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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Uncomfortable Truth about Telepathy and Bigfoot | Lisa A. Shiel

Interesting look into the more anomalous aspects of Bigfoot from Lisa Shiel:
The Uncomfortable Truth about Telepathy and Bigfoot | Lisa A. Shiel: For awhile now a certain theory concerning Bigfoot has been gaining steam. The theory attempts to explain why Bigfoot seem to have psychological and/or physiological effects on witnesses, such as intense fear or the inability to move. What causes this, the theory goes, is a type of sound outside the human range of hearing called infrasound (some known animals do this). But how can we explain the reports of Bigfoot sending telepathic messages to witnesses?
If we skip the old “they’re crazy” idea, then perhaps we can look to science for an answer…strange-but-true science. A 2009 article on the New Scientist website discussed declassified data released by the U.S. Army under the Freedom of Information Act. The data describes technologies which can induce similar effects to those reported by some Bigfoot witnesses (and some UFO witnesses). What is the technology in question?

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S.A.R. said...

Glad to see some people are discussing this is without collapsing into vehement disagreement. Shiel's suggestion of Microwave radiation is worth considering, and ultrasound has been suggested of course, as an explanation for witness control, which may be even more likely. It is ok and understandable too that serious researchers stick to a strict evidence-based approach, because you have to start somewhere and all of the advances humans have made since the use of tools and fire were developed along with the development of mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. The hard part is in explaining how these physics-defying aspects can be measured. Also, once we all agree that BF people can appear and disappear at will, there is still the need to explain many other things like WHY they are here, where they came from and this too is only the tip of the paranormal iceberg. What about Dogmen? Many very credible reports are coming from Minnesota and Wisconsin about creatures that resemble some sort of wolf/bigfoot hybrid. Where does this fit in the taxonomy of known mammals? The more time that goes by, the more that I think Erik Beckjord was right. I touch on much of this on my blog as bizarre bigfoot. (thank you Regan. ) SAR