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Sunday, January 20, 2013

No Kill Philosophy: Bigfoot Reference Guide

image source:Bigfoot Reference Guide

Found this site; they promote a No Kill view. However, I'm not sure how active they are at this time. Their forum messages don't appear to be current. The most recent thread I found was from 2010.Bigfoot Reference Guide:
We are a NO KILL organization. We firmly believe such an action is totally unnecessary, immoral, unwise, and disregards the rights of the Bigfoot by scheming to murder one, The Bigfoot peoples, while ordinarily very respectful of humans, will without hesitation use every means to protect one of their own from harm and will do whatever is necessary, including kill, in their own defense. We urge other researchers in this field to please not attempt to shoot or corner a Bigfoot, as this places people in harms way and frustrates the efforts of those who, like us, have been so successful in establishing friendly relations with these incredible people. Please respect these hidden Peoples as they respect us. Please joins us in our firm NO KILL convictions.

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