bigfoot. As always, he brings a bit of freshness to Bigfoot studies.

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