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Saturday, May 31, 2014

10 Utterly Bizarre Bigfoot Theories - Listverse

List of what many consider out there theories concerning Sasquatch:10 Utterly Bizarre Bigfoot Theories - Listverse. The article provides us paranormal and Fortean nerds with intriguing ideas, but it is not a pro-Bigfoot piece. Example:

"Bigfoot and the Predator actually have a lot in common. They’re big, bipedal, and don’t exist in real life."
BF a "giant ground sloth" at number 10, don't think so! My favorite theories are listed below. They're my favorite for a few reasons; some because it is quite possible, some because they're just wonderful juicy Fortean goodness no judgement is involved, just simply the joy of pursuing such things for their own sake:

  • #8: Bigfoot Hides Underground 
  • #7: Invisibility
  • #5: Bigfoot the Psychic 
  • #4: Bigfoot is Really a Troll (I would add that others, such as Lisa Shiel, suggest fairy, etc.) 
  • #2: Bigfoot works for E.T.


Gatekeeper said...

Ever heard of the shape shifter theory?

Regan Lee said...

But of course . . .