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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Did Bigfoot Attack? Dead Livestock In Washington State - Who Forted? Magazine

Interesting account of possible Bigfoot activity in Washington state, along with the attempts of author Chris Savia to investigate strange animal deaths. What I find interesting is Savia's point about those wanting to protect Bigfoot in context of BF killing ranch and farm animals.

But, is there any proof (not evidence, but proof) that Sasquatch is responsible for these sad deaths of horses, sheep, etc? Before people go off with the intent of killing a Bigfoot, it should be proven that Bigfoot is responsible. Why would a creature kill animals, lay them side by side, but not eat them or take them away? Are there other cases of this specific type of activity attributed to Bigfoot? (Bigfoot and dogs -- there are stories of dog kills attributed to Bigfoot.)

All very strange and troublesome of course.

I am no naive, putting Bigfoot on some spiritually evolved plane who is above killing farm animals, but I am not quick to slap the Bigfoot did it label on this either. Like the poor mangy dog like creatures shot and killed and accused of being the "monster chupacabra" these recent animal deaths said to be caused by Bigfoot is a disturbing trend in human hysteria and revenge.
Pessimistically, my mind goes to human causes for these animal deaths; possibly shadow factions (military, private-industrial-military sector.) Of course, who knows.

All that aside, efforts at asking local authorities about Bigfoot sightings in the area were met with frustrating stonewalling when Savia tried to ask Washington agencies about these incidents.Did Bigfoot Attack? Dead Livestock In Washington State - Who Forted? Magazine

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