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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bigfoot and UFO in Tillamook, Oregon

Big hat tip to Albert S. Rosales, who has been researching UFO tales containing humanoids for some time; he shared the following account from 1989 on his FB page:

Bigfoot aboard a UFO?
Location. Near Tillamook Oregon
Date: September 27 1989 Time: 1620
Alerted by her young granddaughter to something unusual outside, a woman confronted a disc hovering just above the ground near her farmhouse. Perhaps 20-30 feet in diameter, its shape was later draw as an inverted toy top and the surface described as “almost transparent.” A bright yellow-white light shone at two opposing points along the flat bottom. As the woman approached to within 30 feet, a doorway opened, revealing a human-like being of average height, with blond hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, dressed in a silver coverall. At a window next to the door was a “Bigfoot” creature, seemingly seated and visible from the chest up. For the next few minutes, the woman stared at the two, gaining the impression that the “human” was attempting (unsuccessfully) to communicate. Then the vehicle and beings vanished instantly (i.e. without accelerating beyond viewing range). The woman is a psychic, and claims to have had periodic encounters with UFOs and “Bigfoot” creatures throughout her life.HC addition # 116
Source: Gene Elliot Mufon Journal # 264, April 1990 Type: A


S.A.R. said...

It's the strangest and the most compelling explanation for so many of BF paranormal aspects, Regan. Linda Howe and Thom Powell both included anecdotes with both phenomena being witnessed together in books published twenty years ago. Have we moved past this scenario? I don't think it has been explained away yet.
I attended the last Sasquatch Summit and asked Todd Standing and Phil Poling, 'is this just a flesh and blood animal, out there by themselves?'

Poling nearly laughed, shook his head and said there is no evidence to support such a wild theory and Standing was disgusted by the idea, saying onstage, 'I am offended that Bigfoot is still considered to be a paranormal creature.'

Whaddya gonna do?

Regan Lee said...

Hi S.A.R., brave of you to stand up at a Bigfoot conference and ask that question! Always a dangerous stance to take in a crowd of BF researchers.

These reports have been around for so long, and you're right, still no answers. And yet . . . BF may or may not be paranormal, it may or may not have anything to do with UFOs, etc. but the stories persist. Stan Gordon, so many others, put the data out there. We can't ignore it just because it's too weird. That's not honest. So what to do, what to do? What you do is: keep reporting on these cases, for one thing. And stop laughing, damn it. :)