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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bozos: Bigfoot Hunters

Image source: Pixabay

And I mean that literally. Not as in searching for sightings of the elusive being, but the armed with intent to kill. Murder. Ammo, guns, high tech gadgets.  Goal: kill a Sasquatch. I am so sick of these buffoons and the promoters behind these hunts. The latest is the winner of Spike TVs "10 Million Dollar Big Foot Bounty" David Lauer.

David Lauer is a Florida hunter on a mission. After winning a $100,000 research grant on Spike TV's reality competition "10 Million Dollar Big Foot Bounty," Lauer has a strengthened resolve to find Bigfoot.The Mandarin outdoorsman says that after he and his hunting partner, Stacy Brown, won the prize money, he invested it into high-tech hunting gear, including game cameras, night vision recorders, heat seeking telescopes, DNA testing kits and a dart gun and plaster. He hopes these tools will help him track down the mysterious creature. 
Don't forget about the bozos with guns Bigfoot "research" group Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) who are also on the hunt to kill Bigfoot.

GCBRO's justification is that a dead body will force the government to admit the creature exists. Or, killing a Bigfoot will "protect the public." That loathsome program -- Killing Bigfoot --  airs on Destination America, a station expert at regurgitationing paranormal, supernatural and cryptid content.

Sasquatch presented as a carny freak, and the hunters out to capture not just the creature alive but dead, to be displayed, dissected, and, as one yahoo from the GCBRO said "put it on a slab." That'll prove ya!

Oh of course I know all the arguments supporting a kill. Of course I do. (So save both of us some time and don't bother commenting with all the points within such arguments.)  I don't care. They're not enough. They're justifications and excuses but legitimate reasons, no.

I suppose if a Sasquatch were coming at me with intent to rip me asunder thane yes, I'd defend myself. That should be a given in any context -- if attacked, fight back. I mean really, do we even need to qualify the argument?


Terry the Censor said...

I don't know how the Bigfooter community feels about tranquilliser darts. But if these bozos advocate only kill, kill, kill, it strikes me as mere posturing for the media (especially TV producers). No one these days will get a reality TV gig from pouring casts of footprints.

Regan Lee said...

Well, depends on your perspective. I'm not just NO KILL but NO CAPTURE. I don't think we should capture one or kill one.

Regarding tranquillizer guns, or darts, one issue would be the dosage. How much to use that protects both human and Bigfoot? Too much, you kill the Sasqautch. Too little, and you have a potential dangerous situation with one very pissed off and frightened creature.

Terry the Censor said...

All good points. Which reinforces my impression that the kill, kill, kill dudes aren't for real. That would take nuance.

Let's see rangers lock up these idiots for weapons and permit violations. I'd watch that episode!