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Friday, June 7, 2013

"...Sasquatch a part of life, no different than raccoons"

From Bizarre Bigfoot, a classically fringe Bigfoot narrative:
"Displaced Bigfoot | Bizarre Bigfoot: We moved in when I was two and by age four or five I considered Sasquatch a part of life and no different than racoons. They are around but meant and did not mean any harm.

I would see one most often when looking out my bedroom window from age 5 on. My mother loved my father and dealt with the area because of that she hated the area and grew up in the city she had one option to avoid boredom that being learning to garden. I remember watching as one would come to the garden and take her crops. She was funny because she did not care and the idea was to pass time not harvest the crops.?

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S.A.R. said...

Yes, a classic first person account, Regan. Although these stories feel increasingly more real to me than the more 'fringe' or highly paranormal anecdotes. I found that story on Bigfoot Evidence, sent in as an unsolicited comment.

Thank you for linking to my site!