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Sunday, April 17, 2016

From Nick Redfern: "Bigfoot, UFOs And The Bionic Man "|

Prolific Nick Redfern (really, we all should say hard working, because many of us are as prolific in our ideas, we aren't just as diligent and hard working as Nick) shares a bit of TV history regarding Bigfoot and UFOs.

Bigfoot, UFOs And The Bionic Man | Mysterious Universe: The 1970s was the one period, more than any other, in which the monster-hunting community focused on the controversial Bigfoot/UFO connection. Or, depending on your perspective, the lack of connection. Indeed, today, the vast majority of Bigfoot investigators are highly intolerant of the idea that there might be a link between cryptid apes and aliens. Although, I definitely recommend Stan Gordon’s 2010 book, Silent Invasion, which is an excellent study of Bigfoot and Fortean high-strangeness in 1970s-era Pennsylvania. And, it was also in the seventies that the fascination for the UFO-Bigfoot link spilled over into the domain of fiction. ~ (Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe

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