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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bigfoot Skeptic Says He Will Kill Bigfoot If It Comes On His Land (Video) | Paranormal

Oh dear. Scary world out there indeed: Bigfoot Skeptic Says He Will Kill Bigfoot If It Comes On His Land (Video) | Paranormal.

Aside from the irrational skeptic loop of "there ain't no such thing as Sasquatch" (you can't prove there isn't…) is the far more irrational statement from this unnamed skeptic who promises to kill anyone in an "ape suit."

Underscoring this paranoid skeptic's statements (he assures us he will not reveal what state he lives in) are the numerous comments he makes about the non-existence of Sasquatch and the humans dressed in Bigfoot costumes trespassing on his property -- that he will kill.

So he admits to killing a human.

Not that this yee-ha is to be taken seriously, but let's suppose he does kill some poor idiot who, for unknown reasons, did dress up in an "ape suit" and trespass. Wouldn't that be premeditated murder?

And let's just suppose that, one night, he finds himself witness to an actual Sasquatch -- will he shoot to kill, or stand there, awed, and unable to pull the trigger? Of course I hope for the latter, but sadly, there are too many let's kill us a Bigfoot clown shoes out there.

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