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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Today in Bigfoot History!: 1963, Conser Lake Oregon, White Hair Muscle Giant

From Today in Bigfoot History! this little summary of the Conser Lake Creature:1963, Conser Lake Oregon, White Hair Muscle Giant TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! What's really interesting to me however is the very long comment from someone claiming to be from the area and encountering the creature. Here's an excerpt (I left grammar, spelling as is):
Im just gonna say this about the Conser lake monster or Flix as you might hear it called…. It truly was fast and would SHINE after MOON or light hit it or would come to its white fur. Or was it truly WHITE n LIGHTNING fast when we came around its Lake hideout where MOON n SHINE its fur could be seen so it had to scare us away…? Those are BOLD words for me to say its the truth if you catch my drift. Or was it the truth is my BOLD words were the drift of what it was caught for? It was so long ago its hard to remember it STILL…haha. Or was it STILL I remember so long ago about the Conser lake monster being caught? Guess if your a certain type you see what I mean and knuckle heads and school kids are in awe of my strange and confusing ramblings unknown by them but known to some since we seen what’s being read not read what’s been seen… Too deep for you? So is the story of the Conser lake monster!!

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