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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Native Americans Reveal Secrets Of Bigfoot | Paranormal

Craig Adams at Before It's News has an article on supernatural Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, namely Oregon. Referencing articles from 88 years ago in The Oregonian, which tells of tales concerning the paranormal abilities of Sasquatch, the Native tribes of the area and their knowledge of such.

Native Americans Reveal Secrets Of Bigfoot | Paranormal: Every Indian, especially of the Puget Sound Tribes, is familiar with the history of these strange giant Indians, as they are sometimes referred to by local Indians. Shaker Indians of Northwestern Oregon, who attended the Shakers’ convention on the Skokomish Reservation on Hood Canal last year, related to the writer their experience with the Seeahtik Indians.  Oregon and Washington Indians agree that the Seeahtik Indians are not less than seven feet tall and some have been seen that were fully eight feet in height. They have hairy bodies like a bear. This is to protect them from the cold as they live entirely in the mountains. They kill their game entirely by hypnotism. They have great supernatural powers. They also have the gift of ventriloquism, and have deceived many ordinary Indians by throwing their voices. 

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